To Melt a Heart of Ice

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Sorry, but before you read, to answer a person's question, Ranma did not stop Nabiki because he was in a way paralyzed when Nabiki confessed to him. I mean, wouldn't you hesitate when a person you swore did not like you suddenly have an outburst?

Ok...and with the story

Chapter 2 – Conflicts and Problems

Nabiki groaned as she sat up, trying to shake off the feeling of nausea. Her memories were scattered. Then words fell into her head. Words she wanted to block out.

'Who would want to be friends with a cold hearted bitch anyway?' Ranma's words caused a jolt to her heart. (A/n – And so starts the "dramatic" repeat of words) Immediately, she tried to think of something else.
"Did he really mean that?" she said, more to herself than anything. Oddly she had heard an echo of herself. "Hello?" Again, she heard an echo. Finally she took notice of her surroundings.
She was in a dark void that seemed to be sucking all the warmth from her. Shivering, she analyzed her surrounding a bit more. The area was deprived of any life forms other than herself, which to her was very disturbing.
Deciding that she did not want to stay in one spot, she started a slow steady pace.

-Outside of Nabiki's mind (At the Tendo Dojo)-

"RRRRAAANNNNMMMAAAA!!!!" Akane's voice pierced the air and footsteps rang through that house as she stomped towards the dojo where Ranma was. "What did you do to my sister?!" Obviously, Akane cared about her family regardless of their faults. Unfortunately for Ranma, she did not seem to care about anyone else.
"I didn't do anything!" he exclaimed.

"Don't lie Ranma, you always cause problems for everyone! And if you didn't do anything, then why is Nabiki in the hospital!" Akane retorted. Anger swelled up inside her and an immense aura of blood red surrounded her.
Ranma flinched inwardly. Never had Ranma seen Akane this upset. Her face was red and contorted in rage, her knuckles white from clenching and unclenching.
"Is that what you think of me?" Akane had to strain her ears to hear his words. "Just a burden who causes problems? Akane let me ask you this. Do you love me?" His eyes were covered by his bangs as he averted his gaze from Akane's; afraid to look into her eyes. A part of him was hoping for a yes; the other wished for the opposite.
The rage that had left her for a second when Ranma started talking seriously came ambushing back and she yelled, "Of course I don't! Why would I like a pervert who hurt my sister?!" At those words, she readied her mallet and was about to make contact with Ranma's skull, when she was suddenly cut by chips of wood from her mallet, which now lay in splinters on the ground.
'How DARE he do that! I'll KILL him!!' That thought was lost after her next action.
Looking up from the position she had formed to protect her face from getting cut by the splinters; Akane saw Ranma, his blue-grey eyes seem to bore into her soul. Anger was evident.
On the outside, Akane was struggling to keep on a hard expression; on the inside Akane was scared as hell.


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