Chapter 1

Madam Pomfrey put Harry into a dreamless sleep, he had cuts, bruises, and a broken arm and some fractured ribs. Sitting on the other bed was a free Sirius Black his partner Remus Lupin, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Molly, Arthur, and Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

It had only been an hour since Harry had finished his seventh and final year at Hogwarts when he had been sent down to the local store by the Dursley's, he had been ambushed by several Death Eaters who took him straight to Voldemort.

In a power struggle Harry finally defeated Voldemort with a very powerful, dark and magic draining killing curse. Voldemort had not expected such a curse from Harry so struggled to keep his body meaning Harry had to focus more magic into the spell finally killing Voldemorts spirit and body.

After destroying the Death Eater's master, they had set about avenging him by physically harming the-boy-who-lived. Only one Death Eater had managed to apparate Harry to Hogwarts with great risk to his own life and that was none other than Severus Snape potions master of Hogwarts.

"Is he going to be okay?"! asked Sirius anxiously.

Smiling tiredly Poppy answered, "Physically he'll be fine in a few days. I'm not sure if killing anyone will have a mental effect on him but we'll see. His magic is completely drained but will come back in a couple of weeks. All he needs now is rest and support,"

"Can we stay with him tonight?" asked Remus.

"No I'm ordering all of you to have something to eat then to get some rest," ordered Poppy.

After a lot of protested from Sirius, The Weasley's and Hermione they all left with the exception of Poppy who would look after the now newly titled, 'The-man-who-killed-Voldemort.

Harry woke up feeling sore, stiff, and thirsty. Sitting up he winced slightly as his fractured ribs move, looking around he noticed that the room he was in was empty. Funny I thought people would be queuing up to see the man who killed Voldemort? Thought Harry as he reached for his glasses.

"Mr. Potter you are not to go stretching," admonished Poppy, coming into the ward to see Harry reaching for his glasses.

Not in the mood to argue with anyone, Harry sat back against the pillows whilst Madam Pomfrey bustled over and placed the glasses on the young man face.

"Would you like anything Harry?" asked Poppy her tone softening.

"A drink," answered Harry his voice hoarse.

Smiling softly Popp poured him a glass of water and handed it to him in his left hand. Once Harry had finished his drink her was given some more healing potion's which made him feel sleepy again.

Settling back down he asked, "Madam Pomfrey if Sirius and Remus come by tell them they can stay and would you keep everyone else away?"

"Of course Harry you just rest," answered Poppy.

Mumbling his thanks Harry fell into a natural deep sleep. Not five minutes later and the doors to the hospital wing opened as Sirius, Remus, Molly, Arthur, Ron, and Hermione came into the ward.

"Molly, Arthur, Ron, Hermione you're going to have to leave," ordered Poppy.

"We're here to see Harry, Poppy we promise not to disturb him," replied Molly.

"I'm sorry," apologized poppy, "Harry asked me to just let his godfather and Remus stay with him,"

"Okay but tell him were here if he needs us," responded Arthur, leading his wife, son and son's best friend out of the infirmary.

Poppy led Remus and Sirius into the back room where Harry was laying asleep on his back. Remus sat down on the side of the bed whilst Sirius talked to Poppy quietly.

"How is he?" asked Sirius concerned.

"Still the same, he woke about ten minutes ago. So just let him sleeps," explained Poppy.

"How long was he awake for?" questioned Sirius.

"For fifteen minutes, it will be like that for a few days,"

"Okay. Thank you for looking after him," thanked Sirius.

"No problem," replied poppy going back to her other things.

Sirius sat down on the other side of Harry and held his hand softly stroking it with his thumb. Remus was torn between sitting and watching over Harry or trying to comfort his lover.

It had upset Remus when Dumbledore had told them Harry couldn't live him and Sirius until Voldemort had been destroyed. Sirius had spent the week sulking and guilty that he couldn't do more.

He didn't know how long he'd been asleep, but Harry knew that he was defiantly hungry. Opening his eyes Harry was surprised to see Sirius and Remus sitting either side of him holding his hands.

"Sirius?" croaked Harry, voice still hoarse.

Looking up Sirius saw his godson bright emerald eyes looking at him, smiling Sirius answered "Harry thank Merlin I've been so worried. Do you need something?"

"Water and some food," replied Harry croakily.

