Unfair Retraction

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Villain: And a great villain I am. My name is monkey fist by the way.

Black Mage: Oh, yeah. The guy some people on the show mistake for a lemur.

Monkey Fist: I am not a lemur!

Black Mage: (mutters) Never said you were ass wad.

Monkey Fist: What did you just call me! I know…

Black Mage: Like I care about you stupid monkey fu or whatever!

Paine: Don't tell me you're jealous Black Mage.

Black Mage: (honestly) I'm not! I'm just concerned about Reggae having company with common criminals.

Monkey Fist: I'm no common criminal! (Turns to Paine) Does Reggae associate with this cretin?

Paine: (Meanwhile Black Mage is hurling curse words at Monkey Fist for calling him a cretin) More than anyone would consider healthy.

Monkey Fist: Then I can't possibly associate with her any longer. Who knows what habits she might've picked up from that charcoal rag doll!

Paine: Don't you think you're overreacting a bit?

Monkey Fist: No. Plus we only spent the night at a writer party get together where we talked about my interest in monkeys and her interest in Anne Frank's Life and Anne Rice and V.C. Andrews Books. Goodbye. (Leaves)

Black Mage: Good Riddance.

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Paine tells Reggae everything that transpired while she was asleep and Black Mage attested to the fact that it was all true.

Reggae: Do you mean that after all these months that I finally start to at least be Monkey fist's acquaintance and Black Mage or Smart aleck Vivi caused him to leave?

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Chapter 3: Problems Arise

Two Hours Later

(Katrina's POV)

I looked around happily. I was at the Egyptian section of the museum. Emmiuki had just reached here one-hour and a half ago and I knew that she must have gone somewhere else earlier. But I let it slide this time. Besides, I had just finished looking at the African, Caribbean, Greek, and Japanese artifacts and other historical information. I walked towards the replica of a pyramid and looked it over in awe.

It looks exactly like the one's in Egypt! (Emmiuki said in awe) I even recognize some of these artifacts from my time! (Emmiuki cried excitedly)

It's great to have someone with me who is so knowledgeable of ancient Egypt. (I said) It's like having a friend and tour guide in one!

"You seem rather enthralled by that vase," a female voice said suddenly from behind.

"And what does it matter to a female duelist?" I asked in a bored voice, "or should I say the famous Mai Valentine."

Oh Mai Valentine! Please be nice to her Katrina! (Emmiuki begged)

"You're not a big fan of Duel Monsters are you?" Mai asked carefully from behind me.

"I've seen more important things on commercials for Teletubbies Videos from PBS," I responded coldly as I rolled my eyes at Emmiuki's pleading, "is there a reason you're speaking to me Miss Valentine?" I asked coolly in hopes of ending this conversation quickly.

"You didn't seem so uninterested earlier while watching Kaiba battling earlier," Mai said with a slightly teasing tone.

Damn it! I knew Emmiuki went to something before she came to the museum! (Katrina's thoughts)

"It was a dare from my DUMD friend Emm," I said pointedly and ignored Emmiuki's protest of my name calling, "we sort of share a deck," I explained, "me for collecting and value, Emm for obsessive love of this crazy decorative card game," I continued, "guess she thought that if I saw expert duelist like Kaiba in action that I'd actually give fig about the game," I said with great disinterest.

"Guess you won't care that you dropped your deck pack and Kaiba now has it in his possession," Mai said simply and started to walk away.

"WHAT!" I shrieked and twirled around in Mai's direction.

Oh Crap! (Emmiuki cried in horror)

"Where is he?" I hissed after I grabbed Mai by her blouse and pulled her towards my contorted face.

"Let go of me," Mai said seriously.

But before I could decide what to do next, my bangles started to glow. But they glowed a bright red. Blood red. Then a black glow started to absorb the red and as it did I felt stranger and stranger, and the stranger I felt the more an eerie anger started to consume my very being. And as suddenly as it came it disappeared and I was left holding Mai's hand with a rather puzzled look on my face. Then I looked up to see Mai looking at me suspiciously then I realized that my grip on her had slackened but I hadn't let go of her. Also it was obvious that she didn't see what I saw or she obviously wouldn't just be looking at me suspiciously.

"I'll just get going then," I said quickly with a slightly uncomfortable laugh as I let go of Mai's arm as if it were plague and it feel swiftly and roughly to her side, "thanks for tip bye!" I said enthusiastically and hurried off.

"Wa…." Mai started but I hurried away as if I were fleeing an evil predator.

(Meanwhile at an expensive Hotel)

(Normal POV)

Seto sat in front of his looking over data. But really his mind was on that girl who had dissed him earlier.

Damn her for occupying my thoughts. That girl is going to pay. I might just not give her back her cards. (Seto's thoughts)

(Seto's POV)

There was a knock at the door and I got up to answer it. The knock became louder and I began to wonder who had the audacity to be practically knocking down my hotel room door with all that racket. But when I opened the door I couldn't believe it. Standing there was the girl who I was thinking about moments before.

"I'm Katrina," Katrina said formally, "may I have my deck back please?"

