With Angel's Love

Part XV: Failed Revenge

Sesshomaru darted through the forest, a spell of flames making his sword glow red. He growled fiercely, his teeth grinding. Chidori…I smell you and human blood…I'll take my revenge…and do my job of protecting the innocent, Sesshomaru thought angrily. He ran as fast as his legs would carry him until he reached the gates of the city. It was certain, the demoness known as Chidori had struck here, and if she had yet to accomplish it, she would slaughter everyone there.

As he came to the flaming gate, he looked behind him. "Gina…please don't follow me this time…" he thought aloud. He feared that he may, well, he expected that he would have to do some things that she would definitely not like. He raised his blade, and flames grew around it. With one quick sweep, he set the gate ablaze, and it quickly fell. It was only a matter of time until he found his target.

In the middle of the ruined village stood a young woman, with a mutilated body at her feet and blood-soaked hands. She had long, purplish blue hair that hung limply to her hips, with green beads woven through it. Her skin was a light purple, complimenting her hair, as did her ice-colored eyes. She was dressed in fine furs, which seemed to have escaped the spatter of blood. She looked up, growling menacingly, but smiling slightly as she saw the other dead bodies. "Do you see, miserable humans, what you get when you disrespect the Lady Chidori?" she asked, a small chuckle escaping her throat.

She sniffed the air, picking up one familiar scent. "No…it can't be…Lord Sesshomaru!" As soon as she spoke these words, a blast of fire shot toward her. The demoness dodged it easily, and her claws began to glow red. "Who dares to…" she paused when she looked up, her eyes meeting the amber orbs of her attacker. "Sesshomaru…it is you!"

Before striking her with his blade, he stopped and jumped to the ground, giving her a killing stare. "How dare you take joy in my presence," he hissed cynically. Chidori eyed him strangely. "Love…why should I not?" she asked, sounding quite confused. Sesshomaru was nearly floored by this statement. "Just what the hell do you think you're doing!?" he demanded through gritted teeth. Chidori looked hurt. "Why are you speaking like this, milord?" she asked again.

Sesshomaru's grip on his sword tightened to the point that he wouldn't be surprised if its hilt snapped. "Damn you, Chidori! How dare you act as though nothing happened in our past!" he yelled. The demoness looked down, her expression ashamed. "Lord Sesshomaru…that was all a mistake…you must forgive me. I beg of your forgiveness," she replied somberly. Her dry words did not reach him. "You call that begging?" he growled. Biting her lip, Chidori sank to her knees, and then groveled a few feet before him, a tear running down her cheek. "Sesshomaru, please…I beg of you…please, forgive me…" she pleaded.

Chidori's groveling had absolutely no effect on Sesshomaru. It was like he had transformed into stone, her pleas unheard by his ears. He then raised his sword, preparing to decapitate her. "Stealing my heart and then running off with my best friend! How dare you think groveling at my feet could ever make up for putting me through that! I've been waiting to take your life…you're only alive now because you had already left Tenchi when I killed him!" Chidori shivered at his words, then gazed up into his furious, golden eyes.

"No…Sesshomaru…please, don't do this…" she begged. He chuckled cynically at her, readying to drop his blade on her neck. "I am going to enjoy every second of this…" Just as he was about to cut off her head, when a glowing javelin shot from nowhere, catching his sword and knocking it from his hand. As the two weapons clanged to the ground, he looked up, and saw Gina, her hagoromo hovering above her shoulders, and a sharp look on her face. "I told you not to follow me!" he growled angrily. But Gina quickly fell to her knees, gripping her stomach, whimpering in pain. Sesshomaru's expression softened, and he rushed over to her.

"Gina…are you alright?" he asked worriedly. She smiled up weakly at him, and then nodded slightly. Sesshomaru scooped his young mate up into his arms, but did not move further. He saw Selene, Azrael, Arthas, and Vaul standing on the bluff that Gina had come from, all of them watching Chidori intently. "Who is she?" Vaul asked, his eyes not leaving lavender-skinned woman.

Sesshomaru scowled up at him, holding a barely aware Gina in his arms. "She's nothing," he growled. "How dare you call me nothing…" Chidori hissed at him. Vaul gave the slightest chuckle. "Exactly what I'd like to know," Gina growled, tugging on his sleeve, "Just who is she?" Sesshomaru's brow furrowed. Now he was cornered. He'd have to explain everything.