"Sirius why don't you go asks Poppy what he can have to eat," instructed Remus, "I'll look after Harry."

At first Sirius was reluctant to leave, but Remus finally pushed him out the door and closed it too telling him not to come back with out food. Harry smiled at the little display but didn't have the heart to tell Remus that he shouldn't have done that.

"You know your godfather was really worried about you," started Remus.

"I know," answered Harry, "I missed him before I was kidnapped," explained Harry.

"Harry he won't leave you alone again. He had been doing nothing but sulk all around his house because you weren't there," admitted Remus.

Harry didn't say anything to what Remus had just said instead he sat himself up again wincing as he jarred his ribs accidentally.

Sirius came into the room with a tray of food there was a bowl of soup for Harry and sandwiches for himself and Remus. Setting the tray nest to Harry's bed he handed Remus his sandwich, then placed the tray steadily on Harry's knee so he could eat his soup.

They all stayed in a comfortable silence whilst they ate. Harry only managed half the bowl of chicken soup before falling to sleep again.

Harry was in and out of consciousness for a couple of days he had only asked for his godfather and Remus to stay with him. He couldn't face the Weasley's yet, not after everything that had happened.

The Weasley were always coming in and asking to see him, but Poppy had ordered them out with the promise that she'd come and get them if Harry wanted to see them.

That Friday Harry woke up early; both Remus and Sirius were asleep in the chairs, smiling at them Harry holstered himself up. His ribs were completely healed if still a little sore, his right arm had a loose bandage on it, it was still broken but Madam Pomfrey had out right objected to put a muggle cast on it.

"PST! Remus," whispered Harry, trying not to wake Sirius up.

Remus woke up instantly at his name being called, stretching he glanced over at Sirius who was still asleep. Looking over at Harry he noticed that was who had shouted him.

"It's early Harry. Did you need something?" asked Remus groggily.

Nodding Harry answered, "I'm going to the toilet I thought it was best to let someone know,"

"Okay just don't be to long," agreed Remus.

Nodding Harry threw back the covers, standing up was okay, but when he tried to walk his legs gave way luckily Remus caught him before he hit the floor. Remus helped Harry sit back on the bed.

"You okay?" asked Remus, sitting next to Harry.

"I guess I thought I was," answered Harry confused.

"Harry you drained all your magic killing Voldemort. You just need plenty of rest so that you're magic can restore itself," explained Remus, "Come on I'll help you,"

Blushing slightly at the thought of someone taking him to the toilet but agreed none the less, Standing back up Harry clung onto Remus, they both took slow and exaggerated steps, there and back.

After relieving himself Harry got back into bed, Sirius still hadn't woken up so Harry and Remus spent the next few hours talking quietly.

It was the most Harry had talked to either of them, but Harry never brought up the fight between him and Voldemort, but he did explain why he'd been sent to the shops.

"Aunt Marge was there, they wanted me out the way so she told me to go buy Dudley something," explained Harry.

"Didn't you tell them you can't leave the house?" questioned Remus.

"I'm not allowed to mention 'magic' in my Uncles house and Marge doesn't know about me anyway," answered Harry.

Just before Remus could reply Sirius woke up noticing Harry and Remus talking bought a smile to his face he was glad that Harry was still able to talk about things.

"Morning Sirius," greeted Harry.

"Morning Harry, Remus," replied Sirius groggily.

"Are either of you two hungry?" asked Remus.

"Yeah," answered Harry and Sirius together.

Rolling his eyes Remus replied, "Okay I'll go to the kitchens to get breakfast."

Remus left the two of them alone, knowing that they needed to talk. Sirius sat at the side of the bed watching Harry.

"What?" asked Harry noticing Sirius watching him?

"I'm glad you're okay," answered Sirius.

The smile faulted as Harry looked away, "Good,"

"Harry what's wrong?" asked Sirius.

Harry looked back to Sirius with a small trail of tears running down his face.

"Harry?" repeated Sirius as he pulled the boy into a hug

"I murdered someone," sniffed Harry before more tears ran down his face, "How can you even look at me?" asked Harry.

"Harry you did nothing wrong. Voldemort forced you to fight," explained Sirius, "If you didn't kill him then you'd be dead,"

"But-" Harry started before Sirius cut him off.

"You are not a murder you did what was expected of you. I can look at you because I see you not a murder."

