FFX-2 101% Past and Present combined

Chapter 1

After the dream ended.




Hi, I'm Aer_seph4eva and this is my new FFX-2 fic, which will feature Shuyin and Yuna as a couple. *Hears a few readers gasp and pick up mallets to destroy this fic.* Now this fic is set after the game. Like that of the 100% ending but with a one difference. Let's just say that this ending is for those who completed the game with 101%.

This has always been a odd idea for me......

What happens if the Fayth misinterpreted Yuna's wishers and brought back Shuyin instead of Tidus?

....Oh and be aware towards the end of the first chapter, a few of you may be tempted to strangle a certain real blond haired Blitzballer.

Happy reading.......on with the fic.......


"Brother faster! faster!" Yuna squealed out in amusement, feeling the fresh wind brush past her face. Her lips curled up in a smile of utter bliss. Everything was over. There were no more wars. No more fighting. Everyone was getting along. Vegnagun was destroyed and Shuyin had reunited with his beloved Lenne.

'And that Fayth.... He said that he would try and bring him back to me.' Yuna couldn't help up hug herself with glee, turning to look over at her friends Paine and Rikku who smiled her the brunette's elation. She was finally going home. Back to Besaid.

"Hurry up Brother!" Yuna shouted out again, her eyes following a flock of passing seagulls which squawked at being out run by the flying machina.

"ROOGGGGGGEERRRRRR!" The blond captain screeched in the Auto-com, half deafening Paine in the process while Rikku and Yuna gave knowing glances at one another, and stared out at the flying scenery. The Celsius sped ever faster, that the sandy islands of Besaid could be seen beneath the clouds.

"Look look!" Rikku cried out prodding Yuna gently on her arm. "There's Wakka and Lulu. And is that their baby?"

Yuna squinted trying to look past the passing clouds and to the two familiar figures standing upon the distant shore. Yuna's smile widened as the airship pulled ever closer.

"Yes! Yes it is!" Yuna responded to the giggly blonde, who was waving her hands in excitement, in an attempt for the Besaid residents to see her.

"Humph, do you think he has finally decided to give his son a name, or will it always be known as Baby?" Paine mused, but even she couldn't help but smile from her efforts. After all, her friends, were all reunited once more, and she now had time to relax. 'And perhaps have a stiff drink while I'm at it.'

Yuna turned towards the dark warrior. "Well, I guess we'll find out soon enough!" Her thoughts were soon lost as the Celsius was hastily plummeted down towards the ground.

"Gullwings, get off the deck! We're landing!" Buddy called out, as the women nodded an affirmative, racing towards the bridge before the airship made a pass over the beach, towards a clear landing site, and landing down safely.

As Yuna, Paine and Rikku made their way off the ship, they were more than shocked at the crowd which welcomed them with such a loud cheer that Yuna thought her ears were ringing. Her eyes scanned the crowd eyeing the familiar faces, but more precisely, searching for her two elder guardians. Her eyes locked onto the familiar wisp of ginger hair, and for a moment her eyes locked at Wakka's face of happiness, who was now pushing past all the residents and was grinning one of his Wakka like grins. His arms held akimbo.

"Now what do we have here. A trio of Heroes?" The burly Blitzballer beamed jogging up towards the girls, giving Yuna and Rikku a tight hug, and a Paine a firm handshake, due to her extremely chilling glare which promised unbelievable pain if he even attempted to touch her.

"It's Heroines Wakka." Lulu said dryly as she walked through the crowd which seemed to part within her presence, a small careful bundle held in her hands.

Wakka scratched the back of his head with a small sigh, waiting for his wife to reach his side. Lulu looked up at her husband for a moment, with a frown which quickly dissipated into a small grin as she felt a small tug of her braid from a certain giggling baby boy.

"My hair is not a toy little one." Lulu carefully pulled away the chubby digits from her braids with carefulness, which proved futile as the baby followed the movement Lulu's hair and grasped it within a tight grip. Well, as tight as a baby can grip.

Wakka grinned all the while at his family that he knew he loved more than anything. "Hey Lu...let me give him this.." the red head stated. He reached into his pocket and pulling out a small rattle that had a Blitzball for it's centre. Shaking the baby toy until large honey eyes peeked up from a tuft of red hair, Wakka tapped his gift upon the baby's nose, causing his child to giggle as he grasped the small handle.

"Hey. Leave your mother's hair alone, ya. This is better to chew on."

The baby giggled at the new toy, and began chewing it with delight. Lulu couldn't help but roll her eyes in delight as she rocked her baby in her arms.

"I bet you can't wait for him to be old enough, so he can hold a Blitzball." The black mage said with amusement, causing her husband to weakly laugh as he held his arms out behind him. "Well it can't hurt to try, ya?"

"Awwwww. How adorable." Yuna and Rikku simultaneously cooed, each going alongside Lulu's arms, and making silly faces at the new born in an attempt to make him laugh. Paine merely turned her head away at the spectacle. She was after all, not too fond of children, although she had to admit that Wakka's child was rather adorable. Or was it merely the father?

"So... have you decided upon a name Wakka?" Rikku asked, nudging the Blitzballer's arm.

"You betcha. Me and Lu....."

Wakka's wife gave him a stern look. "It is Lu and 'Me' Wakka."

"That's what I said ." Wakka protested, but carried out regardless. "Me and Lu decided that the best name for our baby is.....well, it is..... You see we did not want to forget the past. Yet we wanted to keep open to the future ya?. And the other name that I chose, Lulu said wouldn't fit."

"What was it?" Rikku pressed. "Was it Wakka junior or something?"

Lulu shook her head. "I may tell you at another time."

"It's Chappu."

Yuna and Rikku blinked. " Wha? Chappu?"

Wakka scratched the back of his head yet a gain. A becoming habit after being around his female friends.

Yuna was stilled into silence. "Wakka...are you sure that it the right thing to do?" The Ex-Summoner said after a moment, knowing how much meaning Chappu meant to both of them.

Wakka's smile slipped off his face for a moment, turning his attention back to the gurgling bundle in his love's arms. "Yeah...Me and Lu have been thinking about it. And we both agreed that it fitted him. I think Chappu would have been proud to have my first baby named after him!"

