Unfair Retraction

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Chapter1: Problems are bound to arise.

(Normal POV)

[Five Thousand and Two hundred Years Ago]

"Leave me alone!" a mysterious red head cried as she ran from several male pursuers, "you are only supposed to bury me!" she cried at them angrily, "not have immoral pleasures with me first!" she cried as she continued running through the underground cavern, "I am a holy sacrifice for the Pharaoh and for that purpose alone!" she cried as she saw two directions ahead of her, she turned right and continued running.

The men saw the direction she took and snickered happily to themselves and followed her.

The redhead kept running, despite the face that the silky white gown that nearly reached her ankles was giving her a hard time. The elegant red shoes made out of twine was now dirtied and ruined. But she had no time to think of how soiled her ceremonial garments were, those men would have their way with her if she didn't find a way out of here. She kept right on running; her fiery ruby red hair (that reached just below her waist) swished behind her oval shaped head. Her large dark blue orbs kept looking desperately for any means of escape, but there were just more and more corridors. She ran past closed doors, which housed the honourable dead of long ago briskly, her lithe 5'9 figure racing as she tried to find an exit.

"You'll never find the way out red-head!" she heard Tuipo Roba cry from not too far behind me, "I know this cavern like the back of my hand!" he cried victoriously, "as the High Priest's son you get to learn such things!" he jeered as she heard the others chasing her alongside him laugh evilly.

"Your father will hear of this!" the red head cried as she desperately took a turn to the right and then another one northeast, "you'll be desecrated!" she cried her voice gaining a victorious ring of it's own, "you'll be banished from Egypt forever!" she cried as she continued running from her insistent pursuers, "Ikki will never love you!" she cried angrily at him as she accidentally stepped on the hem of her dress and fell to the dirt floor.

The teenage boy stopped running suddenly and the others with him soon did the same.

The boy chuckled. "So you think that Ikki will never love me huh," Tuipo said softly in an eerie voice, "well, she can't decide not to love me if the one person who keeps warning her against marrying me is dead!" he cried angrily as the red head's eyes widened at this statement, "you better pray that you fall down a hole and die today Emmiuki!" he cried as the other men gasped at his sudden rage, "because if I get you first, I'll make you wish that you were on that vessel with your parents that fateful day," he said my eyes grew even wider with fear as she jumped to my feet and ran.

"You better pray that the Gods are your side female," she heard Wyrou Ittyu the priest's assistant say from behind her, "the high priest will never find out about this since you wont be around to tell him Ms. Sacrifice!" he cried his voice filled underlying a hint of scorn.

She heard his jewelry jangle as he and the others continued chasing me. She could hear his chocolate brown feet hitting the floor with every step that he took towards her. The red head struggled to run faster, they were gaining on her much faster now. My jewelry made slight noises as well. A pair of golden bangles that my older sister had given to me earlier today.

"You sound tired," she heard a sultry voice say from a good distance behind, "this why my people believe that Pandora started all problems that now plague this world," he jeered, "you women are nothing but trouble," he said his voice loosing a sultriness and warmth, "give it up, you will be able to escape woman."

"You Greeks need to give women more credit Rai," Tuipo chastised, his voice seemed much closer to me, "after all this little wench has been able to avoid being captured by us so far," he said almost merrily as he along with the others continued chasing me, "don't worry, it will be worth the chase," he assured as her eyes opened wider with panic as she took a turn to the left and ran through the third opening not to far away.

She heard laughter from not too far behind her as she ran down a few steps to a closed door and opened it and ran through it.

(Rai's POV)

"Don't tell me that she really went down there?" I asked Tuipo who was now laughing his head off, "she should really have taken a left turn earlier," I said almost sadly as I brushed back my now unruly curly blonde hair.

"Don't pity that little girl," Tuipo said as he flashed a strand of his bright orange hair out of his face, "she decided to sacrifice herself and was naïve enough to agree with my father to let me do it because he had to go out and attend to some 'business,'" he said with a slight laugh, "she wont want to explain how come I was at the ceremonial chamber when it's only supposed to be my father and his assistant Wyrou," he said triumphantly, "you know that until I'm official High Priest that I'm not allowed in there?"

