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A handsome young man with ebony colored hair blinked behind his glasses and peeked his head out of the spider infested cupboard that served as his bedroom. An ugly, red and blotted something greeted his sight. It was his Uncle Vernon's face, fire breathing out of his nostrils.

"You lazy, ungrateful bum! How dare you do this?!"

Harry Potter blinked once again at his uncle lazily, and blew his bubble gum with a huge pop. "So?"

Vernon Dursely drew up to his full height and made a move as if to grab Harry, but the boy is too fast for him. He quickly slammed the door and bolted it, then groped under his pillow for the MP3 player he sort of "borrowed" from Dudley's classmate. Harry ignored the thumps on his door and let himself drown to the stream of music coming from the silver headphones attached to his ears. He burrowed deeper in his bed and tried to sleep.

For seventeen years in his life it has always been like this. His aunt, uncle or cousin or all of them shouting at him, or ordering him around, or hitting him. He rolled his jade eyes and glanced at his still locked door.

'It's Mum and Dad's fault. If they haven't bloody died in that car crash, then left me in this bloody family of pigs with this bloody scar imprinted on my forehead, I would have been perfectly happy with my bloody life.' He reached out a pale hand and stroked the offending scar. He traced it's weird, lightning shape and sighed. Actually he really didn't blame his parents.

"It's just so bloody unfair." Whispered Harry softly, and prepared to sleep, still ignoring the loud thumps and the worst obscenities his uncle AND aunt was shouting.

After how many hours, the Dursely residence finally went quiet. He stopped playing the song and heard the rumble of his too-empty stomach, reminding him of his last meal, which was 3 days ago. Harry cautiously opened the cupboard door and peeked out. The house was quiet. He replaced the MP3 under his pillow ('Just in case') and slowly started to get out. He brushed himself and slowly closed the white wooden door, his emerald eyes guarded. He tiptoed toward the gleaming clean kitchen of his relatives.

"Hey you freak, what do you think you're doing?!"

Harry closed his eyes and groaned inwardly. The biggest pig of the Dursleys'. His cousin, Dudley. He slowly turn around and put a totally fake smile that looks more like a sneer than a smile.

"Hello, Dudley, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at school?"

Dudley smirked and focused his watery blue eyes at his skinny cousin. He slowly cracked his knuckles. "You know Mum and Dad would be very angry if they caught you stealing food from our fridge."

"And they wouldn't be furious if they know you're uh, missing school?" asked Harry, his thin arms crossing in front of his chest.

Dudley growled. "One word about this, freakazoid, and you'll be dead."

"Just what makes you sure I won't tell on you?"

"Then, we just have to do it my way, punk." Dudley grinned evilly and reached for Harry's plaid polo, three buttons immediately flying loose. "After I'm done with you, your face will be so swollen you wouldn't be able to utter or even think of a single word."

"But then again Dudley, I don't need to beat up that piggy face of yours for your mind to go blank," sneered Harry.

"Why you little...I'll get you for this!"

"Tirsus Mahiliborcus!"


A stream of brilliant white light behind Dudley made Harry cover his eyes, and he felt Dudley releasing his death grip on him. He felt the ground shook beneath him under Dudley's heavy weight.

"Harry James Potter?" a female voice asked impatiently.

Harry slowly peeled his fingers away from his eyes and saw a very irritated young woman his age glaring at him over her thick spectacles, her long auburn curly hair tied back in a very conservative ponytail. Harry frowned at a long stick the woman has in her right hand.

"Hey what's that? Was that the thing that made this oaf—"a kick on Dudley's ribs. "—go down?"

The girl continued to glare at him and placed the "stick" inside her brown trench coat. "Look mister, I don't have time to answer your silly questions. Just tell me, are you Harry James Potter?"

Harry smiled coyly at her and leaned at the wall. "Yes, I'm the one and only Harry Potter at your service. Can you grant me a pleasure of giving your name, Ms. Beautiful?" Harry asked on a noble voice hoping to get a smile out of her.

"Granger. Hermione Granger."

"Hermione, a lovely name. It suits its owner perfectly." the boy said suavely.

"I don't have time for this Mr. Potter." Hermione sighed and kicked open his "bedroom" door.

Harry's eyes grew wide and dropped his suave persona. "Hey! Stop that!"

Hermione smirked as she saw the mess in Harry's room and the spider dangling from it's web. "God, you're such a slob." She rolled her honey brown eyes and retrieved her long wand. She waved it and murmured a few words. Suddenly, a trunk appeared and all of Harry's belongings loaded themselves neatly in the trunk. Hermione waved her wand again and the trunk disappeared. She turned around and faced a very dumb struck Harry, his eyes as wide as saucers. "What?"


She just sniggered and closed the door with a bang. "Magic. Now shut up and take my hand."

Harry stared at Hermione's outstretched hand and bit his lip, looking doubtful. "Why"

"Because, dummy, I'm taking you out of here. Now take my hand, dope. We need to buy your things for school."


Hermione rolled her hazel eyes and stretched her arm a little more. "What are you a parrot? Now come on!"

"Are you sure you're not going to hex me?"


"What about Dudley here?"

"Somehow I can't imagine you're really concerned about that jerk."

"Uh...yeah, you got a point there."

"So what's the problem?"


"Come on! Take my hand." Hermione withdrew her hand for a second to look at a seemingly normal Muggle Louis Vuiton watch. "Your uncle is coming home soon." She looked at the awed boy and rolled her eyes. "I bewitched it so that it could tell me the location of any person who walks on the face of the earth, unless it's a very powerful witch or wizard or warlock or sorcerer. Can we go now?" Hermione made a move to hold Harry's hand but Harry backed away from her.

"Hang on!" Harry threw up both of his rough hands on the air. "You're talking about witches, warlock and witches and magic for goodness sake. Then you somehow knocked out my cousin on the floor. And you expect me to go with you? What if you're a psycho?"

Hermione laughed humorlessly. "Believe me, I'm not psychotic. And there is magic, though I don't expect you to remember everything." Her watch beeped and emitted a small red light. "Fuck! Vernon's about to park his car in the driveway." Hermione glared at Harry and grabbed his wrist.


"We don't have time for this!!"

They heard a faint sound of key turning in the lock.

Harry struggled to pull his wrist from Hermione's pale hands but to no avail. "Hey let go!"

"Shut up!" then crack.

"Hello?" Vernon Dursely opened the less than magnificent front door of their home and scowled at the broken door of Harry's then cupboard. "That stupid bum." He muttered, and dropped his keys on a small basket near the door. "I'M HOME!!!" he called out to particularly no one. He turns around the corner and stopped on his tracks.

Pivet Drive was shaken by a bear like roar that came from the Dursely's residence.


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