They'd ended up in the middle of nowhere again.

But at least the night was warm and pleasant, the painted sky clear. Mummymon unpacked the bedding and pillows and they settled down for the night in the shadow of the jeep. He expected to be yelled at for getting them so far into the wilderness, but Arukenimon seemed to be too tired and pensive to bother.

Flopping down carelessly on his corner of the bedding, he sighed appreciatavely. It felt so good to lie down. He rolled over onto his stomach and crossed his arms on the ground, resting his chin on them and looking at Arukenimon.

Did she really kiss him?

Was it a dream?

He raised himself up onto his elbows. She looked so small.. A slender form hiding a fighting Digimon. He grinned to himself.

Aru's eyes dropped most of the way closed. Her curiosity kept them open enough to see Mumm near her, gazing at her as always. He crept closer, casually, on his elbows and belly. On his belly, like a snake, she thought absently. "Are you awake, my dear?" he said softly. She didn't relpy. He watched her silently, so long she wondered if he'd notice she was awake. In fact, she started to drift off.

Then she heard the rustle of motion. Her eyes snapped open to find Mummymon's face centimeters from hers, his mouth barely brushing her cheek. Caught, he froze, in shock and surprise.

"What. Are you doing?" she scowled.

"I was.. I was going to give you a kiss before I went to sleep.. Kind of a.."

"Idiot," she snapped, "Goodnight kisses go like this." And grabbing one of his shoulders for support, she kissed him on the mouth, and managed not to linger.

"Oh," Mumymon said, his eye wide. "Yes, that is better, isn't it?"

"Go to sleep, Mummymon," she muttered, rolling over.

He fell asleep with a smile on his face.