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For the next few days, Harry didn't even consider going over to Snape Manor, and Draco soon stopped trying to convince him to, settling for coming over to the Lighthouse instead until Snape came to his senses.

Of course, aside from Harry's reluctance to see the Potions master, the Gryffindor acted as if nothing had even happened. He didn't tell anyone about it, especially not Sirius. He didn't want to cause trouble between the two rivals, and Harry was well aware that they both had hot tempers.

He occupied his mind with light things to keep his mind off of what had happened. He plotted against the Weasley boys with Ginny, contacting Kota and Hermione for help. He played Quidditch with the Weasleys, on a borrowed broom. He tried to train Buckbeak to sit (which soon proved to be a hopeless endeavor), anything to avoid thinking of Snape yelling at him. He cursed himself for letting it bother him so much, but it did bother him.

The humiliation and the pain that came from thinking Snape had liked him and being proved otherwise struck deep. But it was best not to think of such things, and so Harry did his best to push them out of his mind.

"Oh you're here!" Mrs. Stenson exclaimed in surprise as the Weasleys walked into the room.

"I know we're a bit early," Mr. Weasley started apologetically as his children finished coming through.

"Oh don't worry one bit, come on in. Never thought I'd be having guests arrive through the fireplace," she said with a smile.

She motioned them all forward into the living room. The six Weasleys looked around with undisguised awe at all the Muggle gadgets. Mrs. Stenson chuckled.

"I think Rick and Kota are planning to give you all a demonstration of how all this stuff works later. I was going to have Kota and Harry run to the store for some groceries, but Harry said you might want to go to see all the…er…Muggle things," she said with a grin.

Mr. Weasley looked very excited at the prospect.

"So that's where Muggles do their food shopping? Fascinating," he said in awe.

The twins rolled their eyes.

"Well, Remus and Rick are outside chatting. Harry, Kota, and Sirius are in the kitchen. They're supposed to be doing dishes since they made a royal disaster in the kitchen earlier, but it's been a bit difficult to get them to concentrate on the task," she said with a roll of the eyes as she led them to the kitchen. She opened the door and gestured inside to make her point.

The radio was playing quite loudly. There were still dirty dishes near the sink which seemed to be covered in dark brown goo. The three occupants of the kitchen hadn't noticed that anyone was watching. Harry and Kota were rubbing dish soap all over their hands and blowing huge bubbles through their fingers and then trying to hold them in their hands. They were all singing along to the chorus of the song and would intermittently pick up spatulas or spoons and dramatically belt the lyrics into them as if the objects were microphones.

The two teenagers watched with glee as Sirius joked around with some very extravagant dancing, still not noticing the small audience at the door. They laughed as Sirius jumped away from the sink and began tangoing with a cookie sheet. Harry spun around to face him singing loudly into a spatula and froze as he saw the Weasleys in the doorway.

Kota hadn't yet noticed and began doing exaggerated disco moves.

"Er…Sirius?" Harry said with an embarrassed grin. Sirius ignored him and brought the cookie sheet into a dip.

Harry nudged Kota and she slowly turned around with her arm stuck out in front of her holding a plate in some strange mock-disco move. When she caught sight of the Weasleys she shrieked and dropped the plate, which clattered on the ground.

Sirius's head shot up and followed their gaze. In seeing all the laughing redheads, he immediately straightened up and with a God-help-me grin, took a deep bow. The Weasleys all clapped appreciatively and the twins called for an encore. Kota and Harry both groaned in mortification but soon joined them in laughing. The Muggle girl walked over and turned down the music on the radio.

"So, why didn't you two pull those moves at the ball?" George asked with a grin.

"We save them for special occasions," Kota responded with a smirk. "We only bring them out when we feel like embarrassing ourselves shamelessly."

"And whenever we feel like procrastinating doing any actual chores," Harry added, gesturing toward the dishes.

"So do you want to come shopping for food with Harry and I?" she asked excitedly. "There are tons of Muggles there, Mr. Weasley," she added enticingly.

Mr. Weasley chuckled. "Am I really that predictable?"

"Unfortunately so, Dad," George said clapping a hand onto his father's back.

"That's not a bad thing," Hermione protested. Harry and Ron caught each other's eye and grinned. Whenever Hermione had her nose stuck in a book or announced that she was off to the library, the two accused her of being predictable.

"Well, thank you Hermione. At least somebody's standing up for me."

"Well, anyone who is brave enough to ride in the car with me behind the wheel can come to the grocery store," Kota announced. "We can take the SUV."

All the Weasley children announced that they were in, along with Hermione and Mr. Weasley.

