Title: Hidden Shadow Rating: PG-13 (most likely) Category: Naruto Authors: Kodoku and Black Lily Summary: You know those fanfics where Naruto goes undercover as a girl and Sasuke falls in love with his disguised self? Well, this time, it's the other way around! Yaoi NaruSasu

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Hey minna-san! I'm writing a story here with my friend Kuroyuri!! Since she hasn't been writing lately, so I'm forcing her to write (me-bwahahaha ^__^) meh, anyways, I got this idea some time ago, I just didn't know how to begin it, until we decided to write it together. And this is NaruSasu, since fanfiction is too polluted with SasuNaru fanfics. And this is YAOI, repeat YAOI!! Just to warn you flamers Enjoy~

Note: Team seven is 15 years old at this time, kk?

Owareruyou ni isoideiru Kawaita mune sa Karitaterunosa Dare no tamedenaku, dare no mono de naku Oretachi no imaga Imata hodoki kokoro hodoki kage wo hodoki Iki wo tsumete hashirinukero yami no saite Tatakaukotomo aishaukoto mo Owari wa shinai on the way I wanna rocks, mune ni rocks
~beginning song for the first couple Naruto anime, we don't own this song either

Chapter 1

Honorable Fifth Hokage Tsunade winced as the shout rang in her ears, as the person who was yelling was right in front of her, not a good thing.
Team Seven were now all Chuunins (since they had finally passed the Chuunin exam) and because of their strength, they had special permission to be given higher-ranked missions that sometimes required them to go alone. It was early morning that Tsunade had called the boy to her tower to discuss a solo mission she was going to assign to him. Unfortunately, there was a catch.
"Now, now Sasuke-kun, calm down." She tried to sooth at the raging boy. This really wasn't the kind of reaction she had in mind. For one thing, everyone imagined the Uchiha boy to be silent, mysterious, and emotionless. This fuming and seething boy wasn't exactly what fit the Uchiha descriptions.
"Do you have ANY idea what this mission is about?!?!?" he roared.
"Sasuke-kun, take a deep breath and chill." A certain silver-haired Jounin muttered from a book he was reading,
"Do you have any idea what the hell this mission's about!?!" Sasuke repeated.
"Of course, do you think I can't read this?" the fifth Hokage motioned to the scroll on the desk. "We need a spy in the Hidden Sand village and you seem like the perfect person to do it. And if you go as a girl, you would draw less attention to yourself."
"Why don't you get Naruto to do it? How about a GIRL!?!?!?! That would make more sense!!" Sasuke countered, getting more and more pissed at the moment.
"Ano...Naruto is already on a mission-"
"He'll be back here in two hours!"
"He won't make it back in time...and he doesn't make a pretty girl, Sakura is sick-"
"She just fainted..."
"And she doesn't really act like a mature lady, and Shikamaru is out of the question-"
"Gee, I wonder why..."
"And everyone else is on a mission."
"Why can't you wait until the Dobe gets back?" the dark-haired boy protested, "He IS coming back in two hours and he knows Oiroke no Jutsu."
"But he looses his temper quickly. Besides, you haven't been assigned any missions for a while, haven't you been complaining about how bored you were?" Kakashi spoke up with a twinkle in his eye Sasuke opened his mouth to argue back, but his teacher stopped him, "No, don't try to argue, this mission was assigned to you and if you don't accept it..."
"Hn." Was all the boy said. Kuso, his teacher had him there. Violating an order would result in court and he had already betrayed the village once...
"So you accept?" Tsunade asked.
"Why do you guys even bother to ask me if you're going to force me?" the boy mumbled.
"Ok, I take that as a yes!" the fifth hokage said happily. Yay!! Now she can have some fun! "Oh, and Sasuke? I don't think you need Henge no Jutsu for this. You look feminine enough."
"Yeah, and I can buy clothes for you-"
"Yay!! I haven't played dress-up in a long time!! And now I get to play it on a real live doll!!" Tsunade squealed in glee. Sasuke was already backing away from her.
"Maybe I should do Henge No Jutsu." He was muttering.
"No need, Sasuke-kun, it'll take too much chakra to keep it on for a long time. Besides Tsunade-sama is actually right. You even attract guys as well as girls." Kakashi laughed, both at the fuming boy and at his book.
"Don't try to deny it Sasuke." His teacher grinned, though you can't see it from under that mask, "I heard that Kiba-"
"I don't want to hear it." the boy said, firmly.
"Let's go shopping!!" Tsunade grabbed his arm and dragged the protesting Sasuke away. "This will be so much fun!!!"
"Iie, I refuse to be seen in any of those stores." The dark-haired Chuunin growled and tried to jerk his arm away. But unfortunately, trying to free oneself from someone that can defeat Naruto with just one finger isn't very successful.
"Fine, I'll go look for clothes your size. I think I know your size anyways. Report back to me in an hour at my tower or you can wait there now." And she disappeared with a poof.
"You need that long to shop?!" he blinked in surprise. "Geez...girls these days..."

