The return of leader VI

Prophecy fulfill

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Jetfires POV

the battles outside was going on Henriette and I was getting ready for the battle against Megatron. Henriette was nervous and lost her weapon sometimes

"I can't fell any hope" she said the words hit me but I took her up

"don't say that hope will always be here and there" I said she looked sad at me

"who are we trying fool I'm only a human not a transformer we are about to fulfill a prophecy we have no idea what is about" she walked down to the Jetfighter that was dusty she got inside the cockpit, took a deep breath and pushed buttons to start the aircraft.

"we mustn't give up the hope remember we got friends standing behind us waiting for us as well" I said Henriette smiled weakly

I transformed and was ready hopefully. Henriette seemed very much nervous now but tried to make her breath work together with her body so the nervously state could disappear. The giant Jetfighter then rose into the air clever enough it was having two startmodes one too go right into air and one to use a startinglane.

"here we go again" she said and gave the plane full speed

end Jetfires POV

normal POV

All was really calm as the transformers lead by Optimus were attacking the great forces of Decepticons but surprisingly many were friendly and wanted to help them against Megatron/Unicron

After the attack Optimus spoke with the first one who have surrendered

"we were forced" a young Decepticon said. Optimus looked at him

"what's your name youngster?" Optimus asked

"Simpler Sir!" the youngster answered.

"that is as simple as you can say it" Optimus said the youngster laughed

"That was a good one many haven't dared to joke about my name this is the first time" Simpler said smiling

"Have you got any clue on how to defend this base from the last of the Decepticons" Optimus said trying to get back into a normal conversation

"oh, do you have a map?" Simpler asked a map of the ground was laid in front of him "the plans are to get the base down as the first thing then we all comes back to defeat the two chosen if we succeed that then the planet earth is as good as ours was what he said but we were some who agreed that it is a beautiful planet and we wont let anything happen to it but how can we do that"

"by going back to the Decepticons and while they are going back to attack then you betray them" Optimus said Simpler nodded. Harder didn't it sound

end normal POV

unknowns POV

I looked up at two planes that came flying over this old American base were I was brought to life together with Thunder but where was he I hadn't seen him in months.

"Jetfire I'll go to the east maybe he's there somewhere" the one plane said I then looked at the other one it wasn't a plane but a space shuttle that was a transformer doing with a human?

My mind was interfered by a memory of the angels and a prophecy I many times had heard a original transformer talk about what was his name? Oh now I remembered Skydancer he had sometimes before the fall of the base visited it and told us news.

I had to get in contact with them but then I saw a small shadow behind me it beeped very high and flew off oh no now I was found the small shadow was a small plane it talked with the space shuttle

end unknowns POV

Chippers POV

I beeped so loud that Jetfire got surprised he turned and looked at me

"Chipper of ASD! What are you doing here?!" he said very hard

(I was bored to death at the base but that isn't the reason that I'm here Jetfire there's a-) Jetfire interrupted me

"no excuses get back at the base immediately Chipper and I won't tell Optimus" Jetfire said I looked back at the ruins

(fine then deal with the one who is hiding in the ruins on your own) I said as I turned to leave but then Jetfire stopped me

"what are you talking about?" he whispered now I had his interest he looked inside the ruins

(someone is in there that was why I was so surprised I don't know it was but it seemed to want something) I answered I knew that the unknown couldn't understand me yet or until I wanted him too.

"thanks hey you in there come out so I can see you and that is an order" Jetfire screamed

"why should I?!" the unknown answered I looked and saw a transformer that could reach the chest of Jetfire or Optimus

"As the vice commander of the Autobots and transformers I order you too or else I have to go in and get you!" Jetfire yelled mad I could see he was willing to use his own weapon or me in this case.

"OH Vice Commander I see oh if Thunder could hear that one" The transformer laughed

(Thunder? That was Thunderwinds old name Jetfire) I called Jetfire looked back at me

"you know Chipper you're absolutely right let's go and get him we know where he is" Jetfire answered the transformer in the ruins came out Jetfire turned and saw the transformer "and who are you?"

"first you know Thunder?" I nodded as mad "where?!"

(Name first Jetfire said) I recommended and allowing him to hear me

"my name oh I haven't really got one except one time I was called Dauphin and I took the name in" the transformer said looking at Jetfire

"well Thunderwind is at the human base about 10 miles away" Jetfire answered Dauphin who now looked at the ground

"thanks" Dauphin turned to walk when Jetfire suddenly called

"Dauphin come here just for a second" I could see that Dauphin hesitated but came Jetfire looked a little worried the transformer was in bad shape one propeller in a wrong direction and the cockpit was destroyed.

(who did this to you?) I asked

"the angels they have been attacking me from time to time but they have come lest and lest I haven't seen one in the last two weeks and I swear by me own energon that it's true" Dauphin said and looked at bit confused Jetfire looked down at me "did he..?"

