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The Epilogue/Bonus Chapter


You are invited to

The wedding of:

Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto

On January 29, 2005 at the Konoha Academy School

We hope you come.


Fifth Hokage, Tsunade


"…God help me."

"But Sasuke-kuun! It looks so GOOD on you!" squeaked Sakura as she proudly beamed at her masterpiece. "Don't you want to look good for your husband?"


A red faced Sasuke stood on a little stool with a flowery white dress on that went down below his ankles. In fact, it went down below his feet and to the floor. And the stool wasn't that short. The material of the dress was an almost see-through fabric with exquisite cherry blossom designs on it. Hand embroidered by Ino.

And Sasuke probably would like it. If he were a girl, that is.

"Why does this dress have to be so FLOWERY?!" he cried, swishing around on the stool. "And it's so LONG. I'll probably trip in this or something."

"Wow Sasuke-kun. You sound just like a girl." Ino smirked, her mouth full of pins, making her smirk look even scarier, "Now hold still…"


"I told you to hold still!"





"So, how many orders of Ramen is that?" the old man at the Ramen bar asked, his notebook opened and a pen in his hand. "They're all for Naruto, no doubt."

"Yeah, pretty much so." Kakashi said sheepishly. "But he's getting as much as he can, since it's the Hokage-sama's money." The old man nodded in return and snapped his notebook shut.

"Here's your receipt, please come tomorrow morning to pick up your… er, Naruto's order." He said, shaking hands with Kakashi, "Have a nice day, and please tell Naruto congratulations from me."

"Don't worry," Kakashi grinned, "I will."


Meanwhile, Naruto was walking down the streets, whistling a tuneless melody with his hands in his pocket. The breeze in the winds was just right and the birds were singing rather loudly. In fact, they were getting louder and louder.

"WAH!" Naruto exclaimed, throwing his hands up in shock as a horde of pigeons slammed right into him like a cloud. A bark of a dog followed and Naruto was met face- to- face with Akamaru.

"Akamaru, will you PLEASE stop scaring away the birds?!" Kiba panted, as he caught up to Naruto and hid dog. Akamaru barked in excitement and leapt into his owner's arms. "Stop that, that tickles… oh hey Naruto!"

"Yo." Naruto greeted, letting out a lazy grin.

"I heard that you were getting married to Uchiha." Said Kiba, patting Akamaru on the head, "Before offering my congratulations, I would like to ask, how the hell did that happen?"

"Blame Tsunade-baba. You see," and Naruto went into a very long explanation of Sasuke's mission, how he fell for Sora, and how it all ended. By the time he had finished, Kiba was rubbing his head and Akamaru was asleep.

And the sky was now dark also.

"Ok, lemme get this straight." Kiba said cautiously, "I heard about Sasuke getting this mission that made him go undercover… and then this girl called Sora came into the scene--"

"Sora is Sasuke."

"…Sasuke's a…. girl?"

"Noooo." Naruto laughed, "Sora is his secret identity on the mission. Sasuke wasn't supposed to tell anyone about his mission and so he ad to have a new identity… you know."

"Right." Kiba nodded, still confused, "So Sora was at the Sand. Then she got abducted by her brother. Er, I mean, his. And her brother sent her a DRESS?"

"Itachi has a weird sense of humor."

"I thought Itachi was Sasuke's brother…" Kiba said, now getting extremely confused.


"I KNEW THAT." Kiba slapped his forehead, "Sorry, I keep forgetting. Yeah. And then, Sora got herself a million boyfriends--"

"They're not really his boyfriends."

"…Right. But then, you asked her out, watch Pirates of the Sea or something, got her a necklace, and then you KISSED her?!?!"

"…Hehehe…" Naruto laughed sheepishly.

"Did Sora even know who you were?" Kiba asked.


"………Ah. Wait, and then something happened. Orochimaru attacked. Then Sora somehow got the Sharingan. I thought the Sharingan only runs…er, ran through the… former Uchiha family."


"Yeah yeah. It's kinda hard for me to THINK of Sasuke as a girl, you know." Kiba waved his hand impatiently. "Then she passed out and you found out who she was in the hospital by finding her clothes in the closet."



"…That's not what I mean!" Naruto said, waving his hands wildly, "She, er, HE was in a hospital gown. Someone put his, er her, I mean, WHATEVER. Sora's clothes in the closet."

"Right. And then Tsunade-sama arranged a marriage with you and Sora-er, Sasuke?" concluded Kiba. "How did Sasuke turn into Sora?"