Yuna looked at the couple, and nodded to herself. "Alright then, Chappu it is. Congratulations Wakka. You have completed your first mission of becoming a Daddy." The brunette responded happily ash she clasped her hands together while Rikku clapped the 'daddy' on the back.

"His next 'mission' will be learning how to change nappies." Lulu then said after a moment, causing Wakka's smile to falter, and erupt a set of giggles from herself, Yuna and Rikku. Paine snorted with amusement, turning to look at the shocked male before turning her head away and staring in the direction of the Celsius ship.

"Well....er....he...he...." Wakka began in horrified embarrassment, watching an evil amber glint cross his wife's eyes.

"Urr.....Anywho... Yuna, I almost forgot. We have got a very special prize for you." The red head said, his face relaxing from its trauma state.

Yuna blinked. "A prize?"

Wakka laughed and scratched the back of his head, as he though how he would respond to be called as a prize. "Well more of a him. He travelled far away just to meet you. He is so exhausted that he had to rest up in 'my' bed."

Yuna's heart froze in her chest. "A him? Who is it Wakka?"

"He's sleeping in the hut and hey...." Wakka was instantly cut off as a sudden flash of blue and white passed him and made its way hastily into town.

"Who is it Lulu?" Rikku pressed on, tugging on Lulu's hair much like how Chappu did earlier.

The mage, did not more her eyes from the child in her arms. "It is an old friend."


She couldn't help but slam the door open, but what she saw made her eyes water, and her mouth tremble at the sight before her. It was certainly what she did not expect but, in a sense it was more possible than what she wished to be there. She had to fight back the sob as Kimahri turned his head at her from his position on the bed, before giving her a regal bow.

"Hello Yuna."

The Ronso rose from the bed and padded towards Yuna. "Kimahri wait for you here Yuna. Sorry, but it is taking me much time to get used to the heat, after living on cold mountain for two years." The warrior answered in his deep, stern voice which brought Yuna back to her senses.

"Oh Kimahri." Yuna sighed, giving her ex-guardian a warm hug. "You are such a dear friend." She said, drying her eyes.

"Why Yuna cry? Did Kimahri upset you?" The large Ronso warrior questioned with worry, as he turned the woman's face towards him.

"No.....I'm.....just happy..." Yuna lied, giving her best smiles that she could muster, without letting her dear friend worry him.

A rustle behind her alerted her of Wakka's presence, who was soon enough followed by the rest of the gang.

"So you saw Kimahri. Now that we are all together.....Let's party!" Wakka shouted out causing Rikku to pump a proud fist up in the air with a gleeful cry at the mention of fun.

But as Yuna searched the room, she couldn't help but not agree with Wakka's words.

'But we are not all together...'


The party was spectacular. Everyone who lived in Besaid was invited. And in the centre of the town there was a massive bonfire where there was lots of dancing and singing. Everyone was having fun. Even Paine, who once downed a few glasses was almost as giggly as Rikku. Well....almost. But after the party had died down, and the villagers had made way to their comfy beds, Yuna felt herself drawn towards the sea and the waves which crashed in the darkness. The brunette eyed the distance, then up towards the twinkling stars above, where pyreflies danced amongst the tranquil twilight. Yuna rubbed her shoulders and continued ever closer to the sea. Although there was a slight chill, Yuna was not really bothered by it. After surviving Mount Gagazet in a skimpy thief uniform would give anyone a ticket for death or a immunity to the cold. She fortunately gained the latter. Her eyes fell back down to the inky waters and she couldn't help but wonder what mysteries lied beneath the waves. Yuna closed her sea hued eyes and inhaled a gentle breath of the salty air. The atmosphere felt so relaxing. So gentle. The air smelt of him. The brunette sighed as she began to sing a gentle tune that suddenly flowed from her lips.

"I know that you're hiding things

Using gentle words to shelter me

Your words were like a dream

But dreams could never fool me

Not that easily...."

Yuna paused mid-song with a gasp, as she realised what she was truly singing. "I can still remember Lenne's song." She whispered as she continued to hum the words which had so much meaning and emotion to its owner. Yuna pulled out the Dressphere from her pocket and eyed the faded orb in her hands. At the beginning of her journey, the sphere once held a light which resonated so stunningly due to the beautiful spirit that was trapped inside. But now that Lenne had gone to the Farplane, it had no more use than an attractive paper weight.

"It is nice to know that Shuyin and Lenne's stories have finally ended." Yuna said softly to herself, holding the dying Dressphere close to her chest. "They deserved a happy ending..."

Yuna's eyes went downcast once more as she saw the flicker of a pyrefly dance inside the sphere. "A thousand years......Could I ever love someone for that length of time?"

'His' face suddenly appeared within her mind and she knew that she already had the answer to that question. Placing the orb back into her pocket, Yuna rose her fingers to her lips and blew. A resonating whistle sang through the darkness before fading away into the silence of the night.

"If I whistle. You will come running right?" Yuna spoke out to the winds, which played teasingly with the tassels of her skirt of her gunner gear.

"Will tonight be that night?" She whispered, which seemed to herself to speak out like that of a plea.

Her eyes fell shut once again as she listened to the sound of the sea.

A snap of lightning suddenly illuminated the beach, and it caused Yuna to jump in fright. After all, it was very uncommon for disastrous weather to reach the Besaid Islands. Yuna gazed around wearingly noting how the stars were vastly diminishing due to the dark clouds which were hastily moving across the sky. Another clap of thunder resonated above the sky, and Yuna, realised once again that something was at a miss. Her face winced when she saw a streak of lightning, light up the sky, while it's reflection brightened up the sea and the buoy which were bobbing up and down.

"A buoy?" Yuna squinted her eyes and to her absolute horror, saw a form which remarkably looked nothing like that of a innocent floating piece of plastic. This buoy, in fact had a pair of arms and a head of hair?

"HEY!!!!!!! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Yuna tried to scream but the figure seemed to be not moving, and he was being hastily pulled out to sea. It did not help when his face was half submerged in the water. She had the urge to run back into town and call for help. She never was a real good swimmer, and the current seemed to be really dangerous. But by the time someone would return, that poor somebody may be...... Yuna didn't want to finish the thought as she pushed herself forward. The light illuminated her fierce look of determination.