"And what about the dishes?" Mrs. Stenson asked, gesturing at the pile of dirty ones next to the sink. Mrs. Weasley pointed her wand at the mess, muttered something and the dishes began washing themselves.

"I need to learn that one," Sirius muttered.

Harry and Kota quickly rinsed the soap off their hands. Kota got the grocery list and credit card from her mother and they all went out to the driveway and hopped in the car, with Kota in the driver's seat and Mr. Weasley next to her, the rest of the kids in the back.

"I can't believe you can drive!" Ginny exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's so wicked!" George added. "We've driven a flying car before, but then Ron and Harry lost it." The two boys grinned guiltily. "Of course, it was easier to drive, because you didn't have to really worry about hitting anything except for birds." Kota grinned into the rearview mirror as they drove along.

"Harry can drive a bit as well. I started teaching him last winter," she said with a giggle. "Right Harry?"

"Yeah, it didn't go over too well," Harry admitted with a sheepish grin. "But it wasn't my fault," he said firmly.

"Yes it was. You were the one who started joking about that van in the parking lot having a masked murderer inside in the middle of the night."

"Yeah, but you were the one who thought you actually saw a person coming out of it," he reminded her. His voice turned into a mimic of Kota. "Harry, I think I saw someone! He's coming! He's going to chop our heads off with an axe!"

"Oh like you weren't scared Mr. 'Oh my God! Get us out of here! How do you drive this thing?!'" Kota said, now mimicking Harry. The rest of the car was now laughing at the story.

"Maybe we should hear the story from the beginning," Hermione suggested.

Kota chuckled. "Well, I decided to teach Harry how to drive, but since he doesn't have a license, it's a bit, er…"

"Illegal?" Harry volunteered.

"Yeah. So we decided to go to a deserted parking lot in the middle of the night to avoid the police and other things that Harry might run over."

"Hey!" Harry interrupted indignantly. Kota ignored him.

"So I drove there and then we switched seats and I started explaining what different things were, and just because I was slightly teasing Harry…"

"Slightly teasing? 'Okay Harry, this is what they call a mirror. You look in it and see things behind you. Can you say mirror? Mir-ror,'" Harry scoffed.

"Hey, it was funny. Anyways, our dear dark-haired friend thought it would be amusing to point out a creepy-looking van that was parked sort of near us. One of the street lights was sort of flickery and we kind of let our imaginations run away with us…"

"I just mentioned that it was probably a serial killer's and that the murderer had most likely crept up to the car already and was crouching right outside one of our doors. Only then does she inform me that her locks don't work from the inside," Harry explained.

"And we could have gotten out of there but Harry wouldn't switch seats with me so we could drive," said Kota. Harry gaped at her incredulously.

"That's because you wanted me to get out of the car and run around while you slid over! You wanted to sacrifice me to the killer!"

"You know what Harry? Sometimes you just gotta take one for the team," said Kota. Everybody laughed.

"So then what happened?" Ron asked curiously. Harry blushed slightly.

"Er…well then we heard a small crash, probably from a cat knocking something over, but Harry freaked," Kota explained.

"I freaked?? YOU freaked!!"

"It was a group freakage, all right?" Kota exclaimed with a glare back to Harry in the rearview mirror.

"Well you were the one who grabbed the wheel and started screaming at the top of your lungs for me to step on the gas," said Harry, indignantly.

"Well you were the one who listened to me! And I never meant for you to step on the gas so hard. Besides, then you tried to grab the wheel from me," Kota reminded him.

"That's because you were looking behind us while you were steering!"

"Somehow this doesn't sound like it would be all that safe," Mr. Weasley piped in.

"Oh it was fine," Harry said nonchalantly, "until we hit the tree," he added sheepishly.

"Not hard, just a scratch," Kota added. "Just don't mention it to my parents because they think a really aggressive jogger swiped it or something."

Finally they arrived and piled out of the car.

The Weasleys were amazed when the automatic doors opened, revealing a Muggle-wonderland inside. Kota, Harry, and Hermione exchanged grins as the redheads looked about in wonder.

Kota steered the basket down the first isle.

"Alright, Harry, grab some bread," Kota instructed him. The two of them were familiar with the supermarket and therefore decided to take over the actual shopping themselves, especially since the Weasleys were busy gaping and giggling at all things Muggle.

"Bread…check," Harry announced as he set a loaf into the cart.

"Harry what is that line for?" Mr. Weasley asked eagerly.

"That's the pharmacy. It's where you get medicine. They're mostly pills though, not potions," he explained as he grabbed some milk and put it in the cart.

"Amazing, just amazing," the adult Weasley muttered.

