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It was all planned out quite nicely in Ino's head. The perky blond would bounce home and cheerful annoyance to her mother that one of the shoe stores was having a great sale. Oh! But poor Ino was too tired from training and had too much homework, so her mother would have to go on without her. Also, by the end of the night Ino would have a brand new pair of shoes. Inoshi should be easy to get rid of. A quick flick of the wrist, "Hey dad. Pokers on tonight" and he would be over at Shikato's house in a blink. But with her plan there was a slight snag that had yet to be thought out clearly. Her parents said no.

"No Ino. I don't feel like going out tonight. I'm just too tired. Don't you have enough shoes anyhow?"

Inoshi was no help what-so-ever on his part either.

"No Ino. Ehhhhh...just don't wanna. Yawn"

Ino growled to herself. This will have to be slightly dealt with differently. More drastic. This type of mission requires lying. If her parents didn't want to leave the house separately, then they would 'romantically' whisk each other away. And as if something evil and horribly wrong came out of a movie, Ino rubbed her hands together and grew horns while delivering a very non-human laugh.

Inner Ino- (In manly deep voice with fire coming up from behind her) Mwhahaha.

She put on her thinking cap and was set for her task at hand. Luckily her mother and father were in separate rooms so nothing would be ruined. They would just have to believe their perfect little daughter. Ino's mother was laying on the couch with a book slightly going up and down on her belly, and one arm over her eyes, resting peacefully. Mind you all, Ino was on of Konoha's best actress. Ino brushed off imaginary dust off herself and sat at the end of the couch that her mother's feet were not occupying and giggled slightly to herself. Hearing her little girl, Mrs. Yamanaka didn't move but a noise of "Hmmmm?" Ino just cleared her throat and ignored the older women. But then she giggled again. This time she got a poke from her mother's foot.


"'What', what?"

"What's so funny."

"Why nothing Okaasan. Giggle giggle"

Her mother removed her arm from her face and sat up on her elbows.

"Spill it child or go laugh somewhere else."

Ino looked to her left. And then to her right. A double check to the left and crawled onto her mother and leaned in real close. Mr. Yamanaka lifted an eyebrow.

" didn't hear it from me, right?"


" you see daddy around anywhere?"


"Have you seen him all night?"

"...No." (He's asleep downstairs. Shh!)

"He wants to take you out tonight. I saw him putting his blue bottle cologne on. Shaving a bit closer. Annnnnd..."


"And have you seen his cocky grin all night?"


"Daddy's silly huh? Trying to be all romantic and sneaky. He's so cute."

Ino slid of her mom and hit the floor very ungracefully. The older blond sat up and thought about

this; losing her shine to her eyes in deep thought. Ino leaned in for the kill.

"Might as well get dressed to look...beautiful for dad, huh?"

Almost zombi-ish, her mother got up from the couch and headed up stairs to her own room to find that silk dress that had not been worn in decades. Parent # 1- Mission Complete. Now for the lazy man. Ino rushed down stairs to where her father would be lounging around in a chair doing...nothing, really. A loud and protecting 'ouf' noise came from the older ninja as Ino jumped full force into his lap.

"Hiiiiii daddy!"

"Ouuff. Ino sweety, move your weight three inches to the right."

Ino did and great relief left the man's throat.

"Hi Ino."

Inoshi lifted his eye brows in a drowsy expression and looked up at his child.

"May I help you, my little spawn?"

"Me? Noo. Nope. coooould however get up, and shave a bit for dear mommy."

Now a single eyebrow was lifted. Ino looked side to side as she did before and behind her to make sure no one was listening. And started to whisper.

"You didn't hear this from me, but-"

Inoshi got up on his elbows to make out what his daughter was whimpering about.

"-but I just saw mother putting on dress."

Eyebrows where brought up to the end of his head and he let out a small gasp.


"Yeeeessss. So uhhh...I'll let you figure out the rest...And if it just so happens that I know a great restaurant that now has mother's favorite never know when that information might come in handy."

If Ino failed to become a ninja she would succeed into making into the Mob.

Ino jumped off her father, went 'bump' onto the floor, and on all fours crawled out of the room. Inoshi rubbed his face with his hands a few times and got up in a hurry to get ready for whatever his wife was planning.

So like many movies, Inoshi was dressed to impress, and Imaria was dressed to be impressed.

Both fully grown adults smiled at each other as if they were five and left holding each other in marital bliss.

Inner Ino- Sigh That's so cute I think I'm gonna be sick...

Ino told her self to shut up and she closed the door as she watched her parents skip down the street. Ino leaned against the door thinking what she should do now. After three seconds of thinking Ino rushed to her bathroom. She gazed into the mirror. She leaned mear inches away from the glass as she examined her face and then her teeth and then backed up. She tightened her pony-tail and pulled away any loose hairs. She even breathed into her hand. Perfect. And just in time too.