"Of course!" two guards stated formally, "as far as we are concerned we are simply after a sacrifice who decided to escape," they said in unison with sly grins, which both Tuipo and Rai returned along with a soft chuckle, "too bad this Pharaoh is uncomfortable with female scarifies, and decided to excuse himself from this particular one," one of them said with a chuckle, "but we wouldn't be having so much fun if he did, now would we?" the other asked evilly and Wyrou simply shook his head.

"I think that she's got enough of a head start," Wyrou stated in his deep masculine voice, "I am not getting my robe any dirtier just by standing around and waiting for that girl to find the door out of here," he stated indifferently and walked ahead the others down the stairs, his 6'3 figure with shoulder length light blue hair walking briskly down the steps.

"He's no fun," I said in slight annoyance, "she'll never get away even if she finds the...." I continued as I straightened my red toga.

"Young Lord you must understand my 19yr. old friend's position," Tuipo said to me, "he had take on his position at 12yrs. after his father and five elder brothers were brutally murdered by a band of thieves," he explained as my purple eyes widened at this revelation, "a young man who intended to marry and see the world has been forced to take a position that keeps him here most of the time," he continued, "I feel sorry for him, I was 9yrs. at the time and to this day we've still been very good friends," he said his voice filled with a far away warmth.

"But we really should get going," Tuipo said suddenly and went down the stairs ahead of me, "my brown eyes spy that the girl is nearing an exit," he said as he called me to follow with a gesture of his hand, "our delicate white golden skins, like her's, can't take banishment, so let's hurry along," he joked to me as we hurried off in the direction that she and Wyrou had gone.

(Emmiuki's POV- a good while later)

I ran down more and more stone steps. I had passed more corridors, openings and doors than I cared to remember. I had to throw a rock at Wyrou and he nearly fell off the banister less, to the bottomless pit below. But I soon heard voices and I continued to run, I heard Wyrou's voice cursing me and throwing many unscrupulous threats. Obviously the others had pulled him up from the edge in time.

"Lucky me," I muttered softly to myself as I struggled to keep running despite the severe pain in my legs and pretty much every part of my body.

"You can't get away give up little girl!" I heard the twin guards Hoytr and Foytru cry in unison. I really wanted to turn around and throw something at their identical bald black heads. But I could hear them gaining on me and I knew that I couldn't stop for anything.

As the stairs wound higher and higher I saw a trap a trap door far ahead of me.

* Freedom. * (Emmiuki's thoughts)

I continued to run, the others not too far behind me. I had torn off a piece of the dress earlier and now one side of it stopped at my waist and the other at the end of my thigh. I was covered in dirt and now looked more like a street peasant than a holy sacrifice. I felt so unworthy.

As I finally neared the trap door my eyes filled with tears. I was finally going to get out of here. I didn't care if it led to the poorest of Egypt, I could feel a few rays of sunlight from the cracks in the wooden door and I could hear some verbal murmuring from the other side. I finally reached the door and removed the latch and opened it.

My mouth fell to the floor when I saw what was in front of me.

A large muscular bodied rebel stood right next to the trap door and he turned to see me standing there. He was suspicious of me until his eyes fell upon the cloth that tied my hair. It had the Pharaoh's special insignia on it and seemed to suddenly make his gray eyes fill with rage. I noticed the many tattoos and symbols upon his brown skinned body and clothes that symbolized him to be among the major rebels that were trying to overthrow the Pharaoh.

I gulped and tried to step back slowly when his reached out like a striking serpent and the next second I was hanging in the air. One hand being grasped by his dark muscular one and the other dangling stupidly in the air as I struggled to get free.

"You will be brutally executed," the rebel hissed in a baritone voice, "for your blatant support of the Pharaoh and then coming to trespass on our lands," he told me as I struggled pitifully.

"She's mine set her down," I heard Tuipo say suddenly, "she's mine let her down!" he ordered when the rebel didn't immediately comply.

The rebel looked at me then his face filled with a broad evil grin.

"We wouldn't do anything nearly as bad as you're gonna do to her," he said simply and flung me into one of the guards arms, "you'll wish that we took care of you," he said to me simply and walked away.

I tried to struggle but Hoytr alone was too strong for me to escape from. The others laughed at my meaningless struggling and returned to the underground cavern and closed the trap door.

