Title: Betrothed

Author: blackroseangel69

Pairing: Willow/Draco, Xander/Hermione

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy et al., I don't own Harry Potter et al.

NOTES: Answer to Jinni's Betrothed Challenge

Summary: Just when everyone thought their lives were turning out like they hoped, a long forgotten promise between two people arises causing mayhem and heartbreak but also a discovery of new love.


Their eyes met across the dark nightclub, lust burning in the depths of both. He never knew her name, never asked, just as she never asked for his but they each knew what the others body looked like, what they tasted like. It had been almost six months since she had first entered the club; Sin it was called and she had gone back every week since. It was here that she had first met him, her sin, the only thing in her life with was reckless and a secret from all else. They never spoke but came together in a night of passion every week.

He stared into the emerald green eyes of the woman across the room and smiled. He had only ever gone to the nightclub in the first place to get a drink but now he was addicted. This muggle nightclub was his sin and something he could keep to himself.

Crossing the dance floor they met in the middle, eyes locking, it wasn't long until he led her away into the night...


She woke up and looked at the man beside her, frowning she got out of the bed. She didn't intend to spend the entire night, grabbing her clothes she quickly got dressed and left the small rented house. Once she got outside a cab pulled out, she got into the English taxi and it sped away from the house.

It pulled up to a medium sized townhouse and she got out paying the man. Walking up to the front door she pulled out her keys and opened the front door. Slipping inside she walked past the dining room when a voice stopped her.


"Hey Wills, just getting in? I don't think Giles and the council are paying you enough" the voice of her best friend said. Willow smiled and walked over to the table and sat down opposite Buffy.

"It was partly my fault, I was caught up in my work and I guess I must have fallen asleep" Willow said and Buffy smiled,

"AhhHahh, you're just probably worn out from all the social engagements now that you are engaged: Buffy said with a huge goofy grin on her face and Willow reminded quickly slipped her ring back on her finger from her bag. "Willow and Xander, Willow and Xander" she chanted childishly and Willow smiled. She and Xander had been going out for almost a year when he proposed a week ago, Willow had accepted and she had been getting congratulations ever since.

"I'm going upstairs to take a shower" Willow said and Buffy nodded.

Willow walked up the stairs thinking about their lives post Sunnydale. Giles had been offered the position of head of the watchers council and Willow, Xander, Dawn and Buffy had gone with him. At first Xander had been deeply depressed at the loss of Anya but Willow had helped him though the hard times and eventually they formed a romance, something they had left behind in high school.

Now they were twenty four and engaged, Willow and Xander lived in the townhouse with Buffy and Dawn. For the last six months she had been 'working overtime' or so she had been telling the people she lived with when she was going to Club Sin and sleeping with the same man, a man who was not her boyfriend or fiancé.

Stepping into the shower Willow let the warm water spill over her body washing away all evidence of the night before. She revelled in the warmth, even after a year she still hadn't gotten used to the cold after living her whole life in Southern California.

Stepping out of the shower and drying off Willow dressed for the day; she walked by her desk and stopped by the picture of herself with Xander. It wasn't that she didn't love him; she truly did with all of her heart. Her nights at Sin weren't about love, they were about something different, it was an outlet for the pent up magic she hadn't used.

Willow shook her head; she didn't know why she was thinking about Sin, she rarely did. She didn't know why she spent the whole night with a man she barely knew but she had. Something was in the air she could feel it, a change was coming but for better or worse? She couldn't tell.


Draco woke up, it was the middle of the morning and his bed was empty. Groaning he stretched out and slid out of bed and walking into his bathroom. Another week gone by, another night spent with his red headed goddess. It was just a night of passion, an escape from his routine life. Walking back into his bedroom he stared at the space before him, nothing, noting to suggest what happened last night occurred but his memories. Pulling on pair of pants Draco wandered into his kitchen when he heard a 'pop' and Harry appeared in his kitchen.

"God Potter, ever announce your visits? A few moments earlier and I assure you, you and I would have been a lot closer than either of us would care for" he said and Harry rolled his eyes, "What do I owe the pleasure of your fine company this morning?" Draco said opening the fridge and pulling out a carton of juice.

"Trust me Malfoy I would love to be home, but your girlfriend has called us all in. something to do with the fabled 'watchers council' so she expects us all to be there" Harry said picking up an apple from the counter and tossing it back and forward in his hands. "So... I talked to Hermione about you this morning, or more accurately she was asking if you and I had a good time last night" Harry said, observing Draco carefully. Draco froze for a second a movement not unnoticed by Harry before continuing on like normal.

"Oh?" Draco asked,

"Yes, which surprised me at first, but I told her that we just went out and had a few drinks. I thought you must have been up to something quite important to lie to your girlfriend" Harry said. Draco froze inwardly; he was between a rock and a hard place. "So I'm guessing now would be the time to explain to me just exactly what you were up too" Harry said and Draco felt like he was under a microscope, he had to think quick so he put on a cocky façade and opened his mouth,

"I'll have you know Potter I was doing something top secret. I don't suppose you'd know the meaning" Draco said smirking,

"Well... what is it? I'm hoping you have a pretty good explanation as to why you were lying to my best friend" Harry said. Draco mumbled something under his breath, "What was that Malfoy? I didn't quite hear you" Harry said.

