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Chapter 1: Encounter

Even if you were miles away you could hear the cries and tremors of the fight between the Inu brothers. The gang were used to their arguments which most of the time turned out to become a fight of claws, swords and yelling. But this fight turned to be different. Very different. It was nearly impossible to see clearly the fight because of their speed. Only red and white blurs could be seen from one spot to another. Suddenly, the two Inu brothers stood in the meadow facing each other waiting for one of them to attack. Sesshomaru decided to take the initiative as he unyieldingly tried to slash at Inuyasha.

"Damn it Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha yelled as he dodged Toukijin's blade, "When are you going to leave us alone!?!"

"When I defeat you and drive you to the grave" Sesshomaru said impassively as he did another attack with his poison claw.

Inuyasha was caught offguard by that attack and was driven to the floor. Sesshomaru stood over him, triumphant of his brother's demise. His golden eyes glittered through his stoic face.

"Inuyasha!!!" Kagome yelled as she frantically fought against Miroku and Sango so she could aid him.

"Lady Kagome! This is Inuyasha's fight!" Miroku said sternly.

"I don't care! I won't watch him die!" Kagome said as she saw Inuyasha's form begin to move.

Sesshomaru looked boringly to his half-brother's form as he bent down to the ground.

"Now, I will no longer be humiliated by you and your worthless sword!" Sesshomaru said seriously as his claw dripped with poison.

Inuyasha swiped Tetsusaiga at Sesshomaru before he could finish him off. Sesshomaru was sent flying across the meadow towards the small group of shard hunters. Sango and Miroku ran away and Kirara took Shippo and flew out of the way. Kagome was frozen in her place from shock and fear. She began to scream as the white blur came closer at an incredible speed. Sesshomaru could not see the direction he was going, he smelled a scent of sakura blossoms and let himself be lost in the moment. He heard the miko scream making him twitch and turn his face to try to avert the sound. Suddenly, the scream stopped and he felt something sharp stabbing at his neck.

Kagome's scream was cut off when Sesshomaru fell on her and she accidentally bit him on the neck. His blood flowed freely from the force of the bite. They were both sprawled in an uncomfortable position. Kagome was on her back with her legs open and Sesshomaru lay between her legs. But soon, that uncomfortable position began to feel good for both of them, and they both quickly put that thought aside.

Sesshomaru looked at the girl and saw blood on her lips. His golden eyes shone with fear and shock as he began to put his hand on his neck. He felt something warm and wet. When he brought his hand to see what it was, his eyes widened. It was his blood. 'That bitch bit me... on my mating spot'

"Kagome! Are you allright?" Inuyasha yelled as he came closer to them.

Kagome thought that he wasn't prepared from the position they were since, Sesshomaru lay sprawled on top of Kagome looking at Kagome with narrowed eyes. Sesshomaru leaned in close to Kagome's ear.

"If you tell anyone of this, I will personally kill you, even if I am your mate," he said in a cold tone. He hid her mark with his hair as he disappeared from the meadow at lightning speed. Leaving Kagome with a fearful expression on her face.

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