Tuipo dug into his robes and soon exhibited some heavy shackles and grinned at me broadly. I shrieked the moment that I saw them and struggled as both Hoytr and Foytru held me in place as Tuipo himself shackled me to the wall. Soon both my hands and ankles were shackled to the wall and all of them, except for Wyrou, were grinning evilly at me with blatant lust in their eyes.

"You're wearing the Bangles of Innocence," Wyrou observed suddenly, "your sister actually gave you such a priceless and powerful item on the day that you're going to let yourself be buried?" he asked almost incredulously as he lightly touched one of the two bangles that was now hanging at my elbow.

"Too bad she hasn't even begun to understand it's power," Tuipo sneered as he boxed Wyrou's curious hand away and ran his own finger along its circular golden surface, "a special millennium item made out of indestructible fools gold," he recited, "to seem to men of greed and power as worthless, but to those of innocence and or the ability to tap into it's unprecedented power," he said as he stared lovingly at it, "it would be a beautiful piece of jewelry that can turn the very state of power, of the person who can use it," he said as he gave me a small grin and left the bangle alone.

"Too bad you didn't try to tap into its powers like your older sister," Rai said suddenly as he came to stand in front of me, "she may not be able to do nothing more than a few admirable tricks," he said, "but at least you would have had a chance to escape if you had used what you had on your beautiful tanned arms as more than just pieces of jewelry," he said, his light Greek accent annoyed my ears.

"I'll be studying over there," Wyrou said coldly as he pointed to a spot near the trap door, "call me when you're all finished," he said as he started to walk towards the spot which was a good distance away from where I was chained.

"No fun," Rai muttered and the others laughed.

Suddenly Tuipo started to kiss me at the side of may neck. I tried to bite him, but Rai suddenly grabbed my face and started to kiss me passionately on the lips. I could feel hands roaming my legs and thighs as my increasing screams were muffled by Rai's crushing kisses. His tongue brutalized mine as I tried to unsuccessfully push his out. I couldn't struggle much because of my shackles and they were crowded all around me so I couldn't see below my nose and Rai's face. I look up to see Wyrou reading from a scroll. My eyes pleaded to him when he reluctantly looked my way. But his eyes suddenly filled with scorn and disgust as he simply turned his back.

[Present Day]

(Normal POV)

"Excuse me please," a young teenage girl said politely as she carefully pushed through the crowd that was gathering to watch the Battle City Tournament, "Excuse me please," she said as she neared what she was searching for.

The major museum was in her sights and she was getting closer and closer.

Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed her and pulled her into a nearby alley. Her light brown eyes filled with panic, as she struggled not to the drop the few shopping bags that she had in her hands. She was unable to cry for help as the fifteen year old was dragged into the alley by a large white thug. She heard chuckling as she was thrown into the alley, proving that the thug wasn't alone.

"Hey pretty girl," she heard a male voice slur behind her as she spun around to see smaller but rather ruthless thugs grinning at her, "let's have those pretty bags," the stringiest one said pointing at my shopping bags.

"Here!" she cried as her chocolate brown hands dropped the bags to the floor, "the bangle's are made out of fools gold," she said simply when she saw one of the thugs eying it, "it's worthless," she said as the three other thugs glared at her.

"Well I guess we'll have to be recompensed then," one of three said in a tiny gruff voice as the others laughed, "wont we Bruce?" he asked one of the thugs.

"I believe so," responded the one who had pulled me into the alley, "recompensed Big Time," he said with a grin as he stared at her through his sunglasses.

(The Girl's POV)

The thug with the sunglasses stared at me through his sunglasses. Without even seeing his eyes I could feel his eyes exploring every part of my body. I was wearing a multicoloured floral outer shirt (unbuttoned), a white blouse with a red heart in the middle, a pleated black micro mini skirt and black shoes with laces. I guess that wasn't covered too well.

"You have the money," I stuttered revealing my accent, "everything in those bags are worth a lot of money," I said my voice starting to sound really scared, "please take that and let me go," I begged. "I'll get into a lot of trouble if anything bad happens to me," she pleaded as the thugs laughed.