Ron came up to him chuckling. "Harry look, that man's talking to himself!" he said quietly.

Harry grinned when he saw the man Ron was talking about.

"No he's not," Hermione cut in, "he has an ear and mouth piece attached to his cell phone. See that wire? He's listening to the person through the thing in his ear and talking back to them through that part near his mouth," she explained.

Ron looked at the wire in wonder. "Seriously? Woah. That's brilliant!"

"Genius!" said Fred, who had been listening. He ran over to tell his dad and George that the man wasn't actually schizophrenic. Ron and Ginny were caught up eavesdropping on two teenage boys arguing over rides at a theme park.

Hermione and Kota went down an aisle, chatting about Muggle songs, while Harry was sent down the next aisle to grab some tomato sauce. He was looking for the brand Kota had told him to get when he heard a familiar voice that caused him to freeze.

"No Dudders, honey, sweetie. We can't get magazines all the time. They cost a lot of money," came a sickly sweet voice.

Harry's head shot up and sure enough, he saw Dudley whining and stomping his foot as he held a pile of magazines out to Aunt Petunia, who was wearing a rather large hat.

Harry quickly whipped around so his back was facing his former family. He briskly walked out of the aisle and quickly found Hermione and Kota in the next one.

"Could you find the sauce?" Kota asked when she saw him empty-handed.

"Is something the matter?" Hermione asked in seeing his expression.

"Erm…can we go?" he asked.

"Sure, as soon as we finish getting the groceries," Kota said with a bit of a confused expression.

"No, I mean, now. Can we go now?" he pleaded, looking over his shoulder.

"Harry, what's the matter?" Hermione asked worriedly. Harry opened his mouth to speak but froze, looking past the girls' shoulders.

"You!" Aunt Petunia spat as she caught sight of him. The two girls whipped around to face Harry's relatives. Dudley and Kota glared at each other intensely.

"Hey fatty, found any friends yet besides my pathetic cousin or are you just too much of a loser to find anyone else?" Dudley sneered at Kota.

"Hey asshole, beat up any little kids lately, or are you too busy doing drugs in the alley?" Kota retorted. Dudley's eyes widened momentarily and he snuck a quick glance at his mother. Lucky for him, his mum wasn't paying attention, but was glaring at Harry with intense hatred.

"What are you doing back here you little freak?" she hissed at Harry. Hermione's jaw dropped, but nobody noticed.

"I wasn't aware you owned the place," Harry said defiantly. Without his uncle there, the other two didn't scare him.

"You are not welcome in this neighborhood," she said with a scowl.

"Oh yes he is," Kota said. "He's staying with us and there's nothing you can do about it."

"Are you so sure about that missy?" Aunt Petunia asked ominously. Hermione decided that this was getting too out of hand and ran to get Mr. Weasley.

"Don't missy me. Why don't you go complain about it to your husband, or do they allow prison visits for child abusers?"

Aunt Petunia's eyebrow shot up and Dudley opened his mouth to say something, but stopped when his mother quickly whispered something into his ear.

"Oh that's really mature, let's all tell secrets to each other. We're really jealous I'm sure," Kota said patronizingly.

Aunt Petunia shot Harry an evil look. "Oh Harry deserved everything he got," she leaned close to him and hissed in his face, "and everything he's going to get."

Harry looked at her in confusion. "What's that supposed to mean?" he snapped.

"It means that nasty little things like you always get their comeuppance," she said threateningly.

"Yeah, better watch your back, Harry," Dudley said wickedly.

"Better watch your weight, Dudley," Harry retorted.

"Listen boy, the fact that you are even alive is an abomination and a curse," Aunt Petunia spat. "Your death was a punishment from God for being such a little freak with all your witchcraft. It was a gift to us for having to put up with you for so long! And whatever brought you back was the work of evil."

Harry glared daggers at his aunt. Why she was going on about all this religious stuff was beyond him since she wasn't religious, but his aunt seemed firm in her beliefs about this.

He didn't realize that Hermione had returned with the Weasleys until a hand was placed on his shoulder. He looked up to see Mr. Weasley standing next to him, looking furious. Aunt Petunia looked up in surprise and jumped with a shriek. Dudley paled in seeing the Weasley boys, remembering the Ton Tongue Toffee incident quite clearly.

"Get out," Mr. Weasley growled, fuming. "Get out of this store right now before I hex you so hard your ancestors will feel it."

His children and Harry looked at him in surprise, never having seen him so angry.

Aunt Petunia stuck her nose up in the air and glared at the entourage in front of her.

"Come along, Dudley. We'll come back when there's no filth dirtying up the place," she said snootily.

Dudley sneered at Harry and Kota, the latter who stuck her middle finger up at him.

