My light in the dark

By: Bree-2006


AN: Hiya! I'm Silver but you can call me Bree. I've been a writer for a while but this is my very first Final Fantasy story. I've read so many on this site I know everything about it. I finished both the games ffx and ffx-2 in about a month and I think that together it's the best RPG game created. Final fantasy 7 is the next best.

Well hope you like my story!

It begins right after the fight with Vegnagun on board the Celsius.

Once again I whistled.

That's all I could do, all I really wanted to do. Vegnagun was gone and so was the man I loved, or the manIstill do love. Sin is never to return, just like my sun.

How can you miss someone this much? Why can't I just move on, it's not like I've never had the chance. I could get any man in Spira to be mine, but yet I don't want any of them. The one I want no longer exists, actually he never really did exist, he was just a mere dream that faded the moment I thought I would forever live my life in peace. A dream I wish I never had to wake up from.

He was the one who taught me how to whistle, a dream can't teach you to whistle. He was the one who taught me to love, a dream can't do that, and he was the one who has held my heart for the passed two years, I know a dream can't do that.

I know he's out there, and I know he's trying to come back. I can feel it in me; I can still feel him in me. So I continue to whistle, continue to wonder if I'll ever see him again, feel him again.

What can I do? I've watched her whistle to him for the past two years. I've watched in the shadows as she cried herself to sleep at night for him. But I've never been able to help her, to comfort her when she needed it the most. All I've ever been able to do was watch her.

I had really hoped that this mission wouldn't fail, that we would be able to bring Yunie's love home to her. But the man that we had first believed was him wasn't, why did we have to get her hopes up?

So now she's back to whistling, I can only pray that she finds what she is looking for...


"Yunie, were going to be back in Besaid shortly why don't you come inside and I'll have Barkeep fix you up something to eat?" I asked, tugging at a bead frommyhair.

"I can't Rikku, I can stop feeling like he's near by, I've never felt this feeling before. Do you think I'm going crazy?" I sighed.

"No Yunie you're not going crazy, I know you miss him...we all do, but you have to keep your head up, there still is a chance you will find him."I smiled poking Yuna in her side to get a small smile from the brunettes tear streaked face. Yuna couldn't help herself from laughing, I knew her too well. But of course her laughing caused meto do the same.

"Thank you Rikku you always seem to make me feel better." Yuna gave me a small hug, sighing she spoke again.

"I'll come inside in a little bit, Rikku I just want some time alone"

"No prob. Yunie, come in whenever you're ready, just remember what I said."I took one last look atmy cousin. A soft smile tugging at my lips.

I just stared at her and realized just how much Yuna had changed, she was no longer the seventeen year old girl from the days of sin, she was now a nine-teen year old woman that was heart broken.I opened the door to go insideand shook myhead...

'No worries Yunie you'll find him, one day you'll find him'

Yuna turned back to the position she was standing in before Rikku came out, and once again began to whistle. After whistling for a couple more minutes, the door once again opened, and Paine casually walked out.

"Yuna it's getting late, let's get something to eat." She said.

Yuna sighed again, she should go in now, it was getting dark.

"Ok" she said simply, with one more whistle she headed towards the door. A far away sound made her stop her movements; she took another step and heard the sound again.

Yuna ran to the edge of the deck, Paine on her heels, it couldn't be could it? Something caught Yuna's eye, something or someone Blonde.

"It can't be!" Yuna grabbed the railing, as Rikku appeared on deck.

"Come on you too! What's taking you so long?" Rikku asked looking angry for waiting so long.

"It's him, he's back, Rikku he's home!"

What, Where am I? This place looks so familiar, could it be...Besaid?

How did I get here?

I ask as if it matters, I'm here and that's all that matters. she here? Doe's she even remember me?

How long has it been? Is she married, doe's she have children?

"I have to find her, even if she doesn't remember me." I say, I must look ridicules…I'm in Besaid talking to myself.

But wait, I hear a...whistle?

A giant machina flies over me...and I whistle back, only to receive another whistle and a petite woman jumping out of the machina and running towards me.

"What the h..." I start to say but I cut myself off when I see her. Her brown hair flowing behind her, her face covered in newly shed tears.

"Yuna?" I ask. She nods apparently as surprised to see me as I am to see her. She looks at me, I can feel her eyes hovering over me, as if she was making sure I was there.

"Are you real?" I hear her ask.

"I think so" I say back to her. She once again looks at me.

"Do I pass?" I ask her, she nods and raps her slim arms around my neck, my lips meet hers and the world stops.

"Get a room you two!" I hear coming from the beach.

"Who told you to watch Wakka!" I yell back toward the Blitzer. I grab Yuna's hand and run towards the others. Yuna apparently thought I wasn't fast enough ran faster and pulled me along. I look at her.

"Yuna you've changed" I tell her. She smiles her genuine smile and replies...

"Well you've missed a few things…"

I smile and look into her crystal blue and emerald eyes.

"I want to hear everything!" I tell her.

"Well, it all started when we saw this sphere of you…"

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