Chapter 1 the ultimate creation

The only source of light that could be seen from the control room in Eggman's base was the dim flicking of a candle.

The night before, Sonic had infiltrated Chaos Control leaving a mass of destruction behind him. Not only did he destroy most of Dr. Eggman's top E-series robots he had also popped the circut braker, broken and damedged several glass windows, and snatched four of the five Chaos Emeralds that Dr. Eggman had stolen.

Though all would seem to be lost Sonic had left something very precious behind. Something Eggman could use against him in numerous ways. His blood.

Before Sonic escaped from the interior of Chaos Control, the blue hedghog had scraped his leg and twisted his ankle making it so he had to limp to safety.

The evil genius collected it and stored it away for further use.

Dr. Eggman chuckled to himself as he worked on repareing one of the cloning capesules in the dark.

"This will be my ultimate creation." the evil genuis said to himself.

"Haven't those clowns fixed the circuit braker yet?" Rouge scoffed walking up to Eggman with something in her hand.

"Never mind that!" Dr. Eggman demanded,"did you get it?"

Rouge extended her hand and opened it revealing a hypodermic needle containg red fluid,"It wasn't easy to get I can tell you that much."

Eggmans' eyes enlarged, "Shadow isn't coming here is he?"

Rouge shook her head,"No, he stopped chasing me when the millitary arrived."

Dr. Eggman sighed in relief.

"But you still owe me," Rouge said stretching out her arm,"Shadow bit me!"

"Don't worry you'll be payed in full for your survices," he assured her, "now go!"

Rouge gave a cocky salute then walked back into the darkness and disappeared.

Eggman, with his ego watched her go then went back to work.

"I'm not going to let a few minor set backs get to me." he thought to himself.

Dr. Eggman pressed a button making the capsules lid open.

"There." he said satisfied.

Just then the lights switched on.

"I'm back," Rouge called flying in, "well what do you know those two rejects are good for something after all."

Dr. Eggman blew out the candle,"What took you so long!"

"Oh, please, I wasn't even gone five minutes, relax."

"Never mind that now, just put them in here!"

Rouge hovered over the capsule and dropped some femanine looking hedgehog bones into the capsule.

"What? Did you dig up a weakling?"

"No, a girl." Rouge replied

"A girl! I gave you strict instructions to bring me male hedgehog bones!"

"Yeah, yeah, but I thought even something evil should have some femanine beauty to it."

Dr. Eggman shook his head, "Very well, very well, but if this creation comes out a flop I'm holding you personally responsible!"

Rouge shrugged,"Whatever you say."

Eggman press the same green button again and the capsule closed.

"Give me the vile with Sonic's data." Dr.Eggman instructed.

Rouge handed him the vile with Sonic's name on it. Dr. Eggman chuckled as he poured the blood into a tube that ran into the capsule.

"I still don't understand why you want to go through all this trouble." Rouge rolled her eyes.

"It is very simple," Dr. Eggman began,"not only is that blue bumbler my rival he is also a hero. Almost every creature knows and aknowledges him in some way, his friends, his enemys, even people that only know his name. Now if their beloved Sonic was gone they would have no hope. They would be weak, helpless, and vunerable."

"So your going to kill him?" Rouge guesed.

"Mm mm mmm," Dr. Eggman waged his finger,"all in good time my resourcfull rodent, first I must capture him and use him for my own advantidges."

"Now I get it,"Rouge snapped her fingers,"if you killed Sonic they would rise up against you, but if you just threaten-"

"They'll do anything to save him," Dr.Eggman finished, "now, give me the hypodermic needle.

Rouge picked up the needle from where she had placed it before and handed it to him.

The evil genuis opened the top of the needle and poored it into the tube as well.

"There's one last thing." Eggman grinned rubbing his hands together.

For no apparent reason Dr. Eggman reached out and ripped a small piece of Rouges' wing.

She screamed in agony, "Hey! What did you do that for!"

"I'm going to need something that can over power Sonic in more ways than one." the self proclaimed genuis replied.

Dr. Eggman put the ripped piece of wing in the tube then pushed a few buttons.

The blood began to boil and darken as it blended together, then it went down the tube and into the capsule.

The capsule began to fill with murky green water that bubbled and made the blood swirl.

Rouge screamed when the bones started to rise and form the pattern of a hedgehog, then gasped when light blue flesh started to collect onto the bones. It started to form a young beautiful hedgehog. Light purple wings with a purple diamond on each wing and pointy blue spikes on the end of each part of its outer wing began to sprout out of the creatures back. Five light blue spikes stretched out of the back of its head like hair that past it's shoulders, the tips of the spikes were high lighted in a way with white streaks that went in some ways. It also had three blue spikes on the front of its head like Amy that were also high lighted at the tips in white. Its face, arms, and the inside of its ears were a light skin colar like Sonic and Amy. A white jem apeared on its forhead.

Dr. Eggman pushed a button that made the green liquid start to empty then the top opened.

The robotic reached in his right pocket and pulled out a tiny red blinking light and stuck it against the white jem.

"What's that for?" Rouge questioned.

"I'm not going to make the same mistake I did when I re-created Metal Sonic," Dr. Eggman explained, "this time I want to have power over what I control.

"What are you going to name it?" Rouge asked.

"Um.. how about E-2000?" Eggman suggested.

Rouge wrickled her nose, "If you want to name something as glamerous as me why don't you give it it's rightfull name."

"And what is that?"

Rouge smiled, "The name I found on the grave was Aurora."

"Aurora.." Dr. Eggman said under his breath as he stared at the creature, "yes, Aurora."

The creatures dark blue eye lids opened slowly revealing its dark purple eyes.