"we need someone to help him getting back" Jetfire said looking around

"Hey You have found the fellow thanks Jetfire" a voice very familiar from all of us said. We turned to see Thunderwind very happy then he noticed Dauphin "Dauphin? Oh my god! Dauphin!"

the two transformers hugged "I thought you were dead" Dauphin said

"me too, me too" Thunderwind said and helped Dauphin after Jetfire assured him that I wasn't at any trouble at all he hoped

"well Let's follow Henriettes tracks she must have found something by now" Jetfire said transforming and got into the air. I was right behind him then I heard an engine I spotted the Jetfighter come flying with at least mach 3

"HE'S COMING" Henriettes voice flew over the radio

The Jetfighter slowed down and was standing still in air. We then saw Him come flying fast. I sat down at the part on the Jetfighter Henriette looked out to the sides and saw the lasers come out. She then smiled faintly and began to fire.

end Chippers POV

Simplers POV

our plan worked so far the angels got surprised to see the Autobots and Decepticons suddenly attacking them I had seen the Jetfighter flown over us and knew the final battle was about to begin for real

"okay Seekers ready too party" I screamed

"yes sir"

"as well sir"

As simple as it sounded to battle these robots I knew all to well that this could be the end for many off us

"Simpler go into attack mode!" I heard Optimus's voice say

"yes sir It's as simple as you can say it" I answered

"now you begin making fun of yourself again" my brother QuickTime joked

"just make it alive Simpler" Optimus said he sounded like he knew what he was talking about

"okay guys let's get this show running" I yelled they cheered and came flying behind me.

End Simplers POV

normal POV

come on

here we go

take a look around

what does this remind

you off?

The Jetfighter flew up behind Megatron trying to get him but all just healed as soon as there were a wound Henriette weren't happy about it so weren't Jetfire what could they do?

I'm calling

I'm yelling

let's call together: justice hope

come here

let's battle come on

the words from the legend were in both mind al the time henriette knew that all words were good "goes and comes, lost and won it never gives up and comes to you" she mumbled she knew the word somewhere from.

"argh!" Jetfire was thrown to the ground henriette defended him from her position in air the missiles and lasers were flying she knew that it could only keep him back.

"oh what does the words mean! Sun-traveler, defeated and faith" henriette mumbled she saw Jetfire was getting up so she flew back "we aren't the ones that is something I know now!"

"we must have faith! Henriette!" Jetfire yelled "Faith is all we need"

"just as much as hope" another voice said in Henriettes mind Katie! They had made that line when they were young "the word that you are searching for is hope is it comes and goes, has won and lost many battles and comes to you when it has time and never gives up…" her last words died henriette smiled in her own death battle her sister came to guide henriette for the last time

end normal POV

Henriettes POV

I knew now what word it was I knew that Jetfire had heard Katie as well.

"SUNTRAVELER!" we yelled the name a beam came flying a small bird sat on the shoulder of Jetfire singing a tone that didn't effect us. We shot at him while this went on but Megatron used his weapon and hit Jetfire

"NO!!!!!!" I yelled and looked into the optics of the V.C that looked at me he knew what came. "You come and goes you win and loses, you never give up and chooses the one who need you then why can't you just help us this once HOPE!!!" I yelled that name was right. The Jetfighter disappeared under me and a beam hit me

"you are the chosen one Henriette together with Jetfire let them unite their power in one big hope combination" A voice said I looked around my head began to hurt as something came in.

Listen I'm Suntraveler you two are bounded more than you could possibly imagine but you are like him and he like you let me hear you call out one more time the creature said it looked like a cross between a transformer and organic and the transformer called us.

"hope" I whispered the organic nodded and looked up in the sky. I felt it in me then a beam from Megatron that hit me so I flew backwards into something.

Arise human transformer from Earth!! Suntraveler yelled. I noticed my body had gotten a more robotic like look and I ran I felt the energy as my body grew out got wings of an F-111 normally it wouldn't have weapons on it but in my case I did. I was now at the high of the chest of Jetfire and gilded in front of him just in time too avoid a beam.

You haven't seen

What I have

A world full of disaster

If you just listen to me

Then you will see

Can't you see them cry

Can't you hear them yell

Can't you feel the evil within

Then let me show you

"who the hell are you?!" Megatron yelled I didn't answer behind me I noticed that Jetfire had gone human. Then I had to fight.

Come on

Move along

I'll show you what you missed

I'll show you all I can

We laid out with a hand-to-hand encounter where I got the upper hand for sometime Megatron then kicked me to the ground I rolled round and got Megatron down. I looked at him he was mad and then he pooled out the Star Saber out of nowhere I didn't know what to do.