Harry just nodded as he clung to Sirius he had got a sense security and he wasn't prepared to let go. Soon the comfort and warmth of Sirius holding him got to him and he fell back to sleep.

Looking down at his godson Sirius saw he was asleep again; smiling at him he gently laid Harry down pulled up the sheets and then left the room.

In the main ward, he asked Poppy to keep an eye on Harry whilst he visited Dumbledore, Poppy agreed and Sirius took off up to Dumbledore's office. Stopping at the stone statue he gave the password 'chocolate frogs' and stepped up on to the moving staircase, reaching the headmasters office he knocked once and entered.

"Sirius what can I do for you?" asked Albus.

"Tell me Albus did the prophecy say that Harry would think of himself as a murder?" asked Sirius dangerously.

"Of course not. Is Harry awake then?" enquired Albus changing the subject.

"You are not seeing him today he's already had enough of your meddling," retorted Sirius sharply.

"Sirius I assure you I have done nothing but watch out for the boy," replied Albus calmly.

"You ended up using him to get rid of Voldemort now I have a godson who thinks he is murder all because he had to be the one to kill Voldemort," snapped Sirius.

"I no more used him than the ministry tried to destroy Voldemort on their own," explained Albus.

Sighing Sirius replied, "Like I said Harry thinks he's a murder. I will not have any ministry, reporters or anyone else near Harry until Harry realises he had to and isn't a murder,"

"I' am afraid that I can not keep the reporters away any longer from this castle. If Harry just tells me I can write everything down and then disturbed the story to every reporter then he shall not have to repeat everything again and again," suggested Albus.

Sighing again Sirius replied, "I think that would be fore the best,"

"Very well I shall be down tomorrow," acknowledged Albus.

Nodding Sirius left the headmasters office and made his way back to the infirmary. As he came into the hallway that led to the infirmary, he bumped into Remus carrying breakfast.

"Sirius I thought you were with Harry?" asked Remus, walking in to see Poppy telling off Ron Weasley.

"I was," answered Sirius going over to the matron, "Poppy what's wrong?" asked Sirius.

"Mr. Weasley here sneaked into Harry's room and disturbed him. Harry told him to leave but Mr. Weasley refused to leave," explained Poppy, "Harry got up and called for me before his legs gave way. Mr. Weasley you are not to come back here until Mr. Potter asks for you."

"Yes Madam Pomfrey," replied Ron leaving the hospital wing.

Poppy went back into Harry's room with Sirius and Remus trailing behind her. Entering the room Harry was lying on his left side staring at the wall with a blank look on his face.

"Harry roll onto your back so I can check you over," instructed Poppy gently.

Harry rolled onto his back wincing as he jarred his arm; Poppy checked him over and declared him okay just as long as he stayed in bed. Remus sat the tray down, gave Harry a cup of tea, complements of Dobby the house elf, then handed Sirius his drink of coffee and then took his own cup of tea.

"What did Ron say?" asked Sirius.

"He asked what happened, I couldn't tell him," answered Harry, "Has anyone been to the Dursleys to get my stuff?" asked Harry hanging the question.

"We are all going to go on Monday then you'll come home with me," answered Sirius.

For the last few months Sirius had been busy securing himself a house for Harry and Remus. He had finally brought a house a couple of miles away from Diagon Alley; it was un-plotable so no reporters or anyone not welcome couldn't find it.

Harry's whole face brightened up at the thought of living with Sirius, it had been something that he'd always wanted since his third year but Wormtail had escaped and Sirius had had to go on the run sending Harry back to the Dursley's.

"Live with you?" asked Harry disbelievingly.

"Yes, if you ant to," answered Sirius.

Smiling brightly Harry replied, "Of course I want to. I've wanted to since my third year."


"Remus will be there as well wont he?" asked Harry innocently.

Ever since his sixth year, Harry knew that his godfather and now reinstated professor were lovers, but he had never told them about himself also being gay; ever since he'd found out about Remus and Sirius he was debating weather he'd tell them he was gay.

"I'll be there as often as I can," answered Remus uncertainly.

"What and leave my godfather lonely at night?" questioned Harry/

"WHAT!" exclaimed Remus and Sirius in union?

"I've know since my sixth year, you both should of used a silencing charms, I don't think I slept well for about three days," laughed Harry seeing their shocked faces.

"I suppose Ron and Hermione know as well then?" asked Sirius.

Rolling his eyes Harry answered, "Strangely enough we had been set a homework assignment on silencing charms, when we heard so yes they do,"

"Does it bother you?" asked Remus.

"No," answered Harry going red.

"Why you so red it was simple enough question?" asked Sirius suspiciously.

He had, had his suspicions that Harry was gay but had never asked in case he'd been wrong, but he was pretty sure he had assumed right as Harry was bright red.

"Because," answered Harry simply.

"Okay Harry out with it," replied Sirius.

"Do I really have to?" asked Harry uncomfortably.

"Yes you'll feel better once you've told us," answered Sirius

"Okay," replied Harry looking at his hands, "It doesn't bother me because I'm not straight,"

"What? When?" Remus asked astounded.

"I realized in my sixth year before I knew about you two," explained Harry, "At first I was disgusted with my self, but after time I came to realized it wasn't a bad thing,"

"Why didn't you come and tell me or Remus straight away?" asked Sirius.

Sighing Harry repeated, "Because I was disgusted with my self at first and I also didn't know weather you'd hate me or not?" asked Harry stifling a yawn.

"I wouldn't hate you Harry ever," answered Sirius, as Harry just smiled and yawned again, "Anyway Harry you will have a visit from professor Dumbledore in the morning he will be coming to ask you about Voldemort. Okay?" questioned Sirius.

Harry just nodded as he turned back on to his sided and drifted back off to sleep. Smiling Sirius pulled the covers up over Harry's shoulders then sat down next to his partner yawning.

"Sirius why don't you go get some rest on a proper bed?" suggested Remus concerned.

"I'll be fine," yawned Sirius again.

"Sirius, Harry will need you to be alert and awake tomorrow," replied Remus, "so go get some rest,"

"I can't leave him Remus," objected Sirius now leaning on Remus' shoulder.

"You don't have to leave just go lay down on one of the ward beds," ordered Remus,

"Go on and don't argue."

Grumbling about 'insufarable werewolf's' Sirius got up entered the main hospital wing climbed up on to one of the beds and fell asleep.

Sirius woke up to someone shouting opening his eyes he heard the shouting was coming from the inside of Harry's room. Standing up he marched over to the open door and was surprised to see Harry awake and near hysteria shouting at Dumbledore.

"What's going on?" asked Sirius loudly.

The whole room went quiet; Harry looked up with a fiery determination in his eyes whilst Remus was trying to sooth everything over.

"Ah Sirius I trust you slept well?" asked Albus, eyes twinkling.

"Very well," answered Sirius, "But for some reason I woke up to people shouting,"

"That is my fault. I'm afraid Harry will have to return to his relatives for a while," responded Albus.

"No!" exclaimed Harry.

"It is for your own safety Harry it will only be until the remaining Death Eaters have been caught," explained Albus.

"Professor Dumbledore," began Harry dangerously, "I will give you an account of how I murdered Voldemort but I will not be going back to the Dursleys," replied Harry.

"I'm sorry Harry but I must insist," instructed Albus.

Sighing Harry responded, "I was afraid of this."

Then without warning Harry got up, aided by Remus, and began getting dressed, then grabbing his wand Harry made to leave but Albus stood in hi path blocking the door.

"Move please?" asked Harry.

"Mr. Potter I would advise you not to leave here yet and even then when you do leave it shall be to return to you Aunts for awhile," answered Albus.

"I've just murdered Voldemort, professor," explained Harry angrily, as the magic in the air crackled, "I killed him because I needed to now I'm going with my godfather because I want to. Death Eaters will die before they get any where near me."

The windows in the room were shaking then they exploded sending shards of glass flying everywhere and then Harry went limp against Remus as he passed out.

"Harry?" asked Remus softly.

Sirius and Albus were standing arguing and they didn't notice the werewolf carry Harry back over to the bed and laid him down.

Turing around Remus snapped and shouted, "ENOUGH!" both men fell silent, "Harry is laying unconscious on a bed whilst you two bicker. Albus I'm afraid that Harry is of age and can go where he want to which is to go home with me and Sirius. Sirius your godson needs you now, so stop bickering and start acting."

Both men looked shamed face as Remus explained the truth to them, finally they all agreed on doing what Harry wanted not what they wanted.