Her legs hurt like hell, but she kept going. They were right behind her. Willing to kill a defenseless girl, because of whatever it was inside her that made it so she could control fire. The hate that she had seen in their eyes... they all wanted her dead now. Even her parents. They didn't understand that it wasn't her fault, that she didn't ask for this. She turns a corner, and keeps going. She knows it's not long now. Hell, some of them are thirty, and can run three times as fast as her. Jenna can hear her heart pounding, but if she stops, she dead. She she keeps running. Past the school, the playground, the mall, and she turns left again. If she slows down, she's as good as gone. They're yelling so loud, she knows they're catching up, so she ducks into an alleyway and waits for them to pass.

And when they do, she goes home, grabs her wallet and bank card, and leaves home, knowing she can't ever return.