Photo Booth: Chapter 1: Of Popcorn Junkies and Midnight Screenings

Mike, Michaela, Irina, Josh, Kish, Steve, Brittany and Xuan all exited the last showing of "Phone Booth" on its opening day. It was 12:43 AM by the time the credits had finished rolling. You may be wondering why they were still there throughout the entire list of names involved in the 70 minute film. Well the world may never know. By then the multiplex was all but dead. There were a few stragglers remaining, a few coming out of the theater with them, although most had gone out the side door to the parking lot. There was a special 1:00 AM screening of "The Two Towers" before they sent it packing from their theater after 5 months. So there were a few Ringnuts at the concession stand with one person working it, an usher was sweeping up in the corner by the men's room. Little did he know he'd soon have a lot more to clean up and I don't mean the huge mess the aforementioned group of friends left behind in the theater.

A little old lady was sitting, waiting for her husband to come out of the bathroom, while a local hobo slumbered away on the bench adjacent to her. Beyond that, everyone had gone home. The group of teenagers was basically on a major sugar high from too many pixie sticks and a lot of free refills of Frozen Coke. But they weren't normally too much trouble, except when it came to going to movies. They had had an enjoyable night and made a lot of new inside jokes, they wanted to remember their fun when Xuan noticed the photo booth over by the front door and the arcade, and reacted as if she'd never seen it there before although they went to the same theater almost every weekend.


"Are you crazy...wait don't answer that we already know." Mike replied.

"Xuan that's designed for two to three people, besides we hafta get home" Brittany tried.

"Sissy! Besides, rules are meant to be broken come on, it'll be fun. I'll make us fit!" Xuan belted.

"Why don't you just take a picture with someone's phone?" Michaela asked her.

"Because this'll be more fun; besides camera phones suck! Just like the Tigers" Xu told her.

"Well tell us something we don't know," said Kish.

"Alright, Xu if it means that much to you I'll go with you, anyone else?" said Mike.

No one else seemed to react as Xuan pulled Mike by his hood over to the photo booth. But eventually Brittany and Josh followed in suit, leaving Kish, Michaela and Steve waiting for them.

"Let's go wait in the car, this is just stupid" said Michaela

"Yeah maybe we should just drive off without them," replied Steve.

And with that they were off, out the front door to wait in the hoopty rig in the parking lot. Leaving the others to their impending photo-finish...