A world is changing

And we miss it all

You just go around

And don't listen

To the worlds heartbeat

Can't you see them cry

Can't you hear them yell

Can't you feel the evil within

Then let me show you

"beep breep meep" some beeping notes came I looked back at three Minicon that came running the transformed and joined together into a sword

"what the hell?" I mumbled but took the sword a shield materialized on my left arm while I held the mysteriously sword with my right.

Megatron took sight of the sword and shield for weak points and attacked I blockaded with the sword and pushed him away with the shield he looked angry I took up the shield to protect myself when he came again the sword hit it my sword then began to shine with a bright blue and silver light I felt a warriors spirit came into me.

Come on

Move along

I'll show you what you missed

I'll show you all I can

Oh yeah all I can

Mm hmm a world in change

"you got the power use it" a voice said I took the sword up in air and sent beam of fire and lightning down at him. The wind and fire worked together then the ground began to shake and the rain began to fall I now understood the only forces that we hadn't asked for assistance the planet earth itself. I looked over it Megatron looked at me the water, fire, air and earth got him down and killed him. I wasn't alone, the star saber Minicons stood on the ground looking around with six Minicon I had used ran over to then they were gone I then fell backwards laying on the back looking into the sky as something neighed of course the guardians Asiata was the highest of them I closed down my systems and fell asleep when I woke I opened my eyes to look at Jetfires human face he smiled

"we did it Henriette we did it" he said I then did something I kissed him. He looked surprised but didn't make move to brake from me. I had had the greatest problem to keep this under control- my love.

end Henriettes POV.

Dauphins POV

I looked at Thunderwind he was nervous he knew that the transformers had won Megatron was dead but two still had to return so that he could be sure

"come on" he said

I looked then at Simpler oh yeah Simpler the young Decepticon that wasn't one any more after swearing a truce between the two 'races' we were getting the base together

the battle that had be fought was easy once the bond between them and Megatron was destroyed some had taken the run and others destroyed themselves

"Simpler are you worried" I asked the youngster that stood beside me

he looked at me with the light of speed he smiled and nodded "yes if they are alive then they deserve to live they have put a milestone into the Earthen and Cybertrorian story they are heroes" he answered looking out into the horizon

I looked back into the base former Decepticons were talking with Optimus that court my optics then looked at another one I felt relieved that he wasn't going to talk to me.

"once upon a time there was a transformer and human they defeated the most powerful transformer but they didn't return until the sun were setting" a voice said I and my two friends looked back at Skydancer who were holding a Datapad in his hands

"what are you reading" Thunderwind wanted too know he looked at it "the legend but it's…"

"rewritten they made it the legend turns and twist itself around to fit the end as it comes the only thing I hope is…" he looked into the sun that was about too set

"that they are alive?" I suggested they looked at me I walked back as if to say 'I got the message' but they smiled and laughed I looked embarrassed and felt a hand on my shoulder

"you're right Dauphin" I turned my head Optimus was standing right behind me!!

"am I sir?" I asked he nodded and looked into the sunset

I looked at the ground they are out there I know it please return I closed my optics suddenly I opened them and saw the thing we all wanted to see

"look Autobots!!" I screamed all looked and saw a giant shadow we smiled so did I he was alive so was she not we had something to celebrate

end Dauphins POV

Jetfires POV

We have gone through this

Considered what it is

Remembered it as well

Just to we fell

One thing we can agree

That we want to be free

As we walked I became a transformer again I saw the look on Henriettes eyes I could still fell the kiss on my lips when I was human I never knew that such feelings could come from a small human. She didn't talk but I knew her thoughts were all around to ask I didn't know why I knew.

"Well what are we going to do now" Henriette asked her voice hit me with a arrow straight through the spark of me.

"Don't know maybe divorce from the planet and go home the angels are finished off for now"

I have felt it before

But don't remember it more

I want to move along

See what the ways belong

Can't feel you here

I'm gone through the mere

"Look Jetfire" she then said and pointed at a large group then she fell backwards of tiredness I did as well none of us were fit to stand.

"Jetfire! Henriette!"

"Well that was all from now let's see who pick us up" I said and laughed. Henriette laughed as well and then she looked up at the sky

"Why couldn't we not just stay together I love you Jetfire and I know you do too but I feel something evil will come between us" she said.

"Henriette I promise you if someone or something goes against us then I will never forgive myself" I said Henriette looked at me with tears in her eyes the tears told me she was scared and hurt not by me but by Megatron I didn't know how he had died and Henriette hadn't told she just remained silent about that.

"I hope you right Jetfire" she mumbled as Skydancer came flying towards us and I became human for the last time I hoped.

end Jetfires POV

Skydancer's POV

All saw the shadows come walking slowly with halting steps one a human was falling from time to another Optimus hold his breath back we all did that and then I couldn't stand it anymore. I transformed to greet them welcome back in my own way.

