Title: A Simple Kiss – Chapter 16: And It Ends

Yaoi Warning: Possibly considered R-rated. If you skipped the lemon in the last chapter, you definitely want to skip this one. I have left the rating at a PG-13 level because my descriptions are not explicit, though my language clearly suggests the actions, but some readers may consider this R-rated.


Goku did not so much awaken as spring suddenly into the world of the living. He squeezed his half-open eyes shut against a mild wave of fear. If waking nightmares were waiting for him, as they had been the last time he had woken, he wanted to prepare himself first. Extending his senses, he noted that nothing seemed to be amiss, and as he began to relax, he realized that he could see light through his eyelids. Cracking one eye tentatively open, he was blinded by the light shining through the window. The sun was higher in the sky than he had expected, and he estimated that it was close to noon. A low growl from his stomach confirmed that thought, and he realized he had not eaten anything since the day before.

A soft sound caught his attention, and he turned his head, mildly surprised. He had not forgotten he was not in bed alone, he just had not thought about it yet, afraid it might be a dream. Sanzo was curled up beside him, head resting on his shoulder, one arm thrown casually over his chest. The blonde was sleeping peacefully, though as Goku moved, he buried his head farther into the young man's shoulder to escape the sunlight, and his arm tightened around Goku's chest. A contented smile spread across the younger man's face. This morning's remarkable events had overwhelmed his consuming grief. He had never thought he would hear Sanzo tell him he loved him. It was… wonderful. Goku gently brushed the hair away from Sanzo's eyes. "I love you, Sanzo," he whispered.

A violet eye peeked open, focusing on his face. "I know." Goku was not disappointed at the response; he had not really expected to hear words of love again so soon. But someday… he hoped he would hear them again. For now, actions were enough.

It was slightly awkward, but Goku tilted his head down and gave Sanzo a light kiss. It was sleepily returned, then the monk sat up and stretched. Goku did the same, enjoying the feeling of muscles awakening after a long sleep. His stomach sounded again, and Sanzo quirked an eyebrow at him. "I'm not surprised you're hungry. I'm actually astonished it didn't get you up before now."

Goku blushed. "Well, you did tire me out." He was amused to see Sanzo flush as well.

The man turned his head to hide it. "Something had to be done to get you out of your funk. And as usual, I had to do it."

Goku grinned. "It worked." He leaned in until he was nose to nose with Sanzo and lowered his voice to a deep growl. "I wanna do it again."

The monk blushed even brighter and shoved him away. "Not now, stupid monkey. I'm hungry, even if you're not." He got up from the bed, grabbing his clothes from the floor, and began to dress.

"Hey! I'm not a monkey! And I am hungry." Goku hopped out of bed and seized Sanzo by the arm, swinging the man around to face him. "But not only for food."

Sanzo seemed at a loss, though Goku did not know if it was because of his statement or their nakedness. Goku took advantage of his hesitation and pressed their bodies together, raising his head for a kiss. The bodily contact shook Sanzo out of his daze, and the monk eagerly seized his lips, but only for a moment. Shoving Goku away again, he began buttoning up his shirt, hands shaking only slightly. "I said not now! Get dressed."

Goku grinned widely, then sauntered over to his bag, digging until he had uncovered his extra clothes. It only took a moment for him to get dressed, and when he looked up, Sanzo was watching him, an odd light in his eyes. "What?"

The monk shook his head slightly. "Nothing. Come on, Hakkai and Gojyo are probably waiting for us."

Goku had been headed out of the room, but on hearing the names of his missing companions, he stopped in his tracks. He stood still for a moment, then leaned forward, pressing his forehead against the door. Shame wrapped a tight fist around his heart. With his thoughts so completely focused on Sanzo, he had forgotten that he had not yet faced his friends. Would they turn from him in disgust? Would they flay him with words of accusation? Or worse, would they lie to him and pretend that everything was fine, as they had early this morning? Goku slammed his fist into the door. After a week full of stress he was frustrated, tired of feeling all this guilt and confusion. He raised his arm to punch the door again when a strong grip caught his hand. "Stop it!" The forceful command tore through his turbulent thoughts. He was about to protest when a hand grabbed his shoulder and whipped him around, face-to-face with an irritated monk. "Are you trying to hurt yourself?"