"I'll be right there! Hold on!" And with her altruistic thought of saving the poor soul, Yuna ran into the waves, hissing at its coldness. However she continued to plunge herself through the waves, almost loosing her balance many times before she had no choice but to swim. It seemed the closer she got to the figure, the further the waves would drag them apart. Yuna all the while spluttered as she rode the surface of the water, before diving beneath the crashing waves, and swimming as fast as she could to the sinking figure. Her arms grabbed at the bare chest and tugged upwards with all of her might. This person was so heavy. Yuna felt herself sink deeper, but she was refusing to give up. Then with a sudden gush of adrenaline, the brunette kicked her feet and broke through the surface with a large intake of breath, before pulling the other head out of the water. Even though his hair was at disarray, and drenched through to his tips, lips blue and face somewhat ashen, Yuna's heart suddenly froze, and it seemed that she had lost all sense of time and memory.


Yuna's heartbeat pumped faster than ever before. But she knew that she was still in danger. Seeing 'his' face gave her another rush of adrenaline to surge forward, oblivious to the strength of the crashing waves, and her depleting energy. She had to save 'him'. Those heart-wrenching minutes felt like torture upon her weakened limbs as she swam with her long lost beloved to the shoreline.

She felt like crying when her sodden body met the sticky sand of the shore. She pulled 'his' unconscious body further into land, rubbing her eyes in the process as the wind relentlessly tossed her bangs back and forth into her vision.

It was then she truly saw 'him' for the first time, and she couldn't help but flush when she noticed that he was entirely naked for her virgin eyes to see except for the crest of Zanarkand, which glistened upon his bare chest. Her embarrassment was suddenly lost however as she pressed her hand against the blond's throat searching for a pulse. Yuna's hands trembled with fear as their digits worked their way down 'his' chest, touching his Blitzball insignia before reaching his left breast. Her voice choked into a sob when she felt no sign of life....

"No....Ti...Tidus!" Yuna sobbed, pressing herself against the fallen blond. Her hands positioning themselves around his face as she cried out her pain. Several times, Yuna's tears trailed from her eyes and landed upon the blond. His face being showered with her absolute sorrow. But as one stray tear fell from Yuna's chin and landed upon 'his' face. It made a slow yet determined path to the blond's lip, where it lingered. And if Yuna was paying attention to that moment, she would have saw a small pinkish tongue, slide out between parted lips and absorb the small trickle of moisture Underneath long, dark eyelashes, a pair of hazy cerulean orbs opened slowly as if such an action hadn't been made in over a thousand years. Yuna felt a sudden shift and suddenly she felt her sea hued eyes locked upon with sparkling blue. Then the blond did something the brunette didn't expect. He pulled herself down towards him, and sobbed into her shoulder. Yuna all the while stared down with eyes wide at the blond who was had his hands tightly fisted around her top while his shoulders quaked with utter misery.

After a moment, the blond rose his head again . "Why did you save me?" He whispered, however his voice was choked with heavy emotion.

Yuna blinked. This certainly wasn't the question she was expecting. "What?...."

"I wanted to die out there!" He screamed into her face, his hands ever tightening against her halter neck top. His face looked ugly with the pain and anger he was emanating and Yuna didn't know what to do.

"Ti...ti...." Yuna felt her voice catch in her throat as she turned her head away. She didn't have no idea what to say. He looked so angry...So angry at her....

"Why am I here?" The blond snapped pulling the woman's face back in his direction.

Yuna stared into those once familiar eyes. 'Why was he reacting like this...? Didn't he want to return to me? Didn't he love......?'

"Why am I not with the one I love?" The angry blond snapped again, as if expecting Yuna to possess all the answers.


It was in that instant that all of Yuna's dreams shattered to the ground in a thousand pieces..


Yuna's grip immediately slackened as she pulled away, but she was unaware that Shuyin wasn't ready to let her go so easily. So as she pulled back, he merely lunged at her, pulling her back in his rather uncomfortable embrace.

"I want to know why I am here?!?" The blond all but exclaimed, scowling down at the frightened brunette who did not know whether to fight back or submit to Shuyin's glare. She didn't have the time to decide as she felt her chin wrenched upwards and she stared into the most stunningly beautiful blue eyes, that at that moment, she was unsure whether she hated them or loved them.

'Why is Shuyin here? Didn't he go to the Farplane with Lenne? Or is this perhaps......linked with the Fayth?'

She remembered the look that the elfish boy gave her before she departed from the Heart of the Farplane. His smile, seemed sad, almost regretful underneath his dark hood. As if he knew more, as if he expected something greater was to happen....

'Why have I never been able to have a normal life? Why has it been centred around, pain and loss?' To Yuna, it seemed like she had chosen the short straw with every choice she made ever since she chose to be a Summoner. Fighting Maester Seymour. Defeating Sin. Fighting Vegnagun. Yuna realised not for the first time that her whole life had been a chain of ongoing battles which refused to end. And now she was in the fated arms of a angered Blitzball player who only a few days ago, wanted to destroy Spira with the Colossal Vegnagun.

A tear slipped down the side of Yuna's cheek at the realisation of her fate.

Shuyin all the while glared at the woman who he remembered quite well. She was the one who brought his Le....... He couldn't even finish her name at the remembrance of the tragedy. His eyes soon flared with fresh anger of his beloved fate, and then being wrenched from her. He had been with her only a day and she was pulled from his arms and taken from him. After searching for her for over a thousand years. He managed to only stay a day with her. That thought hurt him greater than that of his own death those many years ago. His chest heaved in anger at the remembrance of the golden gates to the Farplane. But what he saw had further traumatised his soul to the greatest depths. The Farplane was dying. It was clear to see.....Instead of rivers flowing with endless purified water, it leaked of poisonous volumes, dirty and foul as if wrenched from the sewers. And the ribbons and garlands which was believed to dance around the flowers. All that was there were weeds, and dead roots with blackened tips. And there that stood in the centre of the fallen heaven.......... . It was there he saw 'it'....... The machina of nightmares. It was fuelling off the Pyreflies. It was those red eyes which suddenly turned to him and Lenne. He remembered a sudden glaring light and the pain of flames surrounding his body. He remembered Lenne screaming, or was it him?

