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With Angel's Love

Prologue: A Sword Called Songhai

A demon with silver hair sat on a stone bench, a young woman dressed in a light pink kimono with armor over it by his side. He smiled down at her, and she smiled back. She rested her head on his shoulder, and a moment later, a young man walked into the room, ashes on his face, carrying a sword wrapped in white linen.

"Your new sword, Lord Sesshomaru," he said, handing out the sword. Sesshomaru stood, taking it from him. As the demon unwrapped it, the man who had apparently forged it smiled. "Songhai, forged of a phoenix's talon, engraved with runes of fire," he instructed. Sesshomaru nodded, staring at the fiery-red blade with a golden sheen. The young woman, who of course, was Gina, also looked at the exquisite sword, polished so finely that she could see her own reflection.

The reason that Sesshomaru was receiving this new blade was that his old sword, Tokijin, was a sword forged out of wickedness, and therefore he could no longer wield it, since he was now an archangel of sorts. And of course, being that the woman he loved was treasured among them, the heavenly sword smith Vaul had agreed to forge him a new one. It had been only a two weeks, but during that time, Gina and Sesshomaru had fallen even deeper in love.

"Vaul…this sword is amazing…" Gina said in awe. The forger nodded. "I heard your man was quite a swordsman, so I figured he deserved the best," he replied, giving her a slight wink. A small smirk crossed Sesshomaru's face. "Um…Sesshomaru, Vaul, its kind of smoky in here…I think I'll go get some fresh air," Gina said. With that, she turned around, walking out of the door of the forgery.

"Do you have it?" Sesshomaru asked. Vaul nodded, reaching into the pocket of his grimy lapel, pulling out a small parcel of purple silk. Sesshomaru took it, unfolding it. Inside was a beautiful necklace, a large sapphire at its center. On either side was a silver wing, at the bottom a dragon's tale that snaked across the gem, and atop it was a dragon's head. A large smile crept across Sesshomaru's face. "I did it exactly how you asked with the jewel you gave me," Vaul instructed. The demon simply nodded. "She'll love this," he thought aloud.

Vaul gave a slight laugh. "You thinking you gonna get lucky or something?" he asked sarcastically. Sesshomaru glared at him, which silenced the sword smith. "Is there a scabbard for my sword or do I have to make one myself?" the demon asked, slipping the jewelry into a small pouch on his belt. By the time he was done, Vaul had returned with a polished black scabbard with rubies in the shape of fire runes inlaid in it. Sesshomaru took it, happily sliding Songhai into it. Vaul turned and began to talk away, seeing that his customer was satisfied, but then stopped. "Oh, yeah, Sesshomaru," he started. Before the demon walked away, he looked back, seeing the profile of Vaul's ash-smudged face.

"Take good care of my baby sister, alright?"

Sesshomaru gave a slight smile. "Don't worry. I'm sure I can take better care of her then you could."