Goku sagged back against the door, looking away. He was not sure what to say, so he said nothing. His silence only aggravated Sanzo further. "What the hell's the matter with you?"

"I… I'm not hungry." He did not want to admit to Sanzo that he was anxious again.

The monk narrowed his eyes. "Why are you lying to me?"

"I…" Goku lowered his head and fixed his eyes on the floor. "I… don't know."

"You don't know what's wrong, or you don't know why you're lying to me?" Sanzo's voice was harsh, but it was not the worst he had heard from the man.

"I'm sorry." He was not really sure why he was apologizing, but it felt like the right thing to do.

Sanzo sighed, and now there was gentleness in his tone. "Let's go, Goku. You'll feel better after you eat."

Goku sank down to the floor and laid his head on his knees. "I can't. I can't face them after what I did again."

"Yes, you can. How is it any different than facing me?"

"Like that was easy…" Goku muttered. Of course there was a difference. Gojyo and Hakkai were his friends, but Sanzo… he loved Sanzo. That made a huge difference.

Sanzo's voice cracked like a whip. "Quit acting like a child!"

"I'm not, damn it. I just don't want to see them yet!" His frustration with himself was a red-hot coal in the center of his chest.

Sanzo scowled at him. "You have nothing to be anxious about. They won't condemn you for what happened, any more than I do. Hakkai and Gojyo are your friends."

"I know! But… I still—" His protest was cut off Sanzo's fan smashing down on his head in a motion so fast he did not see it coming.

"Enough! I won't have you feeling sorry for yourself."

His head hurt, his heart hurt, and now he was being yelled at. The morning's happiness in finally coming together with Sanzo was evaporating before his very eyes. It was more than he could deal with. Goku surged to his feet and stood toe to toe with the monk. "And why not? Why can't I? Everyone else seems to be able to wallow in self-pity but not me! You do it often enough but I'm not allowed to. Why do I always have to be happy? Will the world stop if I stop smiling for a little while?"

Sanzo's surprise at his outburst was evident. Eyes wide, the monk leaned back slightly to put some distance between them, but he did not step back. He stayed silent for a moment, and Goku awaited his response, with muscles tight. Sanzo looked away when he finally said, "Mine might."

Before he truly comprehended the words, Goku launched himself at Sanzo, wrapping his arms around the monk's waist and burying his face into the man's neck. "I love you so much, Sanzo," he murmured into the soft skin under his lips. Sanzo shivered slightly, rekindling Goku's desire. Despite his hunger, he was not ready to face his friends, and so he sought the only distraction that made him feel whole. He fumbled with the buttons on Sanzo's shirt, almost tearing them off in his haste.

Sanzo stepped away from him. "Goku, what do you think—"

His need controlling his actions, Goku let him get no further. He ripped Sanzo's shirt from his body and, pausing only a moment to pull off his own, shoved the monk back onto the bed. Sanzo lay stunned as Goku pounced on him, grasping his shoulders and capturing his mouth. When Sanzo tried to push him away, Goku pinned his wrists above his head. Violet eyes narrowed at him, but he was not deterred, reaching down to unzip Sanzo's jeans.

The monk struggled, at first, against his hold, but the flush of his skin and his shuddering breaths told Goku he was not adverse to the idea. The younger man's instincts were confirmed when Sanzo leaned up as best he could and locked onto Goku's lips. The heat inside him flamed outward, searing his skin wherever it touched the monk's flesh.

Sanzo ran his tongue over Goku's lips, and Goku willingly parted them, welcoming the invasion. They tasted one another, exploring each other's depths, their tongues dancing a sensual dance as their bodies pressed together. He ran his tongue down Sanzo's neck, nipping at his skin lightly. The man's head fell back, exposing more of his skin to the pleasurable touch. Goku seized the advantage, tracing Sanzo's collarbones with his tongue, exhilarated by the monk's squirming beneath him. As much as he had enjoyed their previous encounters, being in control increased his pleasure ten-fold.

