My Light in the Dark

By: Bree-2006

Chapter 17

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Rikku's eyes grew increasingly wide, paleness began to cover her already crystal like features.

"You-you want me to what?" She stuttered slightly, positioning herself to look into Gippal's one eye.

"I want you to come back to the D-Jose temple with me…that is if you want to." Gippal added fruitfully.

"And…leave my friends, my family, my home? What will they say?" Rikku's gaze moved to a window on the other side of the room. Gippal fell quiet and an awkward silence filtered through the air.

"Well…Yunie's got Tidus now…I'm almost out of respect points with Paine. Brother doesn't care what I do, and neither does dad." Rikku looked at Gippal as she opened her mouth to continue.

"I'll do it! Count me in!" she squealed as she lunged onto Gippal. Gippal caught her automatically laughing as they held each other lightly. Rikku pulled away to look at him.

"I just need to talk to Yunie and Paine…" Gippal nodded and began to stand.

"Take as long as you need, I'll be back to pick you up whenever your ready" Rikku waved goodbye as she fell back into her pillow.

"I guess it's my turn to enjoy the eternal calm."

Yuna walked alongside Tidus, they were heading back to the hospital to greet Rikku.

"So…Lady Yuna, ready to enjoy the calm?" Tidus asked raising an eyebrow. Yuna looked