And then a white light.......and a boy asking him a question on 'wanting to return to her?'

Shuyin did not realise that he had closed his eyes until he had reopened them, and saw Yuna in his arms. He blinked in confusion at the woman's closeness, and the apparent misery that was etched upon her face. The blond couldn't frown at the woman's small minded ways. 'How dare she be upset? She has not suffered such pain as I.' Shuyin fumed.

'Vegnagun was in the Farplane!'

'It's killing everything!'

'Lenne was left there!"

'A boy saved me.....I can't remember....Oh god....Lenne.......'

'But why am I feeling guilt and pain from this woman's tears.'

In that moment, Shuyin's animosity dissipated and he felt himself drawn away. He quickly pulled his arms back, and shuffled backwards upon the wet sand, noting his lack of attire for the first time and the cool wind which brushed his skin. That was the first thing that scared Shuyin as he stared down at himself, and noticed the goose bumps upon his arms and thighs. "I have a body?"

"Why am I here? Why am I not with Lenne?" Shuyin whispered to himself, his hand grasping his necklace with thought, before clumsily making his way to his feet, which great effort.

Yuna's eyes rose upwards from her fallen position before turning to the side in embarrassment. "I don't understand....Didn't you go to the Farplane with her?"

"Yes...yes....I did........" Shuyin muttered, rubbing his chin in thought as he paced across the ground, feeling the damp sand squelch across his feet.

'I'm alive again after a thousand years? That 'boy' brought me back to Spira..... Is Lenne alright? What is going on?' His eyes agitatedly moved down to Yuna's form. 'And why is she staring at me like that? What does she have to do with this....with me?' The blond pulled at his blond bangs in agitation. "Arrgh!"

Yuna rose herself to her feet, concern etched on her features. "Shuyin?" She asked softly, fearful of his actions knowing what he was capable to do in the past.

The blond frowned deeper, although he relented the pulling of his hair, his gaze moving downwards at his the water which was ever rising higher upon the shore.


Shuyin's eyes rose slowly upwards, staring directly at Yuna. "I was pulled from the Farplane........Given a body...." he said quietly, brushing back his wet locks with a deep sigh. "And so was brought back here."

Yuna gasped in surprise at the turn of events. "How.....Why?"

Shuyin furrowed his eyebrows "Agh I don't know! Stop asking me questions that I can't answer!" The blond cried out, alarming Yuna into silence.

"I don't know why..." Shuyin repeated again, however his voice had lost its gruffness.

"I don't understand anything anymore....." he said with a painful sigh, turning his head towards the direction of the sea.

The blond laughed to himself which caused Yuna to jump in surprise at the sudden change in his tone. It felt almost sinister, and it sent a wave of chills up her spine.

"It's funny really." Shuyin began, wiping the bangs from his vision. His attention aimed at the horizon. "I probably caused all of this destruction...... Logically, the Vegnagun probably affected the balance of the Farplane, and I am getting my just deserts... They won't let me see her..."

Yuna's eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the remembrance of the gigantic machina. "Vegnagun?"

"Yes...The Vegnagun...." Shuyin repeated firmly, his gaze moving downwards to his fisted hands. "That fucking pile of bolts has fucked my life up too many times..." The blond cursed, causing Yuna to wince at the foulness of his language. She had never heard such inarticulate and rude mannerisms in her life. And she couldn't ever remember 'him' speaking with such vulgarity.

"Bloody.......Mother fucking........ God-damn it to the devil's realm!" The nude warrior continued to curse out. His face contorted within a transfiguration of the blond's absolute hate, anger and fear.

Yuna's composure seemed to break down after each profanity. Several she had never even heard in her life in Spira. "Shuyin, please... calm down." Yuna tried to beg. The salty air seemed to crackle with a heavy tension, that the brunette had no idea to compose the livid Blitzballer. His eyes flared within a turbulent of its own emotional storm. His blond hair lashed over his vision, revealing the twitch of a tense muscle underneath his eyelid. A disgustingly loud crack caused her to jump, her courage vastly depleting when she realised the sound came from the blond's tightly clenched fists. Yuna for the first time felt an emotion that she had not felt in over two years. Fear.

The blond's shoulders hunched upwards, and he suddenly turned his neck to side. His eyes hauntingly threatening. "Calm down?" Shuyin asked, his eyes, to Yuna's amazement, flaring even brighter than before. "Calm down?" His body trembled. Yuna couldn't help but shuffle back in apprehension.

Lightning crackled from the distance and Yuna wouldn't have been surprised if it was being fuelled by the blond's rage.

Shuyin's frown deepened. His heart thundered in his ears, and at that moment, the dam broke. His anger at that moment seemed to possess him. Although Shuyin, at a later time, wouldn't have been able to admit, that as he lashed out painful words to the weak female, he was afraid of himself. Afraid of what his emotions were doing to him. Changing his soul into a heartless monster.

"Is that all you can say Summoner woman?" Shuyin all but spat out, his eyes narrowing into enraged slits.

"I was taken out of the Farplane! I have watched my love not once, but twice die in front of my eyes! And you tell me to Calm down!?!"

Yuna rose a shaking hand to her mouth. Her vocal chords rendered to silence.

Shuyin began pacing once again like an rampaging animal. White clouds of smoke rose from his mouth and throat. The blond seemed oblivious to Yuna as he made firm strides in the sand, rambling all of his innermost thoughts to the open. At that moment, Yuna feared that Shuyin had perhaps gone insane. The idea was highly plausible, when she heard his animal grunts and the earlier remembrance of his earlier plan to destroy Spira.

" A boy came to me.......Bahamut...... He helped me escape..... Said something about 'The guardians of the Farplane being poisoned by some force. Or they are being controlled,' I do not know. All I know is that Lenne is forever gone and I cannot bring her back!" Shuyin all but cried, falling down to his knees with a anguished wail, punching the sand with his fists.