"By putting on a dress and make up." Naruto said simply and then checked his watch, "Holy shit! I promised I'd meet with Tsunade-baba for the invitations. See ya!" And then ran off, leaving Kiba with his mouth hung open and Akamaru still asleep.


Honorable Hokage Tsunade was sitting in her office, NOT reading Come Come Paradise, but vigorously filing papers. Yes, she was filing papers. No, Tsunade was not sleeping, nor was she daydreaming. She was filing papers. For Naruto and Sasuke's wedding of course.

"ARGH." She banged her head onto her desk with a loud thump. "I hate weddings. Remind me NEVER to plan for another one again."

"Tsunade-sama!" Suzune called as she knocked on the door. "Namada-san can't cater that day. He's busy with his customers that day. And I can't find Mintare-san the minister. They said he's booked all month. And Iruka has been teaching his students about dating and how it's bad. And--"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Tsunade said irritably, "I'll deal with them later and I'll talk to Iruka. Did Kakashi get the cake?"

"Yes." Said Suzune, coming into the room. "And he got two hundred sixty five orders of Ramen also, on your budget of course. And the side dishes are ordered."

"Ramen? Who wanted Ramen?" Tsunade wrinkled her nose.

"Naruto-kun of course."

"Dear God." Tsunade banged her head against the desk once more. "I'm going to be broke for a long time now…" She shuffled all the papers into a neat pile and then cleared her throat. "Alright. Suzune, please go deal with the flowers and the reservation at the restaurant- I- forgot- its- name and I'll send out the invitations. Please inform everyone for the rehearsal dinner in three days."

"Yes Tsunade-sama." And Suzune disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Someone kill me now…" Tsunade moaned, banging her head on her desk again.


Sasuke sneezed.

"Bless you." Ino said, the best she could with the pins in her mouth and handed him a tissue. Sasuke thanked her and blew his nose.

"Someone must be thinking of me." He said.


Then, came the day of the wedding.

"What?!" Naruto yelled, waving his fists at Sakura, who was standing guard in front of the door, "Why can't I see Sasuke?! I DEMAND the right to see my wife…er, my… spouse."

"Chill Naruto," Sakura said, holding up her hands in defense, "And you two aren't married yet. 'Sides, it's custom for the groom not to see the bride before the wedding."

"WHO'RE YOU CALLING THE BRIDE?!" came the yell of Sasuke from inside the room.

"Anyways, Naruto, aren't you supposed to be getting dressed?" Sakura said, impatiently, "Here, come, you're changing in this room." She led, or rather dragged, a protesting Naruto to a room far, far away from Sasuke's changing room.


"What do you MEAN the minister's in traffic?" Tsunade asked, nearly ripping her hair out.

"Well, he took the taxi and the taxi is in traffic and therefore he is in traffic." Suzune said calmly. "Oh don't worry, Tsunade-sama, he'll be here."

"Right, right. And what's up with Hinata-san?" the Hokage pointed at the weepy Hyuuga with Kiba patting her reassuringly on the back.

"You know she's had a crush on Naruto-kun since forever." Suzune answered, matter of factly.



"No, Akamaru, down. DOWN."



"Chouji, those aren't chips, those are FLOWER petals."

"WHERE is the minister?!"

"Chouji, don't you DARE touch the cake."

"But Inoooo…"





"Tsunade-sama, the minister is in a car accident. He won't be able to make it in time."


"Kiba, your dog has your bowtie on."

"THAT'S where it went! Akamaru, give it back!"



"Konohamaru!! Shut up!"

"This is so troublesome."



"NARUTO! YOU BAKA! Stay AWAY or I will PERSONALLY make sure you and Sasuke-kun NEVER marry!"

"Waah, Sakura-chan so mean!"


"KAKASHI! Get your nose OUTTA that damn book!"

"Tsunade-sama, the minister is dead."


"No Chouji, those are NOT for eating. Yet."

"Wha-wha-wha-wha-! You took away MY book!"



And then finally it began.

Tsunade had proclaimed Shikamaru as the minister at the very last second. So, Shikamaru stood on top of the altar, one hand holding a bible and the other hand covering a yawn.

Naruto stood in his tuxedo, that was ironed and not wrinkled, looking a little nervous, but calm at the same time. He kept standing on his toes and peeking at the door to see if Sasuke was coming yet.

Hinata, Shino, Kiba (who reclaimed his bowtie), and Akamaru sat on the second row. The teachers, including Iruka (hands chained to the bench), sat in the rows behind, whispering quietly behind their hands. Konohamaru and his two friends were there too, as they wanted to see their "Naruto-nii-chan's" big wedding.