One hour later~
"Let's try this one on!! No, wait, this one first!! Hold on, I think black would look better on you. Nah, this one!!"
"Ne, Tsunade-sama, make up your mind already, dammit." Even Kakashi was getting annoyed. "I think you've brought enough clothes to last a year."
"Eh...whoops, I kinda got carried away." Tsunade grinned and then thrust a black sleeveless dress with a transparent jacket top into his arms. The dress reached down to his ankle. Tsunade even threw in a pair of 5-inch high heels on top. "Here, try those on." Sasuke stared.
"I am not wearing this." He backed away.
"Oh yes you are, unless you want a more skimpy outfit..." the hokage grinned. Kakashi sent a hopeful glance at him.
"Where's your bathroom?" Sasuke immediately said after he saw the look his teacher was sending him. "And you, HENTAI!!!!!!!"
"Awww..." the silver-haired Jounin pouted underneath the mask and walked over to a corner to sulk.
Fifteen minutes later, Sasuke emerged from the bathroom in the outfit, face a bright crimson. Tsunade looked at him up and down while Kakashi drooled from his position in the corner.
"Hey, it looks pretty good on you. Come here and let me fix your hair." The hokage gestured him to come over. He glared a touch-me-and-you-die glare. Over the three years, he had let his hair grow out and now it fell halfway down his back and he kept it in a ponytail, just like his aniki had done. "Go on Sasuke-kun, you'll look so much like a girl since you have such long hair." The silver haired Jounin snickered.
"I won't hurt you or anything, geez." Tsunade rolled her eyes. "Come here." she repeated, waving the 'evil brush.' Sasuke sighed then walked over, cautiously and suspiciously. Who knew what evil plan girls would have. The hokage took out his ponytail and began to brush his hair and ten minutes later, it was nice, silky, and smooth and Kakashi was dabbing bloodied tissues on his nose.
Sasuke gritted his teeth and began to chant in his mind, 'I will not murder Kakashi-sensei, I will not murder Kakashi-sensei, I will not Kakashi- sensei, I will not-' Suddenly, Tsunade was rubbing something on his face. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!"
"That's not proper language for a lady." She snapped. "Stop struggling, girls wear make-up." "MAKE-UP?!?!? I AM NOT WEARING MAKE-UP!! CROSS- DRESSING IS ENOUGH!!!" Sasuke screamed.
"Oh, Tsunade-sama. Just to tell you, he's lacking the chest." Kakashi grinned widely. That's when the boy had Chidori crackling in his hands and was about to fly across the room and puncture a hellhole in his teacher's face. But unfortunately, was held back by the hokage.
"CHILL!!! He's not wrong though, Sasuke." Tsunade said thoughtfully.
"Ack..." he backed away from her.
"I'll go look for some clean socks. A size B would be good for you." She said, rummaging through her closet. "Luckily I remembered to buy some from the store." The boy paled slightly. She thrust some items into his arms. "Now go to the bathroom."
A couple minutes later, he appeared again. Tsunade blinked while Kakashi had already fainted.
"Sasuke-kun, is that really you?" the fifth hokage asked, uncertainly. A death glare answered her question. "Ohh!! Sorry, I couldn't tell you apart from a real girl."
"CHIKUSO!!" he yelled.
"Tsunade-baba!! I'm baaaa~ck!!!" a blond stepped into the room and froze as he stepped in. "Ano sa..." he stuttered to Sasuke, "do I know you?"
"No you don't" Tsunade quickly cut in before Sasuke could shoot his famous death glare or Naruto would've know who the strange 'girl' was. "She my...ah...niece."
"I am?" Sasuke said, blankly.
