Hi random persons!!!! I figured I needed to write something funny again (One

Week was killing my happy mood) so I have decided to do this parody!

It's a cross between the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" (which is an AWESOME

movie that you should go see) and Harry Potter! PLEASE REVIEW!!!! I love


WARNING: This story contains respectful references to God and angels, so

if that is against your religion, I would advise you not to read this. Also, this

takes place post-OotP, so there are some MAJOR spoilers! (If you haven't read

OotP yet, shame on you!)

Ok, enjoy! P.S. Read my other stories, they are worth reading!

Disclaimer: Um, let me check-Nope, I'm still not J. K. Rowling. *sobs

hysterically* Ok. Yes, I am calm now. :)

Also, read the stories by my friends prettypink and TheHyperFreek- they have

written some incredible (and ridiculously funny) stories!