Yuna's face blanched at the realisation of the blond's words.

'A boy?.....Bahamut?......That Fayth?......'

Her thoughts were soon lost as she saw Shuyin rise from his fallen position. His head turned so that she could not see the pain in his eyes, but she could imagine the redness of them. His lips was still in an ever present scowl as he made a slowly deliberate turn to face her. His face down so that his bangs shielded his eyes. She moved her own head down from his form as he made long strides towards her. Full of power and strength.

Yuna bit her lip when a pair of dirty male feet met her gaze. She closed her eyes for a moment, taking in a breath of courage.

'This is so hard....' She thought to herself, as she rose her head upwards, and tried to steel her face with his. Then three words slipped out that she would have never expected to come from his lips. Not at her.

"I hate you!" Shuyin whispered, although his eyes looked no higher than at the Zanarkand crest adorned upon the woman's chest.

'She wears my team symbol with pride?' The blond's eyes darkened. 'How dare she.... She has no link to Zanarkand. She didn't go out of her way to die, like Lenne and me....'

"I hate you..." The blond repeated again, and this time it was to the woman's shocked face. He couldn't help but have a sadistic smile on his lips at the pain. At least he now knew that the foolish woman was listening.

"I hate how society have made people like you. Weak. Unforgiving. Disrespectful of the past." The blond continued, raising a firm hand to Yuna's chin, pulling her face close to him so that he could see, feel, hear each tremble of her pain. Her sadness. Wanting her to experience the pain he had been suffering for the thousand years he had been relentlessly searching for his love.

Yuna's legs trembled beneath her, fearing that they would at any moment give way. 'His' eyes glared at her with such a ferocity that she did not know what to say.

"Shuyin!" She cried out in alarm, balancing upon the very fine line of bursting into never-ending rain of tears.

"Silence!" He snapped, tugging her face up closer to his own. His other hand rose up to meet the woman's waist, immobilising her. But he secretly knew that it was not needed. Her own fear kept her feet glued in place, and he could highly doubt that she could run faster than a Blitzball player if she were foolish enough to escape. There were so many thoughts in Yuna's mind. She wasn't sure what to do, nor in what way to it. But there was one thing that she was certain of. Shuyin was very angry. And it seemed to be all directed at her....

'What have I done to deserve this? Haven't I suffered enough?' she thought, as her tears fell silently down her wet cheeks.

"Why....are....you....so....angry at me......" Yuna breathed.

Shuyin moved his face ever closer to Yuna's that his breath mingled with her fearful panting ones. "You want to know why?" he all but growled, pressing his cheek against her, tightening his hold upon her that she almost cried out in pain. "Why did you bring her to me! If it weren't for you, she would still be alive! I hate you!"

Yuna's eyes dilated, and it was at that time she understood the blond's pain, only remotely, but at least she could now defend herself. "......Shu-" She began but was hastily cut off as a large hand was clapped over her mouth in a rather rude and brash manner.

"Stop saying my name!" The blond yelled, not truly knowing himself why he was so flustered. Although his fury was no longer possessing him, he still felt his emotions trying to become irate again at the woman in his arms. And the fearful part was, he didn't know why. It was as if he was being possessed by a dangerous force sending him into berserk mode with no form of remedy . Although he was angry at losing Lenne, he was not as selfish as to blame this woman he did not even know. She brought Lenne to him, and if it were anyone's fault, it was more than likely his own. After all, he was the one who believed the Vegnagun would save Lenne. On the contrary, it postponed their final reunion. It was the blame for killing Lenne at the beginning. If there was something to be angry for, should have been towards that piece of wasted Machina, mot an innocent woman, who he was undoubtfully traumatising. Blaming her for actions that she had no witness of...

'Am I truly losing my mind?'

Yuna's eyes widened further as she felt herself being suddenly turned and pulled against the blond's chest in a rather disconcerting manner. First he was shouting profanities at her, now he was embracing her. Yuna was too afraid to be even embarrassed anymore, as her damp back was pressed ever so firmly to his chest. She brought her hands to the front of her, as if in prayer, and closed her eyes.

'Has the storm ended?'

They stood in the one sided embrace for long moments. Yuna staring into the darkness of her mind, while Shuyin had engrossed himself with Yuna's braid of coloured beads, surprised to find that it was indeed an earring and not a hair accessory. He rose an eyebrow in interest at the hood of the woman's uniform.

'I think I had a hood on my uniform...my favourite one...'

His thoughts froze as he realised that he was reminiscing his tragic past, in the arms of a woman he did not know.

"I don't know you from Adam. I don't know you." Shuyin sighed after a moment, looking down at the short brunette in his arms, noting with curiosity that she had her head down and her hands clasped as if in prayer. It was taking all of her willpower not to move away.

'Such an action Lenne would do....'

He frowned at himself for comparing the woman to his love. And he couldn't help but wonder why he was still holding this brunette.

"Why are we always crossing paths? I do not know you...." Shuyin continued on, his head drooping down to rest upon Yuna's shoulder, his hands slowly slipping away from the brunette's lips. Shuyin felt suddenly tired, his vision wavering before his very eyes. He blinked for a few moments, sighing deeply against the woman's neck. They opened after sighting a shine of silver, and he was once again aware of 'his' Zanarkand symbol upon the woman's chest.

The blond rose an eyebrow in curiosity, and gave him enough energy to raise his head to look at the female's face from the side. "Why are you emblazoned with the Crest of my Zanarkand team?" Shuyin asked after a moment, still in the embrace that Yuna was beginning to feel greatly discomforted from. Shuyin, oblivious to the woman's feelings voiced out his question again. Yuna's eyes slowly opened to the sound of his voice, but she couldn't find it in herself to answer. She knew after all, that he wouldn't understand, and her story was just too painful to explain at the moment. However, Shuyin was a man who did not like to be ignored, nor did he like secrets being kept away from him for long. He felt his anger surge once again at the silence which the woman gave him. 'Woman?' He still didn't even know the female's name but her negligence to his wishes was irritating him.