And much to Sasuke's disgust, Hyuuga Neji did attend his wedding, sitting ever so calmly in the very back row along with Lee and Tenten. Their teacher, Gai, had his arms around Lee and both of them had tears running down their faces. (In happiness! and joy! they said)

Sadly, Itachi could not make the wedding. As he promised, Sasuke had sent his older brother an invitation, but Itachi had already made plans to take over the Sound Country that day since Orochimaru was dead. So, Itachi told them that sorry, he couldn't come, but he'd visit them on their honeymoon… and they'd better watch out.

Shino's ants crawled onto the organ, and they began to play the wedding march.

Sakura came down the aisle first, sprinkling of what was left of the flower petals onto the ground. She wore a sequined pink dress and admittedly looked very pretty.

Then came the ring bearer, Chouji, holding the rings on a pillow in one hand, and a bag of chips in the other. Sakura wrinkled her nose in disgust while Tsunade, in the first row, slapped her forehead with a loud smack.

And now came the part Naruto was waiting for.

The door opened to reveal the bride, Sasuke, accompanied by Ino. They walked slowly down the aisle to where Naruto was and he took Sasuke's hands and cold only gape at what his… spouse was wearing.

"Ew, Sasuke, you look so girly," was all Naruto said.

"………" went the audience.

And they linked arms, both smiling and blushing contently as they made their way to the altar, step by step, not rushing their walk. And while treasuring that very moment, at last they arrived at the altar.

And Shikamaru was asleep.

Ino got up from her seat and slapped him awake, making him let out a loud yelp. Then she returned to Sakura's side while Shikamaru yawned.

And stood there.

And yawned.

And stood some more.

And stood a little longer.

And then,

"Am I supposed too start?" he wondered.

Tsunade groaned very loudly while Naruto slapped his forehead. Sasuke did not say anything but glared at Shikamaru in annoyance.

"Right, right," Shikamaru sighed, "This is really troublesome… Right, we are gathered here to witness the wedding of Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto. What's the line… um… whatever. Does anyone object to this marriage?"


Then again, it could've been Sasuke glaring at the audience to dare anyone to object. Luckily, Naruto did not see this. And Hinata couldn't summon up the courage to speak up. Poor girl.

"Right." Shikamaru yawned. "And then blah, blah, blah…. Blah, blah… Ok, Sasuke, do you pronounce Naruto as your husband until death or something like that?"

"I do." replied Sasuke.

"And Naruto, do you pronounce Sasuke as your wife?"

"I d--"

"He does NOT." Said Sasuke bitterly, causing every ear to perk up and every person asleep to jerk awake, "As a spouse, yes, as a wife NEVER. It's not MY fault I'm wearing the damn dress!"

"….right. This is so troublesome… Fine, Naruto, you want Sasuke as your spouse?"

"I do." said Naruto with confidence.

"Now that's over with. Ok, you two are husband and…. husband. You may kiss the br-- er, the person you're marrying."

And the two of them kissed.

They kissed more passionately than they ever did before. Naruto threw his arms around Sasuke's shoulders and Sasuke responded the same way. Sakura and Ino cheered and clapped, while Kiba and Shine clapped, but did not cheer. And the audience applauded and wiped tears from their eyes.

And Shikamaru snored.

Then everyone happily drove/poofed to the reception restaurant, all extremely hungry by now, only to find that the cake had been eaten.


"OW! But I was hungryyy. OW!"

So everyone munched on snacks instead. Well, Naruto was kind enough to share his two hundred and sixty five orders of Ramen with everyone, so no one went hungry. Except Shikamaru. Then again, he was too lazy to eat.

Now happily married, Naruto and Sasuke walked to their carriage, hand in hand. Sakura and Ino threw the remainder of the flowers over everyone's heads and Tsunade fell on her knees and thanked God that it was over.

"Goodbye! Goodbye!" the married couple called, waving from their carriage window. Kakashi waved and returned to his Come Come Paradise while Sakura and Ino tried to keep up with the carriage, shouting goodbyes and good lucks.

And with the sign "Just Married" tacked on the back, the carriage soon disappeared over the horizon, and off to their honeymoon they went.

Sadly, the two of them died in a carriage accident three days later. Itachi would like to say that it was not his fault.

The End.



Well, at least they went to heaven together. Remember what Kakashi said last chapter? "Because." Kakashi answered with a twinkle in his (only) eye, "You never know what tragic event will happen. It's better that you guys get married now than after you're dead." THAT'S CALLED FORESHADOW PPL!! (See? I know my vocab! Maybe I will pass my English exam after all)

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