I smiled inwardly. This girl wasn't going to get away with what she said to me earlier so easily.

"Why don't you come in first?" I asked with feigned kindness.

Katrina looked at me as if I were nuts.

"I just came for my cards," Katrina snapped, "unless of course you don't really have them," she added suspiciously.

"Duel deck in mauve case?" I asked with a grin and felt even happier when a terrified look of recognition came upon her face, "step in and I'll get it."

"Don't try anything," Katrina said in a threatening tone and carefully stepped inside and I closed the door behind her and noticed that she was looking at me darkly and suspiciously.

"Trust me," I responded, "You're not my type," I said coldly.

"Since I'm not ditzy and stupid, obviously not," Katrina said with a snort.

"I don't go out with ditzy or stupid women," I said defensively, "I don't currently date in fact," I added.

"That's a surprise," Katrina said sarcastically, "so when do I get back my cards?" she demanded.

"When I get an apology," I said superiorly, "you were rude to me earlier today," I said and avoided to reveal that she had actually embarrassed me.

"I have NO intention of apologizing to you," Katrina snapped.

"Then I wont give you back your cards," I told her.

"You know what," Katrina said suddenly, "forget it," she said and walked to the door, "hey it's locked!"

"You can just ask if you want it opened," I responded and dug into my pocket for the keys, "just step aside," I ordered and she did so that I could open the door, "you wont get your cards back with that attitude," I told her.

"Who says that I don't have it already," Katrina muttered almost inaudibly and left.

I laughed loudly at that statement. Have it already? The girl must've been nuts with bitterness.

But wait a second. She was so angry before and then she suddenly calmed down and wanted to leave. But she couldn't have gotten to the deck. It's in my locked briefcase. (Seto's thoughts)

Still suspicious I went to my briefcase beside the computer and opened it. The deck was gone.

"That bitch!" I exploded and ran out of his room to find her.

I had reached the lobby by the time I saw walking and happily humming to herself.

That's it! This weirdo girl is going to get a piece of my mind! (Seto's thoughts)

I ran forward and grabbed for her hand. But instead I grabbed unto one of her bangles.

Suddenly I was in a different place. I didn't know where it was but it seemed to be some underground chamber.

"What the hell?" I asked myself looking around at my new surrounding.

Suddenly I heard footsteps and looked ahead of me to see a red headed young lady running in my direction. She looked scared and kept looking back behind her.

"Leave me alone!" the red head cried and soon I saw several males coming after her, "you are only supposed to bury me!" she cried at them angrily as she got nearer to me, "not have immoral pleasures with me first!" she cried as she continued running, "I am a holy sacrifice for the Pharaoh and for that purpose alone!" she cried but stopped a few steps before me and looked in two directions.

That's when I noticed that I was in the middle path of two different directions. Then I realized who the girl was. But before I could say anything, she turned right and continued running. I then noticed the male pursuers snickering happily and then they too went right. It was obvious that through all of it, none of them saw me.

"Emmiuki," I whispered looking in the direction the rape and death fated red headed girl had gone.

"Mr. Kaiba!" I heard a voice cry out and suddenly I was lying on a couch in the hotel lobby, "please wake up Mr. Kaiba!" I heard the male voice cry and smelled the distinct smell of smelling salts.

I used my right hand and pushed the substance away from my face in disgust. I looked in front of me but saw no sign of Katrina or Emmiuki.

"How did you see that?" a female voice snarled and I turned to see Katrina standing not very far from me to the left, "how did you that?" she repeated and I not only realized that she was sweating and shaking but that her voice sounded nothing like Katrina's at all, "TELL ME!" she cried and she looked upset and on the verge of tears.

I looked at her closely. I knew that wasn't losing my mind but this girl couldn't be the same one that I was chasing moments before to the lobby. But then I noticed something else. Her eyes. They were light brown when she came to my hotel room and when she dissed me earlier. But now they were dark blue. Dark blue like Emmiuki's.

"Emmiuki," I whispered aloud.

The girl suddenly stood ramrod straight and looked absolutely terrified.

"What did you…." The girl started to ask and I suddenly picked up the Egyptian accent that she now had (since I returned to the lobby).

Just ten her eyes grew cold like they were when they were Katrina's and the next second she ran out off and out of the hotel.

"Emmiuki!" I cried but she was already gone.

I had lost her.

"Her name's Katrina," a female said suddenly and I turned to see a young lady in a business suit, "she has a friend named Emma though," she continued, "nicknamed Emm."

"What do you know about her?" I demanded.

"After how I saw her react to you!" the female cried incredulously, "I don't think so Mr. Kaiba," she said seriously, "now I have to go do designs for Em… my client," she said and started to walk off.

"What colour is Emmiuki's hair?" I asked.

"It's Emma," the female snapped at me, "and it's red," she added and left the hotel.

I got up and hurried out the hotel. I saw the lady who I had spoken to get into a taxi and I decided to do the same.

If I follow her I might be able to find out what's going on. And why this girl has such a strong connection to Emmiuki. (Seto's thoughts)

Chapter 3 Completed.

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