The return of leader

Hey every body my third fic is out AND I THINK IT IS SO COOL!!!! The first chapters is told by Henriettes point of view (POV) but later some of the others will also tell some parts of the story. I will like to thank all Transformers writers like Skins Thunderbomb, Honesah and many others they have been giving me inspiration once more THANK YOU!!!!

The lost Autobot

Denmark, Helsingör . It was a Monday typical as my big sister called it I always laughed at it she was ten years older that me so I was ten my sister worked at a base for these big robots called transformers I never saw a evidence but my sister had been happy for a week so something would happen I knew that.

"what is it you're so happy about?" I asked running after her to work (yep I too work there at a time of battle we all had to help out).

"some friends are coming today that is why you should work at the same department as me today I have checked it is okay" she answered over her shoulder.

Same department I jumped two times my sister worked in a department where they had all kinds of robots some of them even alive.

We walked down a hallway my sister checked that all were at work

"okay all is here so then they can come" she said to a worker or repair as they were called

"hey Katie can we come there have been a long while since we tried last time" a voice came from the radio a face came up on the screen.

"Well Skydancer are you in the group we are excepting to come here?" she asked the transformer

I looked up from my work on another transformer that was younger than him my sister nodded they were talking over a headset now so I went on.

"you know Cartjeck you shouldn't have done it the Angels are too great we need some one larger and more powerful" I said to it

Cartjeck nodded and looked at Skydancer.

**************** The warpgate was opening we expected the group very soon I stood beside the three young transformers we had onboard Cartjeck was one of them the two others Singer and Sounder were the youngest of them.

"there they are" I yelled all saw four shadows come walking towards us

"welcome Landmower, Skydancer, Police and Haste we are happy to see you" my sister said walking towards them

"well you said that was important what is it" Landmower said

"well it was big so we were five too lift it I know I have seen somewhere before but I don't know where" she answered and got Singer to open a great wall there a great sky-blue crystal the four newcomers looked shocked at it.

" is the matrix of the transformers the one Optimus Prime the leader of the Autobots had" Skydancer said he had remembered it before the others "you didn't find others near it"

"No my sister Henriette come over here!" my sister called at me I ran to her the transformer looked at me "she works at the department of transformers they keep an eye of all transformers we have she saw it flying down through the atmosphere and called us we got it here"

the leader of them (Landmower) took it up and looked at it "well Asiata was right he is alive somewhere and not to recognize" he said and putted it back

I walked towards it and laid a hand on it the transformers just looked as I did it. then my sixth sense went open just like that and I saw the future of someone like I always did:

"who am I can you help me to find out Henriette" a voice said I saw myself nod at him and say

"I will you are a transformer as far as I can se but who you are I don't know"

I opened my eyes

"stand back she just had a vision nothing terrible as you can see" I heard my sisters voice said someone took me up it was tall I looked to the side to see two wings

"Skydancer" I told myself he bore me down the base to the department for injuries they checked if I was okay I was of course.

"thanks" I said looking up at the transformer he smiled and took me up

"tell me Skydancer how is the story of your races" I asked I had seen three kinds of robots with marks the small ones were called Minicons, one of the greater ones Decepticons and the other Autobots

"well it all started millions of years ago" Skydancer told me the story of how two races organic had started a war between each other and build the transformers they first build two named Megatron and the other Optimus Prime Megatron was the leader of the Decepticons and Optimus Prime of the Autobots. When the two of them saw each other they attacked so the organic race build more of them but the transformers gained some humanity and went to another planet they built up and called Cybertron they were still at war but after sometime a third race came the Minicons but they flied the Autobots went to earth to get them so did the Decepticons after they went back they together faced Unicron who were trying to destroy Cybertron but he didn't succeed this plan Galvatron sacrificed himself to kill Unicron and Optimus had never been seen since that time.

"well did you like it" Skydancer asked looking at me.

I looked surprised I never knew I nodded so that was the story

Suddenly a alarm sounded I looked out of the window "they are attacking" I sprang down on the floor and to a radio "all defenders, attackers and robot mowers to hangar two-four-eleven"

"can you transform into something that flies" I asked Skydancer

"why do you ask I do off course" he answered and transformed

"good to that hangar" I said getting inside his cockpit

we landed inside the hangar all were ready "go to you posts now and make no mercy! Just kill them! get the planes outside!" I demanded the planes flew off "give them all you got!"

Skydancer looked out of a window and looked at the Angels "what is that?" he asked

I looked out at them "That is our greatest foe the Angels as they not are but a code name they are robots who were invented to make peace but they got a wrong owner who now use them to get control over earth we are Danes, Americans English and Europeans who tries to get him down we aren't succeeding but we try" I answered Skydancer nodded

"how many does he have?" he asked "100 or so we aren't quite sure" I said checking the panels the Angels were attacking the satellite connection

"all attackers they are after the connections go after them!"

