As I hold her, I feel so dirty. She's upset because she's been... Goddess, I can't even think about it. When she told me, I felt so betrayed. Like, I don't know, she had cheated on me. I know that's stupid. After all, I had Willow, and I'm supposed to miss her and hoping she'll stop using magic so we can be together again. But all I feel is tremendous lust when she puts her head between my legs, her hands covering her face, sobbing, begging me to tell he she came back wrong. But all I can think about is kissing every single one of her tears until she stops crying. But I'll never do that. Because she doesn't go that way, and besides, she's Willow's best friend, and I do still miss Willow. I'm sure I do. I'm just, distracted. Buffy is just a distraction. I'm positive of it.

I hope. I'll pray that's all this is. Because it's wrong and my feelings are wrong sure as she wishes she were wrong.