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Recommended reading: "Anything but Ordinary", my prequel to "It's a Slytherin Life". You don't have to read it to understand this story, but I think it's a nice introduction.

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He tapped the Pensieve object again, and the three men swirled into the darkness as the prospect of another discovery awaited them.

The trio found themselves in the Potions classroom of Hogwarts. No one had time to comment on their new surroundings, because almost immediately Sirius and James saw two people that they knew—used to know—very well.

Professor Smythe, the Potions teacher at the time, was ladling something orange and steamy into a flask from a kettle over a burner. "There you are, Severus," he was saying to a greasy-haired adolescent. "Just drink this down in one gulp, and it won't taste so bad."

Snape took the flask without a word and swallowed it with apparent distaste. He silently set the cup back on the desk and headed for the door.

"Be sure to come back in another week to take some more, Severus," called the Professor after him.

"Yes, yes," the heavenly trio could hear him muttering. "I know the rules, you old fool." The Head Angel motioned for Sirius and James to follow him out into the dank hallway.

There they found a most unlikely sight. A prefect, patrolling the corridor, had stopped Severus in his tracks. Moving closer, James and Sirius saw that the prefect was none other than Frank Longbottom.

"Halt!" Longbottom snapped, blocking Snape's path. "Why are you sneaking around here at this hour?"

"I have business with Professor Smythe," Snape sneered. "Move."

"You have business with Smythe every week?" said Longbottom in a disbelieving tone.

"I said, move."

Frank shook his head. "No, I don't think I will. I don't think I can just let you pass by without an explanation. There's something up, and I think I know what it is."

"Sod off!" snarled Snape.

"I know what you are," whispered Longbottom. "I've been suspecting something for quite a while now, ever since you started coming down here. I've been doing my research." His voice grew menacing. "You're a vampire, Snape. You're taking the Hapzalathard Potion."

What came next was some of the fastest spellwork James and Sirius had ever seen. They couldn't even figure out how Snape had gotten his wand out so fast.

"Nervulus eneco!" shouted Snape.

The force of the spell slammed Longbottom into the dungeon wall. He slumped to the ground, unconscious and very pale. Snape took one look at Longbottom's body and began to run. They heard him pounding up the stairs as Professor Smythe came out into the hallway to see what was going on.

"Oh, my God," muttered Smythe when he saw Longbottom. "Severus!" he bellowed. He waved his wand effortlessly and floated Longbottom's body up the stairs—to the Hospital Wing, James and Sirius supposed—himself following behind. The three men were left standing in the hallway, speechless.

"Nervulus eneco…" muttered James, "that's a pretty powerful spell…"

"But Snape's a pretty powerful wizard," reminded the Head Angel.

"Not as powerful as us!" declared Sirius, puffing up his chest and indicating himself and James.

"You think so?" replied the Head Angel, sounding slightly amused and a little surprised. "We better go watch the next memory, and maybe you'll think him a more powerful wizard than you did before."

The Head Angel, who had taken the Pensieve with him, was about to swirl the memories again, but James stopped him. "Uh…Mr. Head Angel?"

"You can call me Joe," the Head Angel said, smiling. "That was my name before I got the title of Head Angel."

"Uh, yes, right, Joe. Is this the reason why Snape now hates Neville Longbottom so much?"

"Ah, good, James," Joe responded. "You have discovered why this memory is so important. Now you see why I am showing you these memories—these may help you in your mission."

"We only have a few more memories to go, boys," he went on as he began to swirl the memories. "These last few memories are fleeting, but crucial, in order for James to save the life of Severus Snape."


A/N: Translation: Nervulus enecokill off nerves—in other words, Snape killed all the nerves in Longbottom's body, which is why Longbottom was so pale. That's a pretty powerful spell in the wizarding world, so it's interesting that Snape knows how to perform it at the age of 14…hmmm…

UP NEXT: Quote from OotP: "A greasy-haired teenager sat alone in a dark bedroom, pointing his wand at the ceiling, shooting down flies…" You do realize, don't you, that some of these memories are from bits and pieces Harry discovered during Occulumency when he broke into Snape's memory ("Seen and Unforeseen page 592) This was all planned :)

UP IN LATER CHAPTERS: Romance for Snape! Of course, since it's Snape, they're not going to live happily ever after…

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