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"Ohayou Gozaimasu!" a very bubbly girl called out to a nearly-empty classroom.

"Ohayou, Sakura-chan."a sweet voice returned.

Sixteen year-old Sakura Kinimoto's brilliant jade eyes sparkled happily as she hopped to her bestfriend. She looked around. "Hoe, so empty." She curiously looked over her bestfriend's shoulder and noticed a huge brown book Tomoyo had been reading. "Ne, Tomoyo-chan, what have you been reading?"

Tomoyo Daidouji smiled at her friend, who was peering at her childishly. She took off her glasses and tried to rub the sleep out of her eyes. "Nothing Sakura-chan, I was just reading our book in History."

P "We have an assignment? Hoe!!! Why didn't I know about that?!?! I'm going to fail!" Sakura quickly drop her book bag to a desk next to Tomoyo's and fished out a heavy book and started reading furiously.

Her friend smiled fondly and held Sakura's shoulder. "We don't have an assignment. I was just reading in advance. Relax, Sakura-chan."

Sakura gave her a tensed grin and dropped down her book. "I guess I'm just nervous about the upcoming wedding. After all, it is only once in a lifetime." She lifted a hand and gazed adoringly at the platinum band with rare pink diamonds forming an ornate cherry blossom that was

resting on her thin ring finger.

Tomoyo sighed and dropped her hand. 'Just when I have nearly forgotten.' The gem captured the early morning rays that was streaming through the window, sparkling magnificently. It was truly beautiful, and a very priceless gift. The diamonds were very rare and transported from Africa. The silver band alone was worth the whole Tomoeda School.

Tomoyo knew this, since she was the one who picked it out from the Jewel Connection.


"You don't mind, do you, Daidouji-san?" Li Syaoran asked, giving her an extremely bashful smile. "You know Sakura's taste better than I do, and I don't want to give her anything that settles lower than the best."

"It's ok," said Tomoyo, smiling. She steered him towards one of the most expensive shops in Japan, The Jewel Connection. "I would love to do anything for a friend." That was a lie, and she knows it. It hurts her that Sakura is finally settling down in her life, but she wasn't doing it with her. She was marrying Li Syaoran. And she didn't care that her heart was being stomped on, as long as her loved one is happy.

"Are you sure? I mean, it's okay if you don't want to come with me."

"It's not a problem. Now come on."

"Arigatou, Tomoyo-san." Syaoran said, smiling at her shyly. She could see the fondness for her in his chocolate brown eyes.

"Are you ready? This would take a whole day."

Syaoran blinked, looking really kawaii. "What are you talking about? We're only going to buy a ring. How hard can that get?"

Tomoyo snorted and inspected the ring closest to her. "Obviously, you've never been to shopping before."

The two of them searched, asking a lot of questions, picking out several rings and debating with the manager. Finally, after four hours, two rings came out from the long, exquisite line of the rejected bands. One of them a 24-carat gold with a huge emerald stone, surrounded by little diamonds on the side with a complicated design sculptured on it, and the platinum one, with little pink diamonds creating a pretty sakura blossom. Tomoyo's choice.

"I'm greatly in favor of the gold ring. It is very classic, and the gem matches her gorgeous eyes." Syaoran told his companion, while fingering the ring lovingly. He look tired but satisfied. The manager launched into a detailed description of the ring, while Tomoyo cut him off with a wave of a graceful, pale hand.

She looked at the platinum band resting on her palm before turning her lavender gaze at Syaoran's chocolate ones. "I like this better. You see, Sakura like simplicity, and the cherry blossom on this ring match her name. pink is her favorite color, and she had always dreamt of having a having her engagement ring in platinum. She told me this as a child."


"Hai. But there is a little itsy bit of problem." She replaced the ring in its blue velvet box and closed it with a snap, sighing. "It is very price, it nearly amounts to a million dollars. It's very lovely though, and could have been perfect for Sakura-chan."

Syaoran reached for the box and opened it thoughtfully. He gave the gold ring back to the manager with a few words of thanks, then after a few moments, smiled. "We'll take this one then."

Tomoyo's eyes grew huge and gasped at her friend. "Li-kun, are you sure? I mean, it is very expensive. Besides, your choice is also beautiful."

But the young man already started to open his wallet and fish out his credit card. "Are we back to the last name basis?" he asked, teasingly. Then his tone grew serious.

"I already told you Tomoyo-san," he said, smiling and waited for the manager to ring it up, "that I won't settle for anything second best. And you were right. This ring is made for Sakura. I love her, and she deserves everything that the world has to offer." Tomoyo was a little amazed by the raw emotion in his word, when Li blushed and whispered, "Just don't tell her I said that. I would be teased mercilessly."

'I can't agree with you more.' Tomoyo thought silently, and watched as the manager pumped Syaoran's hands excitedly.

End of flashback

"I really can't believe Syaoran chose this for me," Sakura continues, smiling at her. "He really knew my taste without asking, and actually granted my long time wish!"

"Yeah," said Tomoyo dully, and replaced her thin glasses on her face.

"I mean, a platinum ring, given by the guy I love, can it get any better?"


"I'm really excited Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura stood up and hugged her closest friend.

"Me too." Tomoyo hung on her friend's arm and closed her eyes, trying to push back her tears. 'Stop it you baka!' She silently scolded herself. 'You knew this was going to happen sooner or later!' It was no use. Tears streamed down her face, and drop to the Navy blue cottoned sleeve of Sakura. 'I just didn't know that it was sooner, rather than later.'

She stood up and hugged her friend, crying openly. Tomoyo wasn't surprised that Sakura was crying herself. After a long time, Tomoyo released her and pulled out her hanky from her pleated skirt. She took of her glasses once again, then dabbed at the corner of her eyes gracefully, to stop the tears from falling, while Sakura wiped her eyes at her sleeve, a typical Sakura fashion. "I'm going to miss you, Tomoyo-chan."

Tomoyo forced herself to laugh, while inside her heart was breaking. "It's not your wedding day yet, and already we are crying! I don't suppose Syaoran-kun would mind if we both have red noses in the wedding picture right?"

Sakura look a little taken-aback at Tomoyo's first name basis with her fiance, but then smiled at her warmly. "Of course not. I think he will still love me."

"He'd better."

The two girls hugged again, then laughed. "You're like my sister Tomoyo-chan. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Sakura-chan." 'More than you could ever know.'

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