"You'll be sorry, boy, for everything you've done to ruin my family," Aunt Petunia said maliciously before grabbing Dudley's hand and hurriedly leading him away.

Ron grabbed a can from the shelf and made to chuck it at Harry's aunt's head, but Harry stopped him.

"Don't, Ron, it's not worth it," he said with a sigh. He turned back to Kota. "Right, then, I'm going to go find that sauce."

He briskly walked off. Hermione gestured for Ron to stay there and jogged off after him.

The rest looked at each other with grim expressions.

"Well, let's not let it ruin our night," Mr. Weasley said with some effort to get the anger out of his voice. "Let's finish up the shopping and get back."

Hermione caught up with Harry in the next aisle.

"Hey, 'Mione, do you remember if Kota wanted Original or Chunky?" he asked, holding up two jars.

"Harry," she said softly, "are you alright?"

"Of course," Harry said brightly, though his smile didn't reach his eyes. "It doesn't bother me, really."


"Seriously, 'Mione, it's fine," he said firmly, avoiding her eyes.

"I didn't know your aunt was so horrible," she said apologetically.

"Yeah, well, she is, okay? Just drop it!" he snapped. He winced at how mean he had sounded. "I'm sorry, Hermione, I didn't mean to snap at you."

Hermione smiled at him comfortingly. "Ah, I think I can let it slide."

She pulled Harry into a hug. "Don't listen to her, Harry. You're the best."

Harry pulled away and rolled his eyes with a laugh. "Oh Merlin, don't get all mushy on me, 'Mione."

Hermione ruffled his hair playfully.

"Hey!" he cried indignantly. "It's messy enough, thank you. Now, which one," he asked, holding up the two jars. She picked out Original and walked with Harry back to Kota, who had the basket.

They finished up the shopping quickly and stood in the long line at the check out.

"So, guys, tonight, we're watching a scary movie," Kota said excitedly, trying to get the focus off of what happened earlier. Harry, Ginny, and Hermione exchanged a knowing look.

Fred, George, and Ron rolled their eyes.

"Is this one as scary as the one that freaked out wittle Hawwy and Ginnygins so bad?" Fred teased.

"Not quite. Deathwish, the movie that Harry and Ginny saw, was scarier, I would say, though this one's a close second," Kota said thoughtfully.

A small group of teenagers in front of them turned around at this.

"You saw that movie?" one asked incredulously. "Wait, which ones of you saw it?"

Harry, Ginny, and Kota raised their hands slightly.

"Did you actually stay until the end?" a guy asked.

"I didn't, my friends wimped out too quickly," Kota said regretfully.

"Er…we did," Ginny said.

"Oh my God, you're mad. You're absolutely bonkers!" another exclaimed.

"I tried seeing that movie," one guy said, in a haunted tone. "My friends and I were out of there in ten minutes flat."

"I couldn't sleep for three days after just seeing the previews!" another admitted.

"Wow, I can't believe you guys stayed until the end. I don't know anyone who's been able to do that," another said in awe.

"The theatre was significantly emptier at the end," Harry said thoughtfully.

"I made it to the part where the girl's home alone and she looks out the window and the freaky demon-ghost girl thing was standing right outside," Kota said. "I couldn't get near dark windows for two weeks."

"Oh God, what are you doing?" the guy who had started watching it asked, sounding a bit panicked. "You don't bring it up! I've spent a month or so trying to forget the movie!"

"So, what was the scariest part?" a girl asked curiously.

Harry and Ginny exchanged a knowing look.

"Okay, there was this part near the end where the main guy was in his bed at night, and he keeps hearing noises outside his window, but he's too scared to go see what it is," Ginny explained. "So he's staring at the window, and you're sure the ghost girl's going to pop up, so you're already tense, and then, he tells himself he's stupid and turns over in bed, and she's lying right next to him!"

Harry and Ginny both shuddered, remembering the freaky scene.

"Of course," Harry continued, "then he's found hanging from his ceiling fan. That's the scene that really sticks with you, especially in the middle of the night when you find yourself lying there, looking out the window. All of a sudden, you don't want to turn over."

Ron snorted.

"These three," said Kota, gesturing to the three Weasley boys, "have never seen a scary movie, and don't think it's possible for a movie to be scary. We're going to start them out on a nice scary movie called, Night Terrors."

"Ooh, that's evil," one of the girls said with an amused smirk. "You boys have fun!" The group of teenagers laughed knowingly before leaving with their groceries.

"Why did they say you were evil?" George asked. "Is that a really scary one?" he teased, obviously not believing it would be scary at all.