"I was looking at engagement rings: Draco said and Harry's mouth dropped open, "Yeah and don't say anything, I was just looking, it's not like I've made any decisions" Draco said, it wasn't a complete lie, many a time he had wandered past a jewelry store and stared at the engagement rings. He was sure that he was going to ask Hermione to marry him, just not any time soon.

Harry looked at his friend in shock, "Right then, I'll see you later, 2pm Hermione wants us" Harry said and apparated out of the room.

Draco let out a sigh of relief; he couldn't believe how stupid he was to slip up. Things were changing, he wasn't as careful as he once was and all it could add up to was bad news. Change was in the air, but he had to get ready, another week doing the same things over and over again. Something had to change soon; otherwise he was going to snap.


Leaning back in his chair Xander sighed he'd been working for four hours and he was exhausted. Giles was having him do all his work saying that he had something important to do. Glancing at the clock on the wall Xander got out of his seat, 12 o'clock, okay he was going to get some food.

Walking into the dining room Xander picked out some food and sat down at one of the long tables. He was halfway through his mean when a flurry of movement rushed past the doorway, seconds later it was back and Giles poked his head though the doorway,

"Ah, Xander, I must speak with you" Giles said and sat down opposite the dark haired man, "We are holding a meeting this afternoon with the ministry of magic" Giles said excitedly and Xander's jaw dropped, "They apparently need to speak with us about something to do with finding a magical contract" Giles said,

"I thought the council and the ministry cut ties hundreds of years ago" Xander said

"Yes they did, but the new minister of magic apparently feels that the old ways are outdated and there is to be a meeting here at 2 o'clock" Giles said, "I have to go and finalise some things so can you please call Buffy and Willow and ask them to make their way over here for the meeting" Giles said and stood up, "Finally things are changing for the better" he mumbled walking away.

Xander took one last bite of his food and then stood up sighing, once he got back to his office he picked up the phone and called home,

"Hello?" Willow's voice came over the phone and Xander smiled,

"Hey how are you?" he asked, not having seen his fiancé since the night before. He had arrived at work that morning and had come to the conclusion that he had just missed her, "I must have just missed you tis morning" he said

"Yeah, I didn't mean to fall asleep but I couldn't help it, I came home as soon as I woke up" Willow said,

"My poor love" Xander said and he heard Willow laugh, "Now to why I called you, G-man wants us all here, some big meeting" he said and heard Willow sigh,

"Okay Dokey, I guess I'll see you later then. I'll go tell Buff and Dawn Willow said and Xander smiled just enjoying hearing Willow's voice,

"Okay, I'll see you later, love you" he said

"I love you too" Willow said and hung up the phone. Xander smiled, things were finally coming together in his life. After the loss of Anya he had been devastated but with Willow in his life he knew he had something to live for. Looking at the clock once more he tried to sort out in his mind how much work he could get done before the meeting. Finally things were changing, for the best.


Hermione was a wreck, she was pacing her office almost dreading the meeting ahead, the doors to her office swung open and Draco strode in. he hugged her and then gave her a long sweet kiss, Hermione let her head drop down to Draco's chest and sighed, "Thanks, I needed that: she said and then Draco brought her over to her desk and sat her down.

"You're welcome, now what's this meeting all about?" he said and Hermione bit her bottom lip and looked into Draco's eyes.

"The contracts department found a magical contract..." she trailed off and Draco urged her on, "Apparently my parents are only my adopted parents and by birth parents were purebloods" she said and Draco's eyes widened in shock, he was about to speak and Hermione put her finger to his lips to stop him, "There's more. There was a contact that binds me to a man, a betrothal from birth. He works for the watcher's council and has no idea, we are going to tell them" she said, Draco's eyes narrowed and Hermione's filled with tears. "Hopefully we will find a way to get out of it. They have contacts, we have contacts, it's a leap of faith we need to make" she head and Draco nodded and let his girlfriend collapse in his arms sobbing.

"Shh, Shh" he murmured comforting her, "I don't blame you for this, you do know that don't you?" he said and she nodded, "We'll figure this out, don't worry" he said and held her tight against him. "Now lets clean you up, we don't want this guy to think you're some kind of crazy person" Draco said getting a laugh out of Hermione and earning a slap on the arm.

Hermione looked at her boyfriend; she wouldn't have believed that they would be together almost seven years ago. But 5 years ago when she had just turned 20 they met up again working for the ministry, Voldemort was destroyed and Draco could live the way he wanted. In three months Hermione would turn 25 and she was seriously thinking about settling down and she hoped Draco felt the same.

Stepping away from Draco Hermione walked in front of her desk just as the door opened again and Harry, Ron and Ginny entered. "Good everyone's here" Hermione said collecting herself, she looked at the clock, five to two, "Alright, we need to apparate to the Watcher's Council now" Hermione informed her friends. There was a 'pop' and Hermione's office was empty almost instantly.