"Well a tourist," the third thug said with a glint in his eyes, "we'll just have to introduce you to some of our local customs wont we?" he asked with an evil sneer, "throw her to me first Bruce," he said his voice now cold and commanding.

"Sure Cut Throat, have fun," Bruce said from behind me and pushed me towards the grinning man. I shrieked and tried to swerve away from him and ended up crashing into several metal bins.

The guy's laughed and started walking towards the girl. But suddenly a voice spoke that sounded totally different.

"Why did you have do that?" a different female voice asked from the lips of the same girl who was now covered in rubbish, "why couldn't you just take the money and leave her alone?" the slightly deeper female voice asked coldly but with an underlined tone of anger.

"Because we like pussy that's why!" the third thug cried as he chuckled, "looks like we have a crazy here fellas!" he cried sounding rather excited, "this is going to be fun," he said as he reached for her.

"You are SO dead," the other female voice said and suddenly opened her eyes just as the thug laid his hand on her bosom. I was no longer in control and those men were going to pay the ultimate price for it. I was so happy.

(The Other Girl's POV)

I felt the man's hand touch my right breast. My favourite body part! Only my future husband could rest his hand there without asking my permission first!

I opened my eyes. I noticed that the thug looked at me in surprise and suddenly stepped back.

*So he's afraid of girl's who aren't so surprised and scared to fight back huh? He'll pay for what he tried to do to her! * (Other girl's thoughts)

"So my new look scares you huh?" I asked the thug as he stepped back towards the others, "where are you going?" I suddenly asked teasingly my powers causing a not so strong but steady breeze to blow, "didn't you just want to touch me?" I asked as my powers began to drag him away from his posse and towards me, "don't you want to come to me and play?" I asked almost flirtatiously and laughed when he tried to reach for his gang and they couldn't get to him because of the invisible shield that I had placed between them, "don't you like me anymore?" I teased in a fake sad voice, "do I scare you that much?" I asked angelically as the thug started to cry and begged me to forgiveness, "then beg then," I snarled as I grabbed his face and pulled right up to mine (which was twisted with rage), "then beg God for forgiveness when I crush your face and send you to the Ravenous Demons of the Deep!" I cried enraged and crushed his face with my right hand as he let out a loud blood-curling scream. I held unto his thrashing form with my right hand until it's last spasm. When I felt no more tremors running through his body I flung him across to the other side of the alley.

*Katrina I'm so sorry! You gave me a day to enjoy myself and I ruined it! [She starts to sob] I dressed like a whorish woman! [Sobs louder] I deserved what I would have gotten! But I couldn't let them get to you! [Sobs twice as hard] I couldn't let you experience something that I obviously still deserve despite the fact that I already exp.... * (The girl who was attacked talking from her soul room)

"Shut Up!" I cried angrily at her and she suddenly grew silent, "it was not your fault Emmiuki," I told her sternly, "those men were worthless rapists," I told her, "it does not matter what you wear or who gives you permission to wear it," I continued, "it gives no one the right to force themselves on you," I said, "even if I were wearing hojab and sweats, they would still have come after you and I," I said to her with great reassurance, "it wasn't right what they did to you all those years ago," I told her as she slightly smiled at my kind words, "and I wont let them get away with what these bastards just tried to do to you now," I added coldly as I noticed that the other thugs were cowering in a corner as I had sealed off the only exit to getting out of the alley.

I started chanting an ancient spell and water started to run along the high walls of the alley. Suddenly two large demons appeared one from each side of the wall. They looked like monsters made out of water as water flowed from their liquid shaped bodies. They each had three heads, two looking like sharks and one looking like a fierce hawk. They glared at the three remaining thugs with their fierce watery beady eyes and their deafening roars caused those 'thugs' to whimper like children as they huddled together in the middle of the alley. My grin grew even wider when the thug with the sunglasses was grabbed by the demon on the left while the other two thugs were grabbed by the demon on the right. Their cowardly screams were heard until the demons stepped back into the watery walls and disappeared. The water disappeared and I sighed as I started to remove the special barrier, but I stopped when I saw the body of the other thug that I killed myself was still there. I started to deliberate about what to do with it when Emmiuki spoke to me from her spirit room inside me.