"Well, I'll leave that for you to judge," Kota said with a grin before calling Mr. Weasley over to show him the wonders of using a credit card.


"Okay guys, time for the movie," Kota said with a quick glance at Harry and Hermione. The Weasley parents had left an hour ago, while Remus had made sure to leave well before nightfall, since it was a full moon that night. When they had explained the reason for Remus's early departure to the Stensons, the three had laughed until they realized they were serious, at which point the Muggle family had to once again reform their beliefs.

Now, they were preparing to scare themselves with the scary movie they had decided on.

Harry snuck an evil grin at Ginny who was trying to hold back her excitement.

Kota popped the video into the VCR and Harry flicked off the lights before bringing in the bowl of popcorn. He plopped down on the floor next to Ginny, leaning against the couch. A bunch of hands reached around Harry to grab handfuls of popcorn.

It had taken a great deal of brainstorming to come up with a movie that could have a manageable prank attached to it. As Ginny had made clear, their revenge had to be swift and harsh, something that she could tease them about for years to come. Harry agreed whole-heartedly, remembering the scare they had given him when he had been sleeping on the couch with Ginny a few months earlier. Kota and Hermione had become involved just to see the looks on the three redhead boys' faces and to prove to them that Muggles did, in fact, have enough imagination to make things scary.

The final key player to their plot had been Sirius, who was more than ready to represent the Mauraders as the prank war between he and the twins were starting. He had left with the other wizarding adults, but had immediately Apparated back. Mr. and Mrs. Stenson had set up the guest room for him, since he explained that there should be a trained wizard around for Harry's safety against Death Eaters and such. Of course, everyone had conveniently neglected to relate this fact to Ron, Fred, and George. Sirius was due to sneak downstairs when the movie was over before initiating the prank.

The movie was one that had given Kota nightmares for weeks. It was another supernatural one. When a victim was about to be killed, the power in the house would go out except for the clocks which would turn to the time 11:27, the time when the murderous spirit had been killed long ago. Then the victim would disappear, be taken to the place in the forest where the spirit had been murdered and be killed in the exact same fashion, as discovered later in the movie. It was an incredibly frightening movie, and absolutely perfect for the plan that the four teenagers had formulated.

Harry and Ginny kept sneaking glances at the male redheads during especially frightening parts of the film. Fred and George were trying to disguise their fright, though the occasional jump and their wide eyes betrayed that they really were scared. Ron was engrossed in the film, utterly terrified, clutching Hermione desperately as if she would protect him. The bushy-haired girl was too much of a realist to let the movie affect her too much, allowing her to simply roll her eyes and hold her boyfriend close.

Kota was basking in the delight of already knowing the scary parts, allowing her to giggle each time George jumped at a part. He simply glared at her in return and kept whispering questions to her, begging her to tell him if there was a scary part coming up.

Ginny and Harry had scooted close together for comfort as the movie got increasingly scary. They munched popcorn mechanically, until Ginny accidentally threw the bowl in the air at a pop-out scene, spraying popcorn all over the floor and Harry's lap. Now that she didn't have the popcorn to comfort her, she settled for gripping onto Harry's forearm until his hand began to go numb.

"Er…Gin?" he finally had to whisper, "I can't feel my hand."

Ginny looked down and uncurled her fingers with a sheepish smile. Suddenly, there was a piercing scream on the television and Ginny immediately grabbed Harry's arm again in fright. He chuckled quietly and pried her fingers from his arm, and linked his arm through hers. She hugged his arm tightly through suspenseful parts.

One particular pop-out scene was so terrifying that there was not a single one of them that didn't scream with fright. Ginny buried her face in Harry's shoulder as he grabbed her wrist in fear. Ron scrambled onto Hermione's lap, pulling his legs up off the floor with incredible speed. He wrapped his arms around her neck and buried his face in his shoulder, peeking out at the screen in unbridled terror. Hermione chuckled silently and rubbed her boyfriend's arm reassuringly.

Finally, the movie ended, leaving most of them in a slight shock. It took a second for Harry to remember about the plan, but as he saw Hermione discretely point the remote at the television, he shot a conspiring look at Ginny. He saw the clock move slightly and knew Sirius was in place.

Hermione saw the signal and clicked the power button on the remote, plunging the room into darkness.

"What's going on?" Ron yelled terrified.

"Woah, woah, is it supposed to do that?" Fred asked frantically.

"I don't know what happened, nobody was even near the telly," Kota said in false confusion. They had conveniently failed to mention the existence of remote controls to the Weasley boys.

"It must be a power outage," Hermione said reasonably.