"What is with you?" Shuyin exclaimed in a fit of anger, pulling his arms away from the brunette as if he had been burnt. "It wasn't like I was asking a difficult question." Shuyin said, throwing up his arms in defeat. His eyes narrowed at another thought, what he believed was more than likely correct. "Is this trinket just a mere fashion statement to you? To make you stand out of the crowd?"

The blonds' eyes darkened. "Is that all Zanarkand means to you. Some attractive piece of jewellery that makes you look good? Is that it?"

Yuna could all but gape. 'He thinks I am being disrespectful of the past...'

"That's not true!" Yuna protested, her eyes wide in shock at the blonds' proclamation.

'How can he say that? Wasn't I the one who opposed the idea of turning Zanarkand into a tourist attraction?'

Shuin gave a derisive snort oblivious to the woman's sadness. His eyes burning at the sight of the crest. 'His' crest adorned upon her in a ridiculous fashion statement. His eyes blurred for a moment for the pride he had for 'his' team. His country. His hands unconsciously clutched around his own crest, feeling the familiar sharp edges press firmly against his palm. His symbol. His identity.

'Then why was this woman wearing the crest of Zanarkand?'

"I hate Spira." Shuyin growled out. Words which had now become so familiar to him through the endless times he had spoken them. "The people here are disgusting. No respect. No honour. They deliberately cause suffering to all that's good, and then they wonder why Spira has fallen to a level that only degenerates are in power."

"Take it off!" Shuyin suddenly exclaimed, his eyes burning brighter as a cluster of pyreflies found within the Moonflow.

Yuna blinked in confusion. "Excuse me?"

Her bewildered response only made the blond angrier that he had to make the obvious clear to her. "Argh! Didn't you hear what I said? You are not a Zanarkand resident, nor are you a patriot to its city. You do not deserve that symbol of Zanarkand. Take. That. Crest. Off!" Shuyin demanded fiercely as he roughly turned her around. And with daggers in his eyes, his hands moved down to her chest and clenched upon the Zanarkand crest ignorant to the brunette's shriek of surprise. Then further to the girl's dismay, the blond savagely pulled at the dressing of her gunner halter-top. Yuna felt the constriction of her breathing as the cotton stretched across her chest from the pressure of the pull. She whimpered out in alarm as she tried to pry Shuyin's hands off her garment. But he was relentless, and only tugged harder, easily overpowering the frightened brunette with his tight vice-like grip.


"Ahhh! Stop it!" Yuna cried out in alarm, but it was too late. She clutched her arms to her hide her exposed breasts in horror. Her eyes grew wide like saucers at the fiendish monster who....who... had done such a hurtful thing to her.

Shuyin eyed the crest in hand pulling off the tattered remnants of cotton.

"That's better," the blond mused to himself, taking in Yuna's horrified expression. Then with a devilish smirk of malice, Shuyin swiftly pulled his arm back, and surged it forward, tossing the crest high into the sky. Yuna watched the Zanarkand symbol fly towards the sea, and become swallowed into its dark depths. And then there was silence. It felt like her very heart had been pulled out of her chest. That insignia meant everything to her. It represented him and how she would always have him close to her heart..... and Shuyin had tossed it into the water as if it were some trash.... as if she didn't deserve to own such a treasure...... as if she didn't deserve to carry the memory of 'him'.


Her whole body trembled with a anger she never knew she possessed. She blinked back tears as she dropped down to her knees. She felt so mad that she wanted to break something. Hit something. Hurt something....or more correctly, hurt someone. She thought she heard a dark chuckle from above and her blood boiled. One of her hands dropped to the sand, and she fisted the damp substance in her hand. It only took Yuna to raise her face and see that smug grin to make her want to lash out.

"I hate you Shuyin!" She all but screamed as she tossed the wet sand in his face. Shuyin not expecting such an attack was unable to defend himself as the salty substance went into his eyes. But Yuna was not finished as she pulled herself to her feet, regardless of the tears. Her hands clutching the front of her chest.

'He has caused me so much pain....How dare he hurt me as if I am to blame...... taking 'his' symbol away from me....Throwing it out into the sea.....'

Yuna's eyes hardened, her long bangs slashing against her face. She had gone past being sad. All she now felt was pain, and anger. "Don't blame me for your pained life. I'm sorry you suffered. But don't you dare speak as if my life was a bed of roses!" Yuna exclaimed, stunning the blond with the sheer volume of her voice. The rain continued to pelt down upon the two figures regardless. "At least your love returned to you, if only for a moment. My love will never ever return." Fresh tears pooled down the side of Yuna's face but she refused to wipe them away. Her anger had got the best of her, and she needed Shuyin to know how she felt. He did not have the right to accuse her of being blasphemous to Zanarkand. Didn't she do enough when she sacrificed her happiness to defeat Sin. To watch him disappear before her very eyes. Wasn't that enough? Yuna held back another sob which she knew she would be never able to control if she let her emotions entwine lose. She shook her head, trying to control her thoughts. She had to make Shuyin understand that she was not in the wrong. She was never in the wrong and she was in pain for what anguish he gave her.

"He won't be in the Farplane either, as he didn't die. Nor did he truly live! I will never find him as he was only a dream. A faded dream of the Fayth. And the Fayth have died, meaning their dreams faded with them." Her head drooped down, unwilling to say anymore to the sight of that face.

Shuyin at last had his vision cleared rubbing his eyes to relieve the stinging. "So......?" the blond answered indifferently, giving a shrug. "What does your pathetic life story have to do with me?"

Yuna boiled over. All she could see was red. She couldn't remember a time that she was ever so angry at someone in her life. Not even Maester Seymour fuelled so much anger and pain into her loins as the cocky blond wretch who stood before her. She spoke without thinking. She acted without planning. She wasn't aware of the time when she stormed up to the blond and gave him such a loud slap, that its sound rivalled against the thundering sky. Shuyin jerked backwards, injured more by his pride than that of the stinging pain. He was about to snap back a retort before he saw the evil woman grab his chin roughly. Much like he did to her not so long ago. She glared with him with such a dark ferocity. An anger and pain, that Shuyin had never encountered upon another's face before. Her tears continued to trickle down the sides of her face, revealing the pure emotion of pain which had now became a part of her being. Shuyin couldn't help but gape.

