Rainbow Weasleys

By loralee

Disclaimer: Not mine just playing. I don't own anything if you sue you may have one slightly used 17-year-old son and you can't give him back.

Severus Snape sneered as the dinner dishes vanished from the Great Hall and were replaced by brightly wrapped candies. He looked closer at the candies and noticed writing scrolling around the wrapper gaily announcing Happy Birthday Headmaster.

Toying with the wrapper he debated eating one and looked down the table toward Dumbledore. What he saw was enough to make him drop the candy as if he were burned. Flitwick sitting between the Headmaster and himself had green hair and beard and the Headmaster was twinkling merrily and fingering his own lavender beard.

Furiously Snape looked toward the Gryffindor table. It had to be that blasted Potter and his groupies since the Weasley twins were gone.

The male Weasleys hair was bright blue and Grangers bubblegum pink and Potter himself, laughing at the other two, had red hair.

Snape was suddenly struck by how very much the boy looked like Lily. With that hair and those eyes, her eyes, the smile was hers.

How, he thought have I never noticed, that Potter is Lily's child.

Suddenly something deep inside Snape shifted and he saw not James's arrogance but Lily's sense of fair play in Potter's, no Harry's actions. Bits and pieces of ignored information came together and in a moment of clarity Snape realized the truth. That Harry Potter was a victim of fate just as he, Snape was and did not deserve what had been done to him. In that moment hope blossomed inside Severus Snape and for the first time he believed that the boy, Lily's boy, could save him, could save them all.