"Oh Merlin…the clock," Ginny said in fake fright, pointing at the digital clock. Sirius, under Harry's invisibility cloak, adjusted the time. The glowing numbers flew by until they landed on 11:27.

Ron began to freak out.

"We're gonna die! We're gonna die!" he shrieked. As Harry's eyes adjusted he saw that he nearly had Hermione in a headlock through his panic.

"Ron, calm down. I'm sure it's nothing," Harry said, purposely sounding unsure of himself.

"Does this ever usually happen with the television and the clock and stuff?" George asked nervously.

"Well, the telly could just be the power, but I don't know about the clock," Kota muttered, biting her lower lip.

"What are we gonna do?" Fred asked shakily. Hermione shook her head.

"Mr. and Mrs. Stenson!" she called. They had previously warned the two parents not to pay attention to the calls, and after being informed of the prank, they had agreed as they rolled their eyes.

"They went out," Kota said quietly.

"They what?" Ron shrieked.

"I forgot to mention it. They went out to the theater and won't be home for a few hours," Kota said, making sure she sounded frightened.

"Maybe it was just the telly that went out. Maybe the lights still work," Harry suggested.

The room was momentarily silent as everyone waited for someone to volunteer to walk across the dark room to the light switch.

"Oh brother. This is ridiculous. We're getting scared over nothing. Ron, get off me. I'll go turn on the lights," Hermione said, trying to push Ron off of her. Ron's eyes went wide.

"No you're not. You'll be killed!" he protested, refusing to budge.

"Don't be ridiculous Ron," she said with a roll of the eyes.

"It's okay. I got it. I'm closest anyway," Harry said, making sure he sounded apprehensive.

"No Harry, don't," Fred said breathlessly.

"It's okay. I'm sure it's nothing," Harry said with an audible deep breath as he started across the room.

As he got three-fourths of the way across the room, he felt a tapping on his shoulder. He gasped dramatically as Sirius threw the invisibility cloak over him with his back facing the others so they wouldn't see him as the cloak was lifted up in the front.

The rest of the kids started screaming in terror as they saw their friend simply disappear. Just as planned, Ginny screamed, "Harry!" before darting out. Harry helped Sirius lift the cloak over her as she let out a piercing scream before Harry cut it off with a hand over her mouth for appropriate sound effects.

The three clasped hands over their mouths to make sure they didn't make a sound as they silently shuffled to the next room. Once they were out of sight from the others, Harry and Ginny slipped out from under the cloak, allowing Sirius to go back into the room to finish the job.

They had to fight giggles as they heard the commotion coming from the next room, complete with dramatic lines from Kota such as, "We're all gonna die!" and "What do you want from us?!"

These lines were cut off as she slipped into position, allowing Sirius to catch her under the cloak.

A moment later, Kota appeared out of thin air next to Ginny, grinning madly.

The only one left was Hermione, who was having a more difficult time getting into position, since Ron refused to let go of her arm.

"Ron let go, I need to destroy the clock. It might the key to everything!" she improvised.

"No, 'Mione!" he cried desperately.

"But maybe if we destroy it, it'll go away!" Hermione insisted.

"I think something just brushed by me!" Fred yelled, backing up into George.

"The clock!" Hermione yelled, trying to yank her arm away from Ron.

In an act of extreme bravery, Ron darted forward and grabbed the clock, ripping the cord from the wall. The glowing numbers flickered off, but when he turned around, Hermione was gone.

"No! 'Mione!" he screamed desperately, racing to where she had just been standing.

Sirius and Hermione appeared from under the cloak, handing it to Harry and Ginny, who slipped under it for the grand finale.

They slipped back into the room as Ron was on his knees screaming out, "What do you want from us?!" as Kota had been shrieking before.

Harry signaled for Ginny to be quiet and spoke in a whispery voice.

"Revenge," he hissed, causing the three boys to jump and huddle together.

"For what? W-we didn't do anything!" George shouted desperately.

"Please, leave us alone, and give us our friends and our sister back," Fred pleaded.

Ginny cupped her hands around her mouth and spoke in a hiss, "Revenge for the picture." She was, of course, referring to the picture the boys had taken of Harry and Ginny asleep on the couch a few months before. Ginny secretly loved the picture, but would never let anyone know that, especially Harry and her brothers.

Harry wrinkled up his nose with silent laughter.

"Picture? What picture?" Ron yelled.

"We don't know what you're talking about!" George insisted.

"And, for jumping out of my closet," Ginny said in the same whispery voice.

All of them froze in confusion.

"We told you we'd get you back," Harry hissed.

Just as the boys were finally beginning to grasp what was going on, Harry and Ginny ripped the cloak off of them screaming, "Rah!" The Weasley boys all jumped back with a scream before realization fully hit them.