Skydancer suddenly transformed and went after the attackers I looked after him

"Sis we got a transformer who is after them" I called.

"who?" she asked

"Skydancer" I heard a gasp

"Landmower Skydancer went after them you must do something" I heard her voice said

"how many are they?" Landmower asked from behind the room it sounded

"5 but they are clever they duck under the attacks we need some one is just as intelligence as them" I answered

"Okay over and out" was her last word I ever heard from her again the last of the transformers ran out to attack them as well they quickly got the Angels down but one of them crashed down in my sisters department

"Katie!!!" I yelled as the Angel hit the department "NNNOOO!!!!"

********* We went through the ruins of the department not finding anything I walked over the ground and looked at Eric

"We have lost haven't we?" I asked Eric looked surprised at me

"No we won but it had a price your sister and my parents" he answered he took my hand in his "we must shot down the base and go to America and tell the story the Angels are attacking this base because of the great support we have from the rest of Europe and it is greater than we can imagine" Eric said comforting me more

I began to cry "why her why not me I'm the youngest and stupidest she was the clever one" I said a car suddenly came towards us.

"we have checked it all no sights of life we found the Matrix and a necklace" it said it was Landmower in his transform the rest came too as car, plane and helicopter singer sounder and Cartjeck came too.

"we must be going to the base" Eric said "can we go with you?" the Autobots nodded

"to the personal at the Danish department you are all free and can do as you please if you want to go to the states then go to the largest hangar there a ship will be waiting" I said over Skydancers radio.

"Then lets go" Landmower said "calling the American base we are seven Autobots come from the defeated Danish base step away from the warpgate please"

the warpgate opened and we got through it and came to the base.

"hi! And welcome to the states who are you and who are the two humans" a man said

"I'm Landmower the leader of a group named the Cybertrorian warriors we were at the Danish base because of this" Landmower said holding the Matrix.

"Oh my god is he alive?" the man asked two others came running

"who are you since you remember it?" Skydancer said

"Wait I know them!" I called the men looked curious at me "Rad Carlos Fred remember me? The youngster Katie ran around with before it all started"

Rad looked at me and then he smiled "Of course Henriette Katie's younger sister! How is she?" he asked

My smile faded "Skydancer will you" the Autobot nodded

"there was attack on the base while we were there one of them crashed down at the department where she worked but no one survived we brought Henriette and Eric along some other maybe come in just two to four days" he said

Rad looked at Carlos "We didn't know sorry" he told me "If you want a home I and Alexia will take care of you and Eric you're both welcome" I ran to Rad thanking him so much

"Alexia I'm home and I got someone with me" he yelled into the house. A woman came walking stopping as she saw me.

"Henriette?" she said without even blink I nodded she came to me and hugged me so I began to cry again


Eric and I now went to school and also learned how be a pilot on their ships this day was the final test so could we battle the Angels to get revenge on them but we didn't know that it was transformers we should fly.

"if you fails this test I will make sure you never get on one of these planes again" the teacher yelled to make us understand but we did as always

"the teams are: Henriette and Darren" I looked at a older boy who waved he was the best in the class. "Eric and Jocelyn" Eric looked at a girl not smiling Jocelyn was the stupidest in class she thought that the radar was something you could drink "Jack and Jackie, Tina and William and the last one Isabelle and John get up on the planes"

"Good Luck Eric!" I called at him Jocelyn looked at him and me suddenly asking him

"Is she your girlfriend?" very wrong question I slapped my hand on the face looking at the plane that Darren and I was flying it was familiar somehow it remained me of Skydancer I shock my head and went on.

The plane suddenly spoke "well get onboard we don't have all day" it said.

"Skydancer! Is that you?" I laughed the plane growled something not to belong to others ears.

We went to air Darren tested all the systems Skydancers to be correct he made sure we didn't go wrong he several times made us jump two miles with speed.

"come down to the ground Skydancer it is the next teams turn" the teacher called on the radio he landed and we got the message "well it looked okay what do you say Skydancer?"

"they did it perfect if I would with someone again it should be them" he answered

"well pilots. Henriette and Darren you're in!" the teacher said we both jumped I ran home and told it they were both happy and asked me who I had been flying.

"Skydancer you're kidding?" Rad asked

I shock my head and smiled

"well we must wait until Eric comes you can drive a turn on your bike as long" alexia said she would have that I left the house I nodded she would talk with Rad about something what I didn't know

I drove through the city waving at people who knew me I had met the rest of them who had helped the Autobots ten years ago even through I thought it was funny on the same day I was born they had come.