Wanting to make Sanzo moan, he pressed a kiss on each of his palms, biting lightly at the pulse points of his wrist before drawing his tongue down the man's right arm. Reaching his elbow, Goku nipped at the skin there. Sanzo wriggled beneath him, and Goku held him still with his knees. He repeated the licking caress on the other arm, and this time he was rewarded by Sanzo's breath catching. Maintaining his hand on Sanzo's wrists, Goku moved down to catch the tip of the blonde's ear between his teeth. Biting gently, he traced the curves with his lips. He snaked his tongue behind Sanzo's ear and down his neck, pausing to nip again at his collarbone. Goku could tell Sanzo was struggling to keep quiet, but was unable to stop the moans that broke from his throat.

Goku closed his eyes as Sanzo took his lips in a kiss, rough and harsh, but no less pleasurable. Finally releasing Sanzo's wrists, Goku propped himself on his elbows, enjoying the pleasure of his lover's lips. Sanzo's hands slid over his chest, fingernails faintly marking his skin. There was no pain, only incredible desire. He slid off Sanzo, and was amused when the monk made a slight sound of disappointment. Ignoring it, he tugged at Sanzo's jeans. "These have got to go."

There were no complaints. Sanzo raised his hips to speed up the process, and Goku yanked his jeans off and tossed them to the floor. He divested himself of his own pants and hopped onto the bed again. Sanzo had turned on his side, and when Goku landed next to him, he pulled the younger man close. Pressing full length against each other, their excitement was apparent. Sanzo moved slightly, and the resulting friction brought gasps from both of them. When Sanzo suckled at Goku's neck, Goku's whole body throbbed with desire. Fingertips just barely traced lines down Goku's smooth skin and he shivered against the touch. Wanting to feel every inch of the older man's body, he ran a hand over his hip, gripping the prominent bones there and pulling him tightly against himself.

Goku quivered with suppressed emotion. With one hand entangled in soft golden hair, he insinuated his other hand between their bodies, his action making Sanzo abandon the bruise he was leaving to moan quietly. The sound turned Goku on even more than he already was. It seemed to resonate his head, filling him. Wanting to hear more, he pushed Sanzo further, and could not suppress a satisfied smirk when Sanzo gasped. Unfortunately for him, it was at that moment that Sanzo looked at him.

Violet eyes narrowed, and a hand shot between them, grasping him. Despite the speed of the movement, the grip was gentle. A quick stroke was all it took for Goku to release his own moan. The look on Sanzo's face was pure satisfaction. Refusing to relinquish his dominance, Goku used his body weight to press Sanzo on his back, continuing the encircling caress with his hand. The monk's grip remained firm, but his hand stilled as a shudder passed through his body. Goku slid on top of him. Nose to nose, he attacked Sanzo's mouth, and Sanzo replied with equal passion as he wrapped his arms around Goku.

Goku's love for Sanzo colored every breath, every movement. Breathing heavily, he pulled away and slid down Sanzo's body, pressing his legs apart, leaving a wet trail down his chest with his tongue. He felt Sanzo grip his shoulders tightly as he took him into his mouth, and he reveled in the taste that was uniquely Sanzo. The blonde's groans filled his ears, loud in the quiet room. Goku could hear Sanzo struggling to breathe, his nerves seared by the pleasure Goku lavished on him. Wanting more, Goku replaced his mouth with his hand and whispered, "I'll be right back."

He slithered up Sanzo's body, sweat coating them both. When Sanzo made no indication of having heard him, he placed a kiss on the man's nose. The violet eyes finally locked onto his face, and Sanzo gasped out, "What?"

"I said, 'I'll be right back'." Goku slid off the bed and jogged into the bathroom to get a small bottle of lotion. Returning to the bedroom, he explained, "I noticed this earlier, and I thought we might… need it." He paused slightly as he said it, afraid that he might be pushing things. The monk reached for the bottle, but Goku pulled it back and shook his head, their eyes meeting. Understanding his intention, Sanzo hesitated, but finally nodded his acquiescence. Goku couldn't stop a grin.