An extremely loud knock came to Ino's ears.

"Well Ino old girl. This is it..."

She peckishly cracked open the door. She looked at brown eyes that were only a few inches away her own. Without saying anything she poked her head out and looked up and down the streets.


"Huh? What are y- ugh!"

Ino grabbed Shika by his collar and pulled him inside. Before Shikamaru could regain his balance he saw the Goddess of Wickedness stand before him.

"Sexy laugh Where were we..."

She waltz up to Shika and wrapped her arms around his neck. Shika smiled. Ino felt giddy all over and she made no effort to fight Shikamaru off as he gently lowered her, and himself onto a nearby couch. Shikamaru took advantage of Ino's passive behavior and sprinkled light feathery kisses on her soft skin of her neck. Shikamaru's hands began to fiddle with the many bandages that held Ino's figure and nudity in check. Ino was vaguely aware of her top being pulled off, the sudden chill was soon replaced by the warmth of Shika's flesh for he had also managed to discard his own jacket. The S&M looking fishnet shirt remained. But the only stings barley held together felt like nothing against Ino.

"Hey Shika?"

Shikamaru lifted his head up and with a lazy expression let out a 'huh' type response.

"...never mind."

Shika then went back to what he was doing. But not too long after he let out an annoyed sigh and lifted himself up slightly over Ino.


Ino opened her eyes when she noticed the kissing had stopped. She also cocked her head to the side at now his own question.

"Ask me what you were going to ask. It's going to bug me. Spill it."

Ino blushed redder then she did when Shika took off her shirt.

"Well...I was just. Um...Deep breath I-I... love you."

Shikamaru's eyebrows kneaded together and laughed.

'If he's laughing at me I'm kneeing him in the groin. It's not like-'

"I love you too. I guess." replied Shika before lightly nipping Ino's throat and collar.

'I guess' In Shikamaru talk meant yes, he just didn't like admitting it. Like when Neji comforted him about the right answer to a question, Shika responded with an 'I guess.' at the end. No one questioned it. Neji left with a slight smile on his face that day, and this made Ino smile too.

Ino's smile was dissolved by Shikamaru's hungry mouth. Ino began to squirm slightly under the slightly larger ( and heavier) ninja's aggressive mouth. Shika's tongue thrusted hard and fast into Ino's sweet mouth; he let his teeth claw and pinch at Ino's lips and Ino cried out for air.

'What's gotten into him!...kinda cool though...'

Shikamaru released Ino's mouth in order to let her breath. As Ino gasped for air desperately, she fell under Shika's weight as Shika was now laid on top of her. Ino squeaked when Shikamaru began to slowly slide his body up and down against Ino's, causing a terribly wonderful feeling in Ino's more sensitive region.(Shikamaru's too ) Ino began to moan, whimper, and gasp as Shikamaru continued to play with her in that way. Shikamaru began to graze over Ino's soft

chest with his teeth, lightly kissing and biting; all the while still applying a steady rhythm of pressure between Ino's legs. Shika felt a slight bit of wetness come from Ino and he reached down his hand to gently rub against Ino's womanhood through her skirt (No more bandages). Ino's skin flushed and she seemed to moan with more need. Shikamaru finally lowered his head and began to pull at the edge of Ino's skirt heme by his teeth, causing Ino to yelp as he was soon fully exposed before Shikamaru.

"So beautiful." whispered Shika.

"Really?" Ino asked.

"Of course. 'Course I always thought you were pretty since the 2nd grade..."

"Awww." Ino wrinkled her nose and smiled.

Shika softly and gently grabbed Ino's legs and carefully spread them apart. "Ready?" Ino was having a hard time paying attention to anything Shikamaru said; she was lost in an erotic state of pure ecstasy. However, Ino's body jerked wildly and she cried in pain as she felt something enter her. Shikamaru had now draped one of Ino's legs over his shoulder and was using one hand to probe her opening while using the other one to pleasure her ignored breasts. Ino shouted out and saw that Shika pulled out a small sort of bottle from one of his pockets of his Chuunin jacket on the floor.

'That explains why there are so many pockets on those things.'

Shika proceeded to add another finger to prepare Ino's body. When something non-finger like crawled its way into her, and around her back, she opened her eyes to see shadows. She was about to yell at him, but he reassured her;

"Shadows are much more gentler then human hands. Trust me. You'll like it."

Ino's moaning turned into a mixture of pleading and wanting more. Shikamaru was right. The Shadow Jutsu did feel VERY different. She giggled a bit.

"You really are the Shadow Master, aren't you?"