Yuna's voice sounded more like a low rumble. And if she was truly listening, she would have been surprised that she sounded more like the gruff Paine than that of her happy and innocent self. "You are evil Shuyin." She all but whispered, her words clipped and to the point. "Absolute evil to even think about using Vegnagun to destroy Spira. Did you ever think of what Lenne would think? 'He' would have never done such a thing. You....heartless monster!" The blond shuddered at the meaning yet he still held his chin high, refusing to look hurt by her words.

They both stared at each other for timeless seconds neither yielding until the female spoke more words which oozed with venom that Shuyin's eyes glistened with barely suppressed tears, and his shoulder quaked with sickening despair.

" How could Lenne ever love a monster like you?" Yuna cried, the wind whipped around her, giving her confidence at his wretched stance.

It was then Yuna said words of such hatred that appalled even her ears, but she couldn't hold them back. There was too much emotion running through her veins. Her heart was pumping with unnatural levels of adrenaline and she had no other way to relieve her own mental pain. "You are a nightmare Shuyin. You seek out pain and suffering. You want to make things better, but you intentionally go out of your way to hurt people."

Her eyes softened at the sharp intake of air and she deliberately softened her tone. "Just look at yourself. Stop Shuyin. You're anger is controlling you. Stop this madness, before the madness ends up destroying you again...." The brunette whispered before falling silent, her own emotions silencing her voice.

A tear trailed down the blonde's cheek. His shoulders violently quaked as he dropped down to his knees, his face morbid as if reliving Lenne's and his death sentence once again.

Yuna's resolve cracked as she pulled back. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt him, but she knew she had to stop his rage. The anger in her heart turning into pangs of guilt at his fallen form. Yuna had to fight the urge to drop to her knees and console the tearful blonde. Her breath hitched at the sound of faint sniffling.

"Shuyin..." She all but whispered, her hands pressing tighter against the area of her heart. She hadn't meant to hurt him so much. Their earlier argument disappearing in an instant as she watched a silent tear fall from his cheek and down to the sand.

The blonde said nothing, his eyes staring unfocused upon the sand. A shuddering breath rose from his throat. "Please....leave....me......alone...You have...... broken me.....leave me be...." he said quietly, refusing to look up as his voice trembled with badly controlled emotion.

Yuna's fingers trembled over her breast. "I won't tell anyone about this Shuyin," Yuna began breathlessly, kneeling down on the sand and clasping the blonds' shoulder. He didn't fight back, and for that Yuna was relieved. Shuyin all the while kept his head down refusing for this 'girl' to see how she had affected him.

"I'm sorry. I was out of order," Yuna apologised, biting her lip in worry that the blond would not accept her confession.

".........." He didn't even look up.

The brunette's brow furrowed. It seemed that he wouldn't comply to her words. The wind nipped at her bare arms and it was then Yuna shivered. She was surprised how she had survived the chilly winds before.

'Perhaps my anger was warming me?' Yuna mused. She then noted with a faint blush, his attire, or more precisely his lack of attire.

'And if the wind picks up. He may freeze to death.' That thought unnerved the brunette as she rubbed at her 'Goosebumps' while still keeping her modesty. She was still angry at Shuyin for ruining her Gunner top, but for now she would at least try to help him get out of the cold. She was sure that he wasn't that comfortable with being fully exposed to the air. She blushed further at the thought, and was thankful that it was still dark enough that he wouldn't be able to notice.

Yuna coughed trying to compose herself, adverting her eyes from his beautifully sculptured.... Her face reddened. "It's late tonight....come on...it's getting cold." She said in horrifying embarrassment, wishing she could press her hands against her face in an attempt to cool her flaring cheeks. She steeled herself to look only at the blonde's ear, noting the sparkling jewel of the Zanarkand symbol, glinting at her. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the blonde shiver ever so slightly. Her duty to help the sodden blonde overpowered her embarrassment and gave her the determination to carry on. "If we stay out here any longer we'll both freeze. The Gullwing ship is not too far from here if you don't want to stay in the town...." Yuna said firmly, knowing that she had signed her death certificate. She had just given Shuyin an invitation upon the Celsius. The same man who tried to use Vegnagun to destroy Spira.


"Shuyin?" Yuna pressed on, realising for the first time that the crouched blonde was not making any form of sound.

"We both need rest...." The brunette added, trying to pull the blonde from his silence. She only hoped that Shuyin was only being obstinate, and that there wasn't a more complicated problem to why he seemed deathly silent.


"Tomorrow we can decide what we are going to do..." Yuna tried to encourage, patting his arm gently.


'Man he is so stubborn....' Yuna fumed to herself, wondering on her next course of action. She certainly did not want to freeze, but from the way that things were going... Shuyin refused to acknowledge her. He did say he 'hated her' after all. That did not help the brunette raise her spirits.

Collecting all the determination inside, Yuna roughly prodded the blonde's muscled arm, aware that Shuyin was still alert enough to tense up his muscle.

'So he is still alive.' That thought encouraged the brunette to go on. She didn't want him to risk his health just because of a stupid argument and that he was too stubborn, and probably ashamed.

"Shuyin....." Yuna pleaded, trying her best to give as genuine emotion as possible. "You have to trust me. Let go of the pain. A tainted heart cannot fight for love."

'Not so much as a blink'

Yuna wasn't fazed and she refused to give up hope. "I was angry.....I was wrong with what I said. And I'm sorry." Yuna said with a slight bow.

".........." Yuna was slightly peeved. It would have been easier to get blood from a stone.

"Lets get dry before we get ill. You won't be able to fight for Lenne if you get Pneumonia."

Blue eyes sparkled. "Lenne?"

'Ah, that's the secret. Say her name and he comes to life,' Yuna thought with a slight smile as Shuyin turned his head slowly so that he was looking directly at her. Yuna held back the gasp at being so close to his face which had the same features.....the same eyes....

Shuyin's eyes fluttered closed before reopening. The recent argument had slackened his expression that the blonde looked innocent, almost shy. "Why?" he questioned within an incredulous tone, baffled to what the girl was truly implying.