"Yes you are," Tsunade hissed and to the confused Naruto, "Ehehe...oh and she's lived with boys all her life so she's used to using the male form of Japanese."
"Ah, no wonder." Naruto nodded and held out his hand to shake his. "Nice to meet you...er..."
"Ah, Ore wa...ah...Kamite Sora." Sasuke hurriedly replied, before Tsunade could think of some girly name. "Ano...I mean, atashi wa Kamite Sora desu."
"Nice to meet you, Kamite-san!! Ore wa Uzumaki Naruto desu!! I'm going to be the sixth Hokage!! And this hag will be going down!!" he made a thumbs-down sign at the fifth Hokage.
"Nyah, you'll have to earn my respect you old hag." Naruto pulled down one eyelid and stuck out his tongue. She growled, but decided to let that pass.
"Do you have your report?" she asked.
"Hai, here you go." He handed her a scroll. Tsunade unrolled it took a quick glace over it before staring at the innocent-looking Naruto.
"Hey Naruto-kun?" she said to the boy, voice dangerously sweet. The blond looked at her, innocently. "How the HELL and I supposed to READ THIS?!?!?!?!?!" she pointed the writing. "I'm gonna have a hell of a time figuring out this chicken scratch!!"
"Urusei!! It's not chicken scratch!!!" Naruto countered. "I can read it just fine!! Maybe YOU'RE the one who can't read Kanji!!"
"I can read Kanji, I can read tanakana, it's just your handwriting I can't read!!" Tsunade yelled, "Give me back this report when you have typed it."
"NANI?!?!?!" Naruto shrieked. "Where am I supposed to find a computer?!?!"
"Go to Iruka's house or something. If he doesn't have one, go to Kakashi's. If he doesn't have one, go to Sakura's. If Sakura doesn't have one, go to Sasuke, if he doesn't have one, then learn to write neatly 'cause there is no way in hell I would EVER let you on MY computer." The hokage huffed.
"Hn." Naruto stuck out his tongue. "Does Sakura-chan and Sasuke both have a mission?"
"Sakura's sick and Sasuke is going to be away on a mission for a while." She answered. Sasuke shot a glare in her direction.
"Oh..." the blond's shoulder's slumped slightly. "I was going to ask them if wanted to eat Ramen with me, but I guess they're not available. Why does it suck to be a Chuunin?"
"Hn, see what it's like to be Hokage." Tsunade huffed.
"I want to be Hokage, remember?" Naruto grinned at her forgetfulness, "It's going to be my dream to be the Sixth Hokage and you're going down!!"
"Shut up and get out of here already, you're making me look bad." The fifth hokage shooed him away.
"You already look bad." The blond stuck out his tongue again and waved to Sasuke before leaving, who gaped.
"Why didn't you guys remind me that Naruto was coming back an hour after you wanted me to come here?" the dark-haired Chuunin growled, hand ready in a Chidori position.
"Well, it was a good thing he came anyways." Kakashi spoke up, having awakened from his little 'nap.' "He's basically your closest friends who has been with you for a long time and even HE didn't recognize you. Haha, it's true, you really do look like a girl."
"URUSEI!!!" Sasuke roared.
"Shut up both of you." Tsunade interrupted them. "Sasuke, report back here tomorrow at 8:00 A.M for your mission instructions. You can go change back, but don't forget to come as what's her name, Sora, tomorrow."
"And you must not tell ANYONE about your mission." She added. "Not even to Naruto or Sakura. And not even to your own mother."
"My mother's dead." He snarled, "And I wouldn't DREAM of telling that Dobe or her. They'll just get in my way and try to help."
"Right." Tsunade smiled. "See ya."
"Hn." Was all he said as he changed in the bathroom and nodding at her as he left. 'This is going to be the stupidest mission ever...'

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