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(I wish but) I do not own Capcom, Breath of Fire or its characters. But for the most part the characters in this story and world are my own creation. For those who have been to this world before I'm sorry that I haven't kept it up to date. Yet I had a new direction to go with it, so something have changed. If you never visited come on in for those who have come back and see the changes. Now with that out of the way, enjoy the story.


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Prequel: Genesis

The frosty, heavy raindrops splattered across her the tattered cloaked face as the winds viciously whip across her face. The deafening rumbles of thunder shook the ground around her yet no thoughts of her safety crossed her mind. The precious bundle she carried in her hands was all that mattered.

A vivid flash of lightning divided the blackened volatile skies; giving her a brief glance of a familiar obscure pathway lay before her. Hot tears mingled with the cold sting of rain running down her hair onto her face. She had followed this same path fifteen years ago. Fifteen years. It would have been a simple blink of an eye to a true goddess.

But she gave up that power so long ago.

A tiny cry wafting from the tightly secured basket slowed her saddened thoughts as well as her hastened steps.

"Just a little ways longer, my child." The figure voiced softy trying to calm the fussing newborn baby, squirming in its basket. Losing her footing for a moment as she struggled to cover the child once again. Continuing on in the frightening downpour, the woman desperately searched for the rocky foundation.

As if it was an answer to a simple prayer, another crack of lightning illuminated a black obsidian cave a few yard off from her. "Thank you, my friends." She whispered into the wind as she walked into the welcomed calm of the darkened cave.

Setting the basket down for a moment the woman waved her chilled hands in front of her in a wide arc. White muted torches slowly lit the way as if an invisible hand walked before her and her child. A few more steps down a spiral slope led her before a jagged dead end. Waving her hands once again a wondrous doorway laden with turquoise jewels and white jade materialized before her.

It was the gateway to the Light Dragons. Closing her eyes she pushed on as the doorway slowly opened before her. There inside, seven radiant men and women all in various degree of color and intricate dress and robes stood in semi circle before an alter of pure diamond alter. All wore beautiful intricately carved masks made from white chrism, which covered their noses up to their eyes.

The weather beaten woman bowed low before the high council of Light Dragons.

"The time has come to pass." Erafay, the woman dressed in a scarlet toga reasoned gently.

"Yes, I know." she replied tearfully, opening the basket to present the glorious parcel inside.

A woman dressed in a deep green garb smiled tenderly upon the child lying within as she bent down to cuddle him into her arms. His bright patch of blue hair was matted closely to his now sleeping, rosy-cheeked face.

"How precious he is." Fauna, the woman in green cooed to the child, as she looked upon the bowed woman to her feet. "Why do you bow to us? We are equals before your honor."

Gi stood with her head still bowed, shook her head sadly "I haven't been a goddess for some time now, Fauna. You are now more powerful than I."

Fauna stepped from her position and bowed to one knee in front of the still dripping, tattered cloak that covered the lithe woman's body. Lifting the material, Fauna placed a kiss upon it. "You will forever be a true goddess in our eyes, My Lady." She responded softly.

Touching the crouched woman's powerful shoulders, Gi smiled through her tears unable to speak her thanks. .

"We must hurry, I worry about your safety out in the open like this." As Fauna returned to her position, the man dressed in a brown tights, jerkin and cape, Tauranus, chose to speak up.

"We will do our best to shield his power until he is ready." Suddenly all seven of the council raised their head to sniff the air. Closing her eyes, her heart lurched at was she sensed in her soul.

The demon was close. Only he wasn't looking for her this time. She lifted her eyes to look at the innocent child snuggled protectively in the crook of Fauna's arms.

"He is close by." Ebb, the woman dressed in blue voiced quietly. "We must move quickly. "We must finish the process before he comes."

Understanding the urgency, Gi turned to Tauranus. He cut her off with the answer before she asked the question. "They are fine, my dear, but now is not the time. We must finish the process before he arrives."

With all seven turning to the altar, the child was placed upon the cool diamond while all began to chant into a united breathtaking song. All of the council placed a portion of their hands upon the child, as intense azure light surrounded the assembly.

A beam of light materialized from the center of the child's chest, slowly flowing into the seven hands placed upon him as Gi prayed silently that her friends above could protect the little one.

One by one the elders lifted their hands away from the boy, disappeared into the night's air until finally all that stood within the chamber were Gi, the child and Tauranus "It is done, his power is sealed within us all. We will continue to hide until he has decided his fate. "

Gi nodded sadly as the familiar realization hit her once again. "Who will watch over him?" she questioned solemnly.