He poured a small amount of lotion into his hands and began to gently explore Sanzo's body in ways he never would have thought the man would allow. Sanzo said nothing to halt his actions, and he seemed to relax and lose himself in Goku's passion. A slight look of discomfort crossed the monk's face as Goku completed their joining, but it soon melted into a look of overwhelming pleasure. His eyes were screwed shut and he gasped for air, hands twisting the blankets beneath him as the two rocked together as one. Slightly worried over his reaction, Goku paused, and asked huskily, "You okay?"

Sanzo answered by seizing his arms and pulling him down for a kiss. The monk sucked on Goku's lower lip until the younger man pulled back and began to rock again. Goku was consumed by the intense heat coursing through his body, unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He lost himself, knowing nothing except for the pleasure thrumming through him. He heard himself call out Sanzo's name, heard the call answered with his own name. His passion built to a fever pitch. Flashes of light blinded his vision, and he shut his eyes against them, only to have them appear even more vividly in the blackness.

It felt as though hours of extreme pleasure had passed when Sanzo finally hit his peak and cried out, head slamming back onto the bed. Goku moaned Sanzo's name only moments later and froze, locked into position as his whole body shook. They stayed that way until the trembling had slowed, and then he collapsed next to the blonde. Still breathing heavily, Goku pulled himself closer to Sanzo, snuggling into the welcoming embrace. Sanzo wrapped an arm around him and held him close as Goku placed an exhausted kiss on his neck. He wished, just for a moment, that it did not have to end, that they could lie here forever.

Only a short time passed, however, before Goku's stomach reminded him that given all the energy he had put out, he had not eaten in a long time. He was still hesitant about seeing Gojyo and Hakkai, but Sanzo's physical reassurance of how much he cared bolstered Goku's flagging confidence. He was ready now. Rising up on one elbow, Goku kissed Sanzo lightly on the lips.

The monk looked at him, and asked quietly, "Feeling better?"

Goku smiled. "Much."

"Good. Think we can actually make it downstairs this time?" The sarcasm was apparent, but not biting.

"I don't know," Goku teased. "It depends on whether you can make it past me to the door."

Sanzo was exasperated. "Enough already."

Goku laughed. "I didn't hear you complaining a few minutes ago."

Sanzo growled and lightly smacked him on the head. "Go get dressed and leave me in peace!"

"I'm going, I'm going." Ready for the meal waiting downstairs, Goku scrambled into his clothes, and stood patiently by the door as Sanzo dressed. Practically bursting with impatience now, he threw open the door and scampered out, Sanzo following behind, shaking his head in exasperation.


Gojyo glanced at the dining room's entrance for the tenth time in five minutes. "Damn it, I'm not waiting any longer! We have no idea if they're even coming down for lunch and I'm hungry!"

His companion laughed. "Well, I guess we could go ahead and order. I'm really surprised Goku's appetite hasn't driven them down here by now."

The redhead could not suppress a leer. "I guess his appetite for something else was a little stronger."

Hakkai blushed a little at the insinuation. "You don't know that. They had a lot to work out, and they both needed more sleep."

"Yeah, sure. Sleeping. There is no way you really slept through all that noise this morning. I knew Goku could get pretty loud, but damn… I think the next town heard him screaming Sanzo's name."

"Not so loud." Hakkai glanced around, making sure they were still alone. "Say that in front of Sanzo and he'll shoot you. And don't assume I'm going to stop him if you do something stupid." His voice was stern, but there was a twinkle in his eye.

Gojyo glanced over his shoulder guiltily. "Yeah, yeah, I know." Suddenly becoming serious, he propped his head on his hands, elbows resting on the table. "I'm not going to tease Goku about this. I told him I wouldn't. I'm glad for him. He deserves some happiness, even if it is with the damn monk." Hakkai gave him a severe look, and he squirmed a little. "Okay, Okay. I'm happy for Sanzo too. Took him long enough to see what was right in front of him. Maybe he'll be a little less trigger happy now that he's getting some."

Hakkai laughed again. "Don't count on it. He's still Sanzo."

Gojyo was downcast. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

It was Hakkai's turn to become serious. "I hope Goku's feeling better, at least. He was so depressed when he woke up. He looked better when I… happened upon them outside, but still, I'm worried about him."

