Hawkgirl glanced nervously at her watch. It was 10:00pm! "I told her to be here at 9:30!" She whispered to herself.

Diana scurried down the busy New York street. She was wearing black jeans and a purple turtleneck sweater. Over them, she wore a black leather jacket and a scarf that matched the color of her sweater. "She told me to meet her half an hour ago!" Diana scolded herself as she moved more quickly through the crowd. Diana finally reached the bar that she was supposed to meet Hawkgirl at! She entered the building and scanned the area for her friend. She saw Hawkgirl almost immediately. The wings made it kind of hard for her to miss! Hawkgirl was wearing jeans and an orange sweater that accented her red hair perfectly! Her mask had been removed, as it always was when they went out. Diana smiled. "I'll give her this." She thought. "She DOES clean up well!" Diana smirked as she sat down next to her friend. "Sorry!" She said. "I was kind of... busy." "Life or death situation?" Hawkgirl asked, in an amused tone of voice. "We get a lot of those!" Diana teased. Hawkgirl laughed. "Well aren't WE in a good mood!" Hawkgirl continued to smile. "Diana the most... AMAZING thing just happened!" Diana leaned forward in her chair slightly, waiting for her friend to continue. "John and I... we..." "You what?" Diana smirked. "Well, first we just talked! And you know how you and I were talking before about why it could never work out..." "Wait a second here!" Diana interrupted. "That was ALL you! I NEVER said that it couldn't work out!" "Yeah ok fine!" Hawkgirl dismissed Diana' comment. "So I told him ALL of my reasons why it wouldn't work out and he disproved ALL of them! And then we talked some more. And then we kissed!" Diana's grin widened as her friend went on. "And it just felt SO perfect! And..." She stopped to catch her breath. Diana chuckled. "You sound happy!" "I am! And its weird, because, I've been thinking about this for weeks! What's going to happen... How's it going to work out... And now that's it out there... Now that he knows how I feel... I just feel SO MUCH better!" Diana's smiled faded a bit. "Must be nice." She whispered, to herself mostly. "What?" Diana snapped her head up as if snapping out of a trance. "Nothing!" She assured her friend. "I'm sure its nothing..." Hawkgirl was about to press the issue when the bartender turned up the television that was hanging in the corner of the bar. The news reporter began to speak. "In other news... The Two-face and the Riddler, both of whom recently escaped from Arkum, were apprehended earlier this evening by the Batman! The no details at this moment as to what the pair was up to, but we could only imagine that Batman, saved us all once again..." "Alright Batman!" Hawkgirl smiled, she got a kick out of hearing news like this about her friends. "Yeah." Diana whispered, placing her glass to her lips. Her voice was distant. "Way to go, Bats."