I heard someone scream and drove in the direction and saw a woman stand frighten and sacred

"What is ma'am?" I asked her she pointed at a truck that was driving from side to side "thank you" I said smiling I didn't know why it made me laugh I somehow knew that I maybe had got the description on it somewhere.

"hey you stop those wheels right there" I yelled and drove after it. It got out of the city like the driver had woken up and now realized how much damage he had done. The truck stopped too but no one came out of it I looked at it and drove out in front of it. It had damages like it had been at war.

"Who are you" it weakly asked

"You're a transformer how didn't I see that" I said

"yes I am I just don't know how to transform and I don't know who I am" it said


"you say you 'found' him?" Landmower said as I told the transformers about him. I nodded "is he outside" I nodded again

"I'll get him" Skydancer said and walked out when he came back he had the transformer with him.

"well we will check him up I don't think that it is so serious" Landmower said.

"well I think it is" Skydancer said looking at the trailer that had large scratches on the sides.

"just mind your own business Skydancer you're a attacker not a healer" Landmower said

"I think Skydancer is right how long have that guy have those damages? I'm not a transformer but I can see when a wound is serious" I defended the young seeker.

They looked at the transformer and checked his damages

"I think I must take my words back again he is heavily damaged I don't know how long he have had those damages but he is lucky to be alive" Landmower commented to me as I asked for his status

"well we got him out of the transform with out the trailer it was that part we can't fix without help but if we call Red Alert and some of the others I think he will survive."

The Autobots came one day after I had found the new one and I was there

"welcome Red Alert and you have Leesgar and some Minicons with you" Landmower said happily

"well I got the one that were at the repair room when you called Leesgar came gladly with me he has never seen a human before" he said when the other Autobot kneeled to look at me I hide behind Skydancer so Leesgar didn't get me but Skydancer hit the new one with his hand so Leesgar flew out behind.

He got up and looked intensely at Skydancer "Well if it isn't Skylines the great Decepticon" Leesgar said I looked up at Skydancer he was vibrating in anger Sounder quickly got Red Alert and Leesgar to the repair room in the ship

I walked with them

"he is the one well he looks familiar to but I don't know" he said when Sounder had asked him

"Healer, Hoops and Tailor you take the trailer and fix it we take care of the Autobot here" Red Alert said the Minicons made a funny movement that reminded me of a way to honor the higher ranged in the navy and army

I looked on as they repaired the damages that was serious but they managed to heal him

"Henriette call the others he is about to wake up" Red Alert called I nodded and yelled at them then I ran to the doors to the repair room. "he is okay but has a short memory I have asked him for what he remembers as the last thing he remembers a transformer that yells something to and not more" Red Alert said helping the transformer up

"you know" Leesgar got all's attention "if Optimus didn't mind I think we should call Optimus"

"Well if he ever comes back we can call me something else" the transformer said smiling.

"Okay this is now up today" I said "Optimus welcome!"


Optimus learned fast something that had taken Skydancer two weeks to understand he made it in just two we never found out more about his memory sometimes he remember something but it was short flashes

"I wish I knew who I was" Optimus said one day where we were driving a tour with out the trailer.

I smiled "we will get it back you just need the right thing too it" I answered suddenly lasers were firing at us I looked out "Oh, no! Angels!" I screamed and called the other transformers who came fast the small Minicons looked at them

"Come on you three combinate" Red Alert yelled they nodded and became a laser that sat on Red Alerts arm "come on Optimus attack too!"

Optimus drove in security "you stay here we will take care of it" he ran out to the other.

I looked after him then I looked inside a cave here a plane stood very dusty and rusty I got up in the cockpit the system were working alright and it had weapons that could match the Angels lasers. I turned the buttons on it shock a bit but then the engine started and I got the plane in air when we came out the clouds got away from the sun and the plane shinned with great light the Angels turned and looked at it.

"well take this Angels" I spat and pushed some buttons that fired several missiles at them one of them fell to the ground while the others attacked the transformers.

"where am I" a voice said.

"what you're a transformer too?" I said nearly jumping out.

"I'm Thunderwind a neutral one I never joined anyone." It answered

"well I'm sorry to wake you up but we have some Angels to take care of" I said

Thunderwind stood still in the air and looked at them "this is the thing I was created for" he mumbled

"what" I asked curious.

"killing Angels but I escaped from the base when they attacked no one were alive" Thunderwind cried

"let's help each other out" I said the plane vibrated one time and gave me control we flew down and helped out Optimus greeted the help welcome even through he didn't have problems.