Just then, Goku ran in the door, looking around wildly and skidding slightly as he changed directions and headed towards their table. Sanzo followed at a more leisurely pace, trying unsuccessfully to appear as if he was not with the overactive young man, just headed in the same direction. It would have worked if his eyes had not followed Goku's every move, the faintest smile gracing his features.

Gojyo tilted his head in Hakkai's direction as he watched Goku head their way. "I'd say he's feeling better." When Goku plopped into the chair beside him, Gojyo tossed the younger man a grin. "Hey there monkey boy! How ya feeling?"

He was dismayed to see a shadow briefly cross Goku's face before the young man answered, his enthusiasm subdued. "I'm good. But… what about you guys? Are you… okay?"

Gojyo had to lean in as the words trailed off. He exchanged a glance with Hakkai, and they silently debated who should answer. The half-breed accepted the push he was given, and turned his eyes back to Goku just in time to see Sanzo squeeze the young youkai's arm reassuringly as he sat down. The action startled him into silence for a moment; it was not something he would have expected to see in public from the normally reserved monk. Damn, things must have gone really well for them. A sharp poke in the side made him start. They were all looking at him, wondering at his silence, Sanzo's face drawing into a scowl.

"Oh… sorry… Got distracted for a moment… Pretty girl over there, ya know?" He grinned, hoping the lie would suffice. The monk's expression did not change, and Gojyo hurried to continue. "Anyway, stop worrying, Goku. We're fine! Just dandy in fact, thanks to the extra day of rest granted to us by our exalted Sanzo-sama." While Sanzo's scowl had retreated as he spoke, it now came back in full force, and Gojyo smirked at him. He could not pass up a chance to rag the man and opened his mouth to say something else that would probably get him hit, but was stopped by a hard stomp on his foot. Gojyo narrowed his eyes at Hakkai, but was distracted by the healer nodding his head towards Goku.

The young man was sitting with head bowed and shoulders tight, eyes shadowed by his bangs. Apparently Gojyo's flip answer had not made him feel better. Mentally smacking himself for his thoughtlessness, the redhead slid his chair next to Goku's, slinging an arm lightly around the younger man's shoulders. "Hey saru, really, we're good. You healed everything a good night's rest couldn't take care of."

Goku hesitantly met his eyes, and Gojyo smiled at him. Lowering his voice to reach only the young youkai's ears, he reassured him as best he could. "We were more worried about you. Gave us quite the scare. We don't blame you, so don't blame yourself. No harm done. Actually, I'd say some definite good came out of this." Gojyo looked past Goku's shoulder and the golden eyes followed his gaze. Sanzo was watching Goku, a concerned expression on his face. As soon as he realized they were looking at him, he turned away to converse with Hakkai, but not before they both caught sight of the slight blush staining his cheeks.

Goku turned back to Gojyo and they grinned at each other. "Yeah, guess you're right for once, kappa."

Gojyo was relieved by his companion's lifting spirits, and fell into their usual game as he returned to his place. "For once? What the hell do you mean by that? I'm always right! You just don't know enough to realize it, saru."

Slugging him in the shoulder, Goku retorted, "You wish! And don't call me that, kappa!" He stood up, towering over Gojyo in his seated position.

Standing up as well, Gojyo leaned over the boy. "Don't make me beat my rightness into you, monkey boy!"

"I told you not to call me that, water sprite!" Goku was almost yelling now, and as they faced off, inches from each other, Gojyo realized how good it felt to have Goku back to himself.

Their arguing was interrupted by a quiet click, a sound they both recognized. Freezing, they turned in unison to look at Sanzo. He was looking away, arms folded across his chest, but Gojyo could see the gun barrel pointing directly at their heads from the monk's uppermost hand. The half-breed caught Goku's eye and they sat down quietly.

The ensuing silence was broken by a restrained chuckle. Hakkai had one hand over his mouth, trying to hold in his laughter, and not doing a very good job of it. Sanzo glared at him, while Gojyo and Goku met his eyes, trying to suppress their own snickers. The pressure of their combined gazes was too much for Hakkai, and he laughed out loud. "I'm sorry," he said between gasps, "I'm just glad everything is back to normal."

Gojyo and Goku could not help joining in, the tension of the past week swept away by the laughter. Sanzo did not laugh, but the smile he tried to hide was evident to all.




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