Time's River

The sun sets as you look back.

The stars appear on a sea of black.

High the tree stands over the vast lake,

There you think of the choices you'll make.

The river sounds through the valley you tread.

Looking back seems a thing to dread.

Memories of past times make one quiver,

Yet it still runs by your side, the lasting Time's River.

Years have gone by, and days have passed.

You look to your home, you wish it would last.

The land, it has changed and old times have gone.

It seems to end with one last song.

Now you look ahead as morning wakes the land.

The River cuts through the field where you stand.

With New Hope you look to the blue sky,

And once again think of times gone by.

Your journey has now come to an end,

But what adventures wait around the bend?

Time's River soothes your last worries,

Its enduring wisdom tells you its stories.

You mount your steed with a sigh,

You turn around to say good-bye.

On the path stay your friends,

Praying that friendship never ends.

Before you leave, your friend runs to you.

She runs through the River's clear blue.

She says the words that make you shiver,

"Please, never forget Time's River."

LS: *whistles* Never thought I could be a poet!

Lena: You're a poet and didn't know it! ^__^

LS: Anyway, this is just something I wrote a REALLY long time ago, and it's been lonely just sitting there on my computer, so I put it on the web for all of you to enjoy…or absolutely hate…But, if I could get some constructive criticism on this, I'd be beyond happy! Thank you!