The Angels knew they were over armed and ran off

"hey! yeah! the victory is ours!" I yelled Thunderwind looped around three times and landed I got out so he could transform.

His wings sat on the back together so they weren't in the way he had a helmet on with visor his optics were blue and he smiled at me. Optimus and the others came towards us

"if I didn't know better I would think that it was Skydancer" Landmower said and looked at the other seeker.

"I'm just something between you Decepticons and Autobots I don't join the sides" Thunderwind said looking at the leader of the group.

Skydancer came forward to look at the youngster who also looked at him "well what is your name" he asked.

"I was named Thunder but after the base went down I called myself 'Thunderwind'" Thunderwind answered and looked curious at me to see if I came with anything to tell him who they were

"OH! Sorry Thunderwind. This is Skydancer, Landmower, Leesgar, Red Alert, Singer, Sounder, Optimus and Cartjeck there are more but they have something to take care of" I answered to the look of question he sent me "The rest that are home is Police and Haste and some Minicons you will met them when we get back" I said too

Thunderwind went after us as we went to the base I drove with Optimus who didn't say a thing I fell asleep not noticing what he said

"take care of my men Optimus Prime and I wish you great luck in the future" a transformer yelled up to another one who were above it

"Galvatron!" it yelled

there was a great explosion and the transformer looked at the Matrix "the matrix of the transformers I don't deserve it" it said floating of in space

"HENRIETTE!!" a voice yelled I woke up really surprised and nearly fell out of Optimus's door

"help!" I called the door closed and I sat scared on the seat with my legs under me.

"are you okay?" Optimus asked me I didn't answer and looked out of the window

"Stop Optimus I want to go out of the cabin" I said instead

"What?" he said stunned

"I said I want to go out and leave me there!" I screamed at him. He stopped and opened the door I got out running off like a mad. The Autobots looked at the truck and asked it what was wrong


"Rad! RAD!!" Rad heard a voice call his name he turned and saw a police car with the Autobots sign on it.

"well what is it Cartjeck?" he asked it

"We wonder if you have seen Henriette it has been a week since we saw her and Optimus won't go with out her" the Autobot answered

"I haven't seen her in three days maybe Eric know something ERIC!!" he called

Eric looked up from his work on his car "What is it Rad?!" he yelled back

"Have you seen Henriette lately?" Rad called

Eric looked nervous and continued to work

"ERIC!" Cartjeck screamed angry

"She is going back to Denmark she's leaving today in one of the planes from the base" Eric said felling he was under pressure "I don't know more I swear"

Cartjeck drove off and Rad had an argument with Eric.

Cartjeck came back at the base eager to find Landmower he found the leader in conversation with Singer and Sounder but they stopped talking as the Autobot came running

"She is going back to Denmark in one of the plane from the base" Cartjeck said reporting all to Landmower

"They can't have any planes for her they're all out on the island called Iceland" Skydancer said coming towards them

"why are you saying that Skydancer?" Cartjeck asked

"They gave us the choice to go with them we were some who didn't want to go and stayed back" Skydancer said "and good the same Henriette assigned from the base some days ago we have been trying to reach her but she told the general that she would be going somewhere here in the states"

Landmower looked at the truck-transformer who ran off

"why don't we go after him" Singer said he and Sounder looked at Landmower

"She isn't leaving that is something she told Eric she is on the way to California" He answered walking down a corridor "she told me that she thought that she a risk having around but what worries me Hot Shot wants to see them both I wonder if Optimus can turn her around I hope he can if not" he turned and looked out hoping that the Autobot would find me alive.

A motorcycle was driving fast the driver was in a hurry Optimus noticed when he drove past her the driver who was me looked at him for a second then to the front again then a car came from the in front of the other site and Optimus drove in pushing me off the road the motorcycle fell to the right side were the dirt was and I rolled some turns.

"DAMN YOU OPTIMUS" I screamed as I got up I was angry he had yelled at me and now he tried to kill me

"Henriette? Is that you?" Optimus asked driving back to see if I was okay

I got the helmet off and fell angry on my but yelling "yes it is me of course but you didn't even see it because you're blind!"

"sorry it is just The leader of the Autobots who is in now after Optimus Prime wants to see the two of us and that can't go fast enough" he answered and really meant it I crossed my arms and got up

"okay but just because of him and not off you and I'm riding back myself" I said putting the helmet on and lifting the motorcycle up

we got back to the base where they waited for us I greeted them I had missed them but now the adventure had gone into another state- Cybertron here we come.

**************************************************************************** ***********************

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Holy god what will happen on Cybertron? Three original transformers shows up and we all get a surprise