"Jetfire! Henriette!" I called they looked up Henriette fell down on her back and looked happy at Jetfire who suddenly became human he fell down on the back as well I flew down and transformed.

"Jetfire how did you become human?" I asked as I took them up Henriette just shock her head and Jetfire didn't answer I got them back where we got them in intensive care.

"Jetfire" Henriettes voice said weakly as I bore them down .

"yes" his voice sounded strange but it was his.

"thanks for the believing we wouldn't have won we are both transformer and human now so we can stay together if it is what we want" she drifted over in unconsciousness and was not to wake up Jetfire simply fell asleep.

I smiled as I looked at the ones the prophecy had asked to fulfill they had got the hope back defended Cybertron and Earth.


The situation was critical Henriettes will to live was going down as Jetfire regained his will to survive when he had nearly given up she had given him her will

"before I go Skydancer will you get Chipper for me" she asked I got the Minicon to her they talked private as they did that she became very pale and closed her eyes Chipper laid a hand on her shoulder and beeped several times and the monitor began to alarm us all Chipper jumped back some doctors came running and got all out.

"the time is 12.05 she is declared dead" one of them said I looked sad after the bed I walked down to Jetfire who still was human he was awake and saw the bed pas by

"who has died?" he asked I bowed my head Optimus looked at me guessing Henriette had died…

The next days we got ready to get to Cybertron the humans were busy with rebuild and much more Jetfire was a transformer again he had got the news some hours after. I got Chipper up on the back he beeped as a new transformer came running Optimus was surprised

"Hey! Wait! Are you going without me?!" it said all could see it was a female seeker-transformer

"who are you femme?" Optimus asked the seeker who clapped her hand to her face with a mixture of surprise and forgetfulness. She smiled mysteriously a way that I knew only one could do it but who?

"oh! Sorry! I forgot my name is Jetfighter but can't you recognize me" it answered the eyes had a color I had seen somewhere before then Chipper beeped so loud we all became surprised he had recognized her

"Jetfire, can't you see who I am?" Jetfighter said Jetfire looked at her for two minutes then he cried out in happiness recognizing her.

"you are alive. Oh I'm so happy" he ran to the transformer, who hugged back as well. We all looked at each other "but how?" he asked.

"I don't know I flew around then suddenly I was in the plane I transformed just a day ago but the hangar was locked so I couldn't come out I had to reprogram the computer" Jetfighter said then it hit me the eyes was Ice and Crystal blue

only one person or girl had such eyes

"Henriette?" I tried to ask careful. The transformer looked at me

she smiled in the way Henriette only could when someone was right she nodded "yes it is me" Jetfighter said. She smiled we were all happy it was the human Henriette who had died but the transformer in side off her had been searching for a plane and the Jetfighter was perfect.

"let's get onboard!" Optimus yelled I looked at him our leader and now hers Jetfighter smiled her leader as well at the look at her face it seemed she liked the idea of it.

about too return?

It's the last turn.

Then look this way

Hey, hey this way

We returnees must look away

Then we can return this very day.

On the way back to Cybertron we looked at the two transformers Jetfighter was resting in the arms of the Vice Commander who was sitting down on the floor mumbling words of old singing and rhyming. Jetfire looked after her I looked at Haste who also was in love but gave up I turned to look out there the Decepticons flew they were free no long lost leader to return just peace.

We had won and lost but most of all we had been given a lesson in trust and allies we had strong one in the humans we hadn't realized that if Henriette hadn't been with us all the way together we made a team a team of hope justice and love.

I looked out at the planet that came and remembered Trackwise who had paid deep for the love of a follow Autobot. He had been declared a hero because it was the children that we worked with which he had protected

"Cybertron in sight straight ahead" I called at last all hope was back we were Autobots and now Decepticons on this planet I felt many stand behind me I turned and saw Red Alert, Hot Shot, Scavenger, Sideswipe, Blurr, Smokescreen, Optimus, Landmower, Haste, Cartjeck, Police, Leesgar, Vanish, Jetfire and Jetfighter who stood in Jetfires arm so she could be hold up.

"welcome home Transformers you're back to make a new era an era of peace" she said she was right. We smiled there were finally peace among the three races the Decepticons the Autobots and the Minicons.

The end (maybe a beginning?)

All right finished hope you enjoyed it I'm happy to say- me writing the last things

the return off leader isn't just over yet things will happen in the future but them you must wait and see- jetfighter pointing a finger at me

yeah the next one is named…- Sideswipe coming into the room

Shut up it's a surprise!!- Jetfighter hitting Sideswipe

Has someone seen jetfighter- Space looking around inside the room

She's… right… here- Sideswipe under Jetfighter

oh dear see you in next story!!!- Space falling as Jetfighter runs after Sideswipe

yeah see yer- Me waving and helping Space up.