The lights flickered on revealing a hysterical Kota and Hermione, with a triumphant Sirius entering behind them.

Ginny and Harry high-fived as the three boys began to look murderous.

"That's what you get for trying to scare us so much about that movie we saw," Ginny informed them.

"That was NOT FUNNY!" Ron yelled, his face turning red now.

Seeing that the prank wasn't going over so well, Sirius slipped away upstairs, hoping the twins wouldn't exact revenge on him.

"Yeah, that was just cruel," said Fred with a bit of a glare.

"Though very imaginative," George said with the appreciation only a prank-player could have.

Fred looked at his twin contemplatively for a second before smirking. "Well, I'll give you that it was a pretty cool act of revenge."

"And you did do very similar things to us," Ginny reminded them.

"I guess we sort of deserved it," George admitted.

"No, you a lot deserved it," Ginny said.

"Okay, well, I don't think I could take that again. Truce?" Fred offered.

George, Harry and Ginny nodded in agreement and the two pairs shook hands. Ron was still mad, his arms crossed as he glared at all those involved in the prank.

"Oh come on Ron, you did the same thing to them, and you have to admit it was kind of funny," Hermione said calmingly.

"No it wasn't. It was mean," Ron said coldly.

Hermione chuckled and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him quickly on the cheek.

"Oh Ron, sometimes you remind me of a little kid, you know," she informed him playfully.

Ron glared at her but she just smiled.

"And you know," she said quietly, "I thought that was very brave how you went for the clock, and very sweet that you wanted to protect me."

"You did?" Ron asked in surprise. Hermione nodded and pulled him into a deep kiss.

"Ugh," Harry, Ginny, Fred and George groaned at the couple. Kota smiled and said it was sweet. The snogging pair ignored them and went into the kitchen for some more privacy.

"It's just so wrong," Ginny said with a shudder. "I may be permanently damaged."

"Ah, you're already permanently damaged," Fred said, knocking on her head.

Harry laughed but immediately shut his mouth as Ginny glared at him. Their gazes held each other's for a bit longer than they had to, and the two suddenly looked away sheepishly so the other didn't think they were staring. The Weasley twins exchanged a knowing glance.

"Well for pranking the unprankable pranksters, I think we need to have a victory dance slash sing-along," Kota declared cheerily. She bounced over to the CD player and put on "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang.

The four laughed, danced, and sang horribly to the songs that Kota played; ones she said were necessary for every person to be familiar with, Muggle or not.

They were soon told to go to bed by Mr. Stenson.

Ginny, with a hand covering her eyes, went into the kitchen and told Hermione to come to bed. The two girls joined up with Kota and went upstairs to sleep in Kota's room, while Ron stumbled out of the kitchen with a goofy grin. He was immediately pelted with pillows to snap him out of it.

The boys all laid out sleeping bags downstairs, though it was too hot to actually get in them. For some odd reason, it seemed that all the parents had agreed that it wasn't a good idea to have the boys stay across the hall from the girls and should remain on separate floors.

The boys lay there chatting after everyone left. Despite Hermione's snogging therapy, Ron was still upset about the prank and settled for turning away and ignoring them, namely Harry.

"What do you reckon the girls are talking about upstairs?" George asked.

"Er…how good our revenge was?" Harry tried with a smirk. He turned to Ron. "Ron, come on, it was just a joke. It was no meaner than what you've been doing to Ginny and I."

Ron muttered something about Harry jumping off a cliff.

"Aw come on ickle Ronnikins," Fred cooed, "you have to admit, they got us fair and square."

"Hmph," Ron responded. The other three boys shrugged and continued their speculation on the girls' conversation.

"D'ya reckon they're talking about us?" George asked Harry with a grin.

"I doubt it," Harry said skeptically. "Unless Ginny's entertaining Kota with embarrassing stories of you," he said with an evil grin. George tossed a pillow at his head.

"Well for your sake you better hope she's not, 'cause then I'd kill her and you'd be out of a girlfriend mate," George said with a smirk. Harry felt his face grow hot and he threw the pillow back at George.

"She's not my girlfriend. We're just…."

"….friends," the Weasley boys, including Ron, finished for him, rolling their eyes.

"Then you wouldn't be interested in what she has to say about you?" Fred asked nonchalantly.

"Why? Has she said anything?" he asked cautiously.

"Not to me, but the way I figure it, I could sit here listening to you two trying to guess if they're talking about you or I could go do a little reconnaissance mission," said Fred.

"Also known as eavesdropping," clarified George.

"Precisely, brother," Fred said before standing up. "Well, I'm going to go look for the bathroom," he announced before walking right passed the downstairs toilet and heading up the stairs.