A slight smile played upon the god man's sun kissed face. "We found a family willing to care for him..." looking around the half goddess, his smile brightened "We have someone unexpected here. She hides behind the rocks over there. Do you see her? She has your inquisitive nature, I see."

Gi immediately turned to see a pair of confused familiar green eyes intently watching the scene before her. A small gasp escaped the former deity's lips as she stumbled forward to the young girl peeking over the smooth boulder.

"By the gods," she cried out, with her arms stretched wide "Come to me."

The young teen's eyes lowered in confusion at the goddess. She shrunk back to her hiding spot as Tauranus urgently called out to Gi "He is here my lady, I must go!" Without seeing to her safety he dissipated into the darkness.

Running quickly to the alter, Gi placed a soft kiss of blessings upon the child's head. A silver crescent moon reflected from his forehead for a brief moment before slowly disappearing.

She turned away from the boy, sprinting outside the wondrous doors. Waving her hands, she once again shielded the doorway with rock as a dark mass emerged from the shadow she cast on the ground.

Gradually the shadow took the form of a handsome young man. After gaining it composure he confidently walked towards the half deity. "Finally, I found you my love and this time it only took me ten months to do so." He snickered low to himself.

Never saying a word, Gi's enraged eyes bore into his as he circled around her. "You still look beautiful..."pausing he leaned in close to sniff her "you still smell like the nectar of the greatest flower. I bet you even taste the same. You remember that night don't you? That night when I finally found you and took you over and over and over again."

Gi finally broke her composure by violently slapping his face. "You're a disgusting beast! Damn the day Mercule left you here!"

"Enough small talk, half breed." His face hardened "Where's my son?"

Gi raised her head defiantly giving him a smug little smile in response.

Growling dangerously "He has my blood, I'll find him soon enough! The man replied as he roughly grabbed the goddess's arms. Pausing he began to sniff the air. Letting the woman go, he smiled to himself.

"But if I can't have him, I'll make do with what I can get." He turned to the direction of where the young girl huddled behind the large rock.

"No!" Gi screamed as she lunged unto the back of the man as he began to transform into a red chimera, "You will never have any of my children!" Waving her hand behind her she once again opened the doorway yet kept the stone façade in place.

She shouted to the young teen as she began to magically shield herself. "You'll be safe in there!"

Not waiting for a safer moment, the girl tried to run past the struggling two. The Chimera's hawk like talons quickly swiped out swatting the girl's leg out from under her. Screaming in sheer terror she furiously kicked the beast's advancing claws until she landed a well place heel into the shin of the monster. Recoiling in a howl of pain the teen frantically crawled to the opened door way.

Gi's soul stirred in pain as she realized what she had to do. She would never be able to see her children in this form again.

With the rest of her remaining powers Gi grasps tightly to the red beast as she opened a darkened swirling vortex under them. "No!" The beast screeched out in a horrific mix of voices. "No! You won't stop me! I won't let you have my power!"

Clawing desperately to the ground, the Chimera gave one last lunge at the girl before he slid into the unknown darkness. Locking eyes for only a moment Gi could only voice a simple "I'm sorry," before the claws of the beast wrapped around her and dragged her into the dark abyss closing the portal around them.

From the safety of the alter chamber, the girl watch on in horror at the violent scene, watching the reformed ground for what seemed like hours until the soft wail of the baby brought her back to her frayed senses. Slowly gaining her composure, she walked over to the distraught infant.

As soon as she reached him he pausing his lustful cries in order to stared intensely at her face looking down at him. A small elfish smile grew upon his lips as his diminutive arms and legs flailed in the air.

Gazing inquisitively at the newborn, the young girl smiled back "Hey, you're too small to be really smiling at me, you must be gassy..."

For some reason a strange thought softly pushed into her mind, she felt as if he wanted her to pick him up. Following the increasing urge, she gently gathered the baby into her arms as softly nuzzled his downy head to her cheek. The baby rewarded her once again with a gleeful smile as she began to walk around the chamber. It soon would be dawn and the fairy queen would begin to wonder about her but she couldn't just leave this baby here by itself. Looking back to the spot where the vortex open, she reasoned all those people probably wouldn't be back again any time soon.

"I don't think that lady would want me to leave you here, so I'm going to have to take you with me, okay?" As if he understood, he softly cooed in response at her question.

Taking a last look at the diamond alter, the young teen snuggled the newborn closer to her body and walked into the first rays of morning.