*Let me handle it * [Emmiuki]

*Are you sure? * [I asked her from in my mind] (readers imagine when someone is annoying you and you say things in your head that you can't really say out loud).

*Yes. * [Emmiuki]

I let her take over. She used my body and walked over to the dead body with the crushed head. She looked at it with such cold detestment in her eyes, that I imagined that she'd have killed him herself if he weren't already dead.

"Bangles bring me flames of hot fire," Emmiuki recited her hands outstretched over the body, "turn this body into ashes as penance for trying to take away innocence from both your inhabitor and master," she finished as blue flames surrounded the bangles and then orange flames shot out of her hands and incinerated the body to ashes.

*Way to go Emmiuki! * [I cried happily from my soul room]

"Uhh Katrina?" Emmiuki asked nervously as the ashes were blown away by a swift wind, "can I keep control of your body a little longer?" she asked me sweetly, "please, I promise that I wont cause anymore trouble!" she begged out loud.

*Emmiuki speak in your mind like I do! * [I cried angrily] *You're going to put me into a sanitarium one day! It's not like you haven't done this in public nearly a hundred times already! [I cried in annoyance]

"Sorry," Emmiuki said solemnly, "I guess you want YOUR body back," she said, "after all I'm just a menacing spirit in a bracelet," she said sadly as she looked down at our shoes.

*Never say that again Emmiuki. This is our body. If it weren't for you and this bangle I'd never have these powers. Plus I find you more useful than some dumb know it all spirit who'd tell me what to do every second if they had mastered the bracelets many powers. * [I told her]

"Why are you so kind to me?" Emmiuki asked but got no answer, "Katrina?" she asked.

*Shut up and just take good care of my body for me Emmiuki. Just pick up the bags; I already made sure that all the items are back in there. Have a nice day and remember that I want to go to the museum. * [I told her and closed the door to my spirit room]

(Emmiuki's POV)

I smiled slightly as Katrina closed the door to her soul room. She was always there to make me feel better ever since she got me when she was six years old. She made me feel like a real person, not a stupid spirit that barely understood the powers of the item that I have been trapped in for over five thousand years. I only learned a few chants to do some basic attacks and incantations. While Katrina as the current master has been able to master many of the major spells and attacks of the Bangles of Innocence.

"Bangles of innocence," I said firmly, "I request on the behalf of your master that you dress us into something more innocent but modern," I added remembering the time it dressed us like an ancient Greece young lady.

After a moment I felt a slight tingle in my arms from the bangles. Suddenly my clothes changed to an opened cotton shirt (the shirt tail tied around her waist), a white plain white blouse, a black knee length skirt, long black tights that reached my ankles, and white sneakers with blue laces. Charcoal black hair (that reached her waist) that was in a ponytail before, now fell freely and a few strands were blown out of place by a gently breeze.

I smiled at the cute outfit as I picked up the shopping bags. The bangles always found a strange outfit that I liked. Plus the blood and pieces of stinky flesh and rubbish that had been on the outfit that I had chosen to wear was gone. Thank God for that!

I slowly walked towards the barrier and the bangles automatically removed it. I saw the bustling crowds not too far away. How I wished that I could see the battle tournament right now. But Katrina wasn't interested in Duel Monsters. She promised me that I could watch the tournament. But only after we went to the museum and took a tour of the Egyptian exhibits. I hated going there. To be reminded that the people of our time were all gone and that our wonderful pyramids were now tourist attractions and our beloved tombs were being raided by savage thieves and curious scientists. I knew that Katrina cared; she let me know that she only wanted to know more about my time and to find out about the history of many places and peoples. I knew that she was trying to be nice and not say ancient civilizations and I truly appreciated it. Then I got an idea.

"Katrina!" I cried and got no answer, "I'm going to peek at the tournament hope you don't mind," I whispered when I noticed some people stopping to stare at me.

"I really need to learn to speak in my mind," I muttered as I hurried into the crowd.

I looked towards where the battle city tournament was about to take place. I really wanted to go, plus Katrina can always see the exhibits later. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Plus I want to see Seto Kaiba in action. He is SO Sexy! (Blushes)

*What could go wrong anyway? * (Emmiuki's thoughts as she headed Battle City)

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