He tiptoed down the hall to Kota's bedroom door and held his breath as he stood outside, listening to the muffled voices inside.

"Why don't you two just tell them that you fancy them? Trust me, they feel the same way, but Harry's unfortunately too stubborn and afraid of your brothers and George is a Weasley boy, meaning it'll probably take him a few years to get around to asking you out," came Hermione's voice. Fred frowned indignantly.

"Nah, George is pretty blunt. I'm surprised he hasn't already confessed his undying love for you," came Ginny's.

"Um maybe it's because he's only seen me in person three times including today and once in passing at a train station?" Kota said in an obvious tone. "I can see why he's taking his time. Harry, however, is a different story. He's totally smitten with you Ginny."

"No he's not," Ginny scoffed. "I mean Harry's probably the sweetest bloke in the whole world. He's nice to everyone. Just because he's nice to me as well doesn't mean he fancies me. You guys just like that idea because I've been infatuated with him for so long."

Fred honestly wondered momentarily if his sister had eyes. How could she be so oblivious? Harry was always sneaking glances at her and smiling shyly at her when she caught him.

"Ginny, are you seriously that oblivious?" Hermione asked inside the room.

"Here, here," Fred said under his breath out in the hall.

"Trust us, he fancies you," Kota said, "whether he'll admit it to you or not."

"So," Ginny said loudly, hinting for a change of subject, "let's get back to you fancying my brother. Do you realize what you're getting into?"

"George is great! He's so hilarious, not to mention completely hot. He has such a gorgeous body," Kota said enthusiastically. Fred grinned, thankful to be an identical twin with that comment. He heard Ginny make gagging sounds inside.

"Umm…eww. Please spare me," she said in disgust.

"Yeah, the Weasley boys are just adorable really. Ron's freckles are the cutest things ever. And he really has the most gorgeous eyes," Hermione gushed, in part because she enjoyed bragging about her boyfriend, and in part to gross out Ginny.

"Ugh, please excuse me while I go gouge out my eardrums," Ginny said dramatically. "Besides, I don't know how you can talk about gorgeous and not immediately think of Harry."

"Sure, Harry's really good-looking, but the Weasley boys just have way cuter bums," Hermione said matter-of-factly. Fred's jaw dropped and Ginny shrieked, "OH SICK!! That's just wrong!! EWWW!!"

Hermione and Kota laughed hysterically.

"Ginny, come on, I was just joking…well sort of. No wait, come back!" Hermione laughed.

Suddenly the door flew open as Ginny declared that she was going to go vomit and Fred froze like a deer caught in the headlights.

The girls all stared at him in horror momentarily before Ginny reached up, seized him by the ear and dragged him into the room. She looked both ways down the hall to make sure Fred had been alone before closing the door behind them.

She pushed Fred into Kota's desk chair and the three girls surrounded him, looking, in Fred's opinion, quite dangerous.

"So, uh….those Weasley boy bums, eh?" he joked, laughing nervously as they glared down at him.

"How long were you out there?" Ginny asked, arms crossed.

"Er…a few seconds?" he tried.

"The tips of his ears are red, that means he's lying," Ginny pointed out. "The thing you have to understand is that Weasley males cannot lie to a Weasley female," she explained.

Fred gulped audibly. "Don't hurt me?" he squeaked.

"You are never going to repeat what you've heard in this room, understood?" Hermione said in her authoritative tone that sounded enough like Mrs. Weasley to always make the Weasley boys cower slightly.

Fred nodded fervently. "Yes ma'am."

"I think we need to make an example of our eavesdropper here," Kota said ominously, turning to her desk. When she turned around holding up a small silver tube, the girls all broke out in identical evil grins, while all the blood drained from Fred's face.


Minutes later, Fred stumbled down the stairs.

"Bloody hell, what happened to you?" Ron asked as they stared in shock. Fred's face was covered with lipstick drawings, from whiskers to a scribble of red connecting his eyebrows. Across his forehead was written "Slytherin."

"I sense it didn't go too well," George said wisely.

"Did you hear anything good?" Harry asked eagerly.

"No way, I am not testing those girls. They're really scary. All I can say is good luck to you two, and may Merlin have mercy on your souls," he said before going into the downstairs toilet to wash off his face.

"Cool, our future girlfriends have spunk," George said cheerfully. Harry and Ron both gave him looks that clearly stated that they doubted his sanity.

Soon all the boys were lying on top of their sleeping bags, shutting off the last of the lights, checking the clock to make sure it didn't say 11:27, and slipping into slumber, never noticing somebody watching them from the window.

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