Yuna blinked in confusion.

Shuyin shook his head, trying to reiterate his jumbled thoughts into a concise sentence. "...............I don't understand...why would you help me... after what I did to you.....?.......you said yourself..... I was........evil......a...monster....." The blonde finished at the last word, his head drooping down in shame. And as much as he wanted to deny her poisoned words. He knew that the woman was right. He was a monster to even think about destroying the world with Vegnagun. But he was absolutely evil as he couldn't even save Lenne. How could he be called a man if he could not protect his love?

Yuna watched the conflicting emotions dash across the blond's face, before being replaced with a clear look which the brunette knew was guilt. She couldn't help but cringe inside, remembering the tone of her scathing words. She shook her head.

"I didn't mean to say it. My anger controlled me. I've had a busy day," Yuna sighed. And indeed she had. After all, she had suffered far too many interviews in her hometown on whether or not she will be going to the Lucan party, and if so with whom. Celebrity was a very tiring business. She blushed lightly when she noticed that Shuyin was stating at her in bemusement, the anger gone.

"Come on..." Yuna said quietly, tugging the blond up with her left hand, her right arm keeping her carefully well covered.

"We'll need to get you some clothes as well...." Yuna added as an afterthought causing the Shuyin to give her an odd look.

"Or do you want to remain naked?"

The blond's lips twitched.

Yuna gasped. 'Did...he just..... smile?'

The brunette shook her head. "Come on you...."

Yuna took her left hand in his right causing the blond to stare at her for a few moments. One thought running through his mind.

'Genuine...She is really genuine.' His eyes softened in unbelievable awe as he tightened his grip around the welcomed hand.

Yuna didn't see the blond's face lighten as she viewed their destination beyond the cliffs, hoping that everyone had gone to bed.

'Hopefully we'll won't run into anyone.' Yuna thought to herself It would be unlikely due to the time of night... Yuna's face blanched at the thought of Wakka seeing her as she did now. Her eyes flickered to the less the well suited blond who snorted. Her thoughts disintegrated immediately as she heard a cough beside her, and Shuyin was staring at her with an odd expression which Yuna could not identify.

"I'm......sorry...for....you know.....everything.." Shuyin apologised, scratching the back of his head when his head nodded at the position of Yuna's bent arm. Yuna's eyes flitted upwards to his face and she smiled slightly with a small nod of forgiveness, feeling somewhat embarrassed to know what he was implying, but she knew that he was too referring to the Vegnagun too.

Yuna couldn't help but weakly smile. "Come on you, lets get you back onto the ship and then we can see what you do from there...."

Shuyin chuckled weakly at the girl's jovial tone. To Shuyin, she surely couldn't be real for her to forgive him so easily. His eyes turned out towards the sea where he had threw the crest only moments ago. "No, I am genuinely sorry....I had no right to be such a jerk...... miss...?"

"Yuna." The brunette placed out her right hand out in front of her for the blond to shake hand. Her face gained a fearful look after noticing the blonde's horrified expression. A cool wind past between them when she was aware that she had her left hand in Shuyin's right, while her other hand was..... She squeaked in embarrassment, quickly slapping her right arm over her breasts.

The blond blinked unsure what to make of the girl in front of him. She was so...... unlike anyone else he had ever met on Spira within his travels and that thought made him grin wider. He felt different. He couldn't explain it, and he knew it was something about her, as all he could think about was laughter. He shook his face, trying to hold in his mirth that wanted nothing but to erupt into hysterics. "Lets forget the formalities for now......Yuna." Shuyin chuckled to which Yuna shyly nodded, her face burning from embarrassment.

"Yes...that would be for the best." Yuna all but squeaked causing the blonde to laugh louder, winking slyly as the girl blushed to her roots tips.

"Well..*ahem*," Yuna coughed lightly, trying to compose herself. The blond rose an elegant eyebrow, his face plastered with a rather cheeky grin.

"We should get changed. I am sure Wakka and Lulu..." Yuna's voice however froze mid sentence at the thought of Lulu and Wakka seeing her in the state she was in and a naked man behind her. The image wasn't pretty. The Celsius suddenly came to mind. Yuna reached into her pockets, hoping that she had her key-card and that she had not left it at Wakka's house, or even worse, lost it in the sea. Her grin widened when she felt the sharp plastic within her hand.

"No....I have a better idea. My friend's brother owns a airship which should be empty now after the party. It is not too far from here, just past the waterfall," Yuna thought out loud, tilting her direction to the pathway.

The blond rose another eyebrow. "An airship?"

Yuna nodded. "Yeah."

"Cool." The blond admonished, trying to remember the last time he had rode a flying machina. The only machina he could remember using recently was.......He shook his head. He did not want to think of Vegnagun now. He felt so tired and cranky, and it was late. Fatigue deprived him of ideas to save Lenne, and he wasn't going to pass up the chance to finally have a rest. He was woken by footsteps moving away from him, and he quickly rose his head to see Yuna moving towards a valley between two cliffs he did not notice before.

"There should be some fresh clothes there as well. If not, I could lend you a dress-sphere," Yuna said over her shoulder, continuing forward at a slow pace before she heard his footsteps follow her from behind.

Shuyin blinked. "Dress-sphere?"

Yuna giggled to herself at a sudden thought of what ludicrous dress-sphere that she could tempt the blond into wearing. "I'll show you when we get there." The brunette said with a light chuckle, thinking how the blonde would look in a 'Mascot sphere' or perhaps a 'Berserker sphere'. She found it hard to control her giggles at the thought of the cocky blonde dressed up in a chocobo uniform, feathers and all.

"Hey! What are you laughing about?" Shuyin asked in curiosity, jogging so that he was only a few paces behind her.

Yuna merely smiled. "Nothing. So are you ready?'

"Sure thing Yuna. Lead the way." Shuyin replied with a slight cock of his head, giving a debonair smile.

Yuna couldn't help but shiver at the sound of her name on his lips. Her feet freezing in place..... It felt....too unreal...

She slowly turned her head and wished at that moment she didn't......he was smiling at her. Shuyin was giving her the Tidus grin. She instantly melted....



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