Shika quickly dabbed his tongue against her clitoris . Ino screamed in pleasure and shock at the moist warmth that had captured her. Ino's body arched up to every touch, every caress that Shikamaru had to offer and just as she thought she would be driven over the edge, Shikamaru retrieved his fingers and took a moment to gaze at her soft features of her blushing/pale face. Shika let himself almost a victory smile as he began to consume the girl once again. Ino gasped for air and panted heavily, her voice was weak yet desperate as she began breathing out the name of the ninja between her legs. "SHIKA!" screamerd Ino as she was finally driven to her first release. Shika had already spread her legs and proceeded to thrust into her with one swift blow. Ino cried out in agony despite her earlier preparation, but quickly swallowed her cries. Shikamaru stopped once inside the girl in an effort to let Ino's body adjust.

"You ok Ino-chan?" whispered Shikamaru as he heard her cry out.

"You could have given me a warning, dummy." gasped Ino.

"Too troublesome." Shika moved himself out of Ino slowly before thrusting back in. Ino clenched her teeth and hissed in pain for a bit, before she started to pant like a bitch in heat. Shika's rhythm began a steady increase that caused Ino's smaller frame to get rocked back and fourth underneath the larger boy. Ino couldn't take it anymore! This is was too slow even.

"Faster, you idiot."

Even when being fucked, Ino had to be in charge and more demanding. Following Ino's orders, Shika held Ino's hips and rammed himself deep into the blond hoping to strike that certain spot that would drive Ino crazy. Judging from Ino's cry, he had found it and made sure to strike it with each thrust. Ino's cries were pleading for more, and she truly got more and more. At last Shikamaru came within Ino while dragging out a second orgasm from her, as she now collapsed into a heap of 'Shika lazyness' on the couch. Ino looked up at Shika with half lidded eyes and tried to catch her breath. She muttered out a 'wow'.

"You look tired." said Shika as he lightly stroked some blond locks that had been plastered by sweat to the girl's beautiful face. Ino glared at him.

"You would be too if you were me." Shika smiled to the brink of showing some teeth.

"That good, huh?"

"Shut up."

Inner Ino- "That was...FUCKING AMAZING!WAHHH!"

People said it wouldn't last. Friends poked fun in the beginning. Parents allowed it only because their children were it that 'state' of age and it would pass. They had doubts themselfs at times, but those thoughts passed away. As well as any others anyone else had. Ino and Shikamaru were in fact one of those 'perfect couples'. And no one could really...deni it. A about half a year passed or so since they officially called it a steady thing, and Ino couldn't be happier. Shika was just happy. Now by 'people'- Their parents and teachers. They all pretty mush said the same thing; "When I was your age I wasn't dating. I was concentrating on my studies!" Or " You kids these days and your 'love'. Ha! puffs some smoke Love only hits you in your early 30s." And

"Way to go Shikamaru! Want me to lend you a book? It has all these great pictures." Of course Kakashi was an exception to when it came to dating and children. He was on his own level.

Friends 'A.k.a their teams' just plain made fun of them. "Ino and Shika sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-OW! What was that for!" Naruto got pretty whuaped for that one since he was very loudly, and very annoyingly singing that one number in the middle of the street. "Awww. What date are you guys going on next week? Did he get you flowers? Did we kiiiisss you?" Sakura was a true friend when it came to these matters, and kept bugging Ino about every little thing. It was cute, but Shika was getting annoyed about it. Ino was being all girly about it thought too, and that made Shika a happy boy. "So where are you two going tonight? much much" Chouji was almost as bad as Sakura, but in a boy manner. Shika guessed he was being the 'big brother' thing. Making sure that Shikamaru didn't get hurt, or anything.

They had a bumpy road a few times themselfs. Over stupid little things of course. Shika forgot to call her a few nights, or Ino would ignore him to a point that made Shikamaru annoyed. Ino made big deal fits about nothing when Shika didn't do something she wanted right. Shikato gave Shika very helpful advise about marking the 'times of the month' that Ino was having so he could be the nicest, sweetest guy...EVER. And it worked. But things were nice.

Spring reached the Konoha and warm days (that weren't filled with missions) were spent under sakura trees, and eating watermelon while watching the sky. Ino was even starting to watch the sky when Shika wasn't around her.

Ino's birthday was celebrated with Shika giving her a golden bracelet. If Ninjas should wear jewelry, it shouldn't be a necklace, because you never know when it might get snagged on a tree branch...

"Oh...Shikamaru... it's beautiful."

Shika was of course rewarded, with a deep french kiss. And he managed to say a 'welcome' with the onslaught of Ino's tongue in his mouth.

"Happy Birthday."

Ino wrinkled her nose, and smiled with a giggle.

"I'll get you a better reward parents are going out with your parents for a dinner party..."

Shikamaru wrapped his arms around Ino's waist and he smiled.

"I'll like that."

"Me too." Ino smiled again before they kissed again.


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