Title: Triangle of Three

Rating: R


"Dad are you awake?" asked eleven year old Sarah.

Rolling over Harry answered, "What is it Sarah?"

"Me and James got our acceptance letter," answered Sarah excitedly.

Harry sat up and nudged Sirius awake, he knew that it would be no good trying to wake Remus up, it was the day after the full moon he always slept like the dead.

"Wha is it 'arry?" asked Sirius groggily.

"Sarah and James got accepted to Hogwarts," answered Harry happily, "James still asleep?"

"Yeah," answered Sarah.

Unfortunately both the twins had been affected by lycanthrope in two very different ways. Sarah could transform at will like a animagus and she wasn't effected by the moon. James unfortunately had, had to transform with the full moon but for some reason he kept his mind like an animagus.

"Go get him up then," instructed Sirius.

The family was complete and they couldn't ask for anything better, the twins were finally going to the school they had heard so much about.

Ron and Hermione had been made godparents and they were expecting their first child in three months time.

Ginny was now a qualified Healer and was also seeing Jake a muggle-born from America and she was quiet in love with the young attractive boy.

Molly and Arthur now had four grand children and another on the way. A year after Harry's twins were born Bill and announced that Fleur was expecting twins as well.

Bill and Fleur had, had two boys named Percy and Simon and they were as much trouble as Fred and George.

Sarah came back into her father's bedroom a couple of minutes later dragging a groggy looking James with her.

"What is this all about?" asked James sleepily.

"You got your acceptance letter," answered Sarah.

Sarah was so much like Remus loved reading but she had a wild side that she got from Sirius then there was her loyal and stubborn side which was from Harry.

James was more like Sirius, he loved a good prank but there was a bit of Remus in him and a bit of Harry.

Sarah was closet to Remus and she just loved spending time with him, even if she was just sat next to him reading a book.

James was closet to Harry and also just loved to spend time with him.

Surprisingly it didn't bother the twins that they hadn't got a mum in fact they were happy with just having three dads.

The twins were also very close to each other and if one got told off they both would take the rap.

"Cool we are really going?" asked James.

"Yep," answered Harry.

They spent the rest of the time getting the twins stuff read for Hogwarts. Both twins were sorted into Gryffindor house and the parent's couldn't have been more proud.