To Melt a Heart of Ice

Disclaimer: I'm not doing this for profit or anything; Ranma rightfully belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.

*This takes place the day after the failed wedding.

Chapter 1 - Melted

~Ranma POV~

I had thought that after I confessed everything would be resolved. Boy was I wrong.

The wedding was a disaster. I thought Nabiki was at least thoughtful, but she was the one who invited Shampoo, Ukyo, Kuno, Kodachi, and anyone you could call troublesome. Then again I feel happy and relieved, yet.... sad...

~Normal POV~ Akane was sitting in her room thinking about the failed wedding. She really DID want to get married. Of course, her heartless sister had to invite those BIMBOS to the wedding! They came and bombed the place, literally!! 'Who'd have thought you could put explosives in food! I'm going to talk to Nabiki about this.'

On the verge of tears, Nabiki sat alone on the rock near the koi pond. 'What have I done...I ruined my sisters' wedding because I was jealous and overreacting all because they had decided to have the wedding on my birthday.' Nabiki's mind had then wondered off, thinking about how to apologize to Ranma.

Nabiki, making a decision, had decided to say sorry as soon as possible. Walking up to Ranma's door, she knocked.

"Go away," a female voice had cried.

'Geez...he must take the "guys don't cry" thing seriously,' thought Nabiki. "Ranma, I just want to talk." Nabiki said aloud.

"What, now you want me to pay for your services of ruining the wedding?"

"No....I....just want to talk..." She said in a sad voice.

Even though it was Nabiki, Ranma did NOT want to see ANYONE crying. So she (A.N. when Ranma is a girl I'll refer to him as a she or Ranma-chan) had opened the door.

Nabiki muttered under her breath, "Ranma...I......I'm sorry..."

"Sorry?!" she said, outraged. "Sorry!? Is that all you can say?! You invite those...those sluts! And ruin my wedding, and all you can say is sorry?!" "Well Nabiki, sorry doesn't cut."

"I thought you didn't want the wedding...and I just wanted to be friends..."

"Friends! Like I would want to be your friend." "You've been selling countless pictures of me and who knows what else. That's not something a _FRIEND_ would do. No wonder you don't have friends. Who would want to be friends with a cold hearted bitch anyway?" At that, Ranma-chan shut the door. Unbeknownst to the boy-turned girl, a pair of dark beady eyes was watching.

By now, Nabiki was sobbing. The words had sunken in like Akane in water. 'Ranma was right. Who would want to be friends with a coldhearted bitch?' At that thought, she ran out of the house and went off to anywhere fate would lead her.

A few hours later, no one had heard of or seen Nabiki. Worried, a few had gathered for a search. Some though, had refused, saying it was good riddance. That, of course, led to a trip on the Akane Airlines to LEO (A.N. Lower Earth Orbit).

The Tendo sisters knew better. They knew Nabiki turned heartless only after their mother had died. It seemed that she was the one who took it the hardest. She had retreated into her own shell, void of emotions; thus the "Ice Queen" was born.

"Nabiki! Where are you!?" Ranma was becoming angry with herself. Regret was rearing its ugly head. 'Who would want to be friends with a cold hearted bitch anyway?' The words played over and over in her mind. 'I guess all the stress of the past year just finally exploded and I took it all out on Nabiki. What have I done?' Shaking away her thoughts, she continued her search.

Nabiki had a heavy feeling in her heart. The feeling was one of pain. To end it she had taken along a tanto blade. Holding it over her heart, she started its descent, only to be stopped by a strong hand.

"What do you think your doing Nabiki?" a familiar soprano voice had said.

Looking at Ranma-chan for a moment, she said something in an almost inaudible whisper, "Ending the pain, that's what."


"Because I....I"

"Spit it out!" Ranma-chan yelled, somewhat surprised at her own outburst.

"I love you dammit!" The volume and words of Nabiki had almost toppled Ranma-chan over. "And I was jealous of Akane. I was also angry that the wedding was set up on _my_ birthday......Do you know how it feels to have someone forget your birthday?! Do you know how it feels to see even your own family forget!!?"

Ranma-chan was in shock. Unfortunately, Nabiki had picked that moment to stab herself in the stomach. "Nabiki!!"

Nabiki slumped forward, forming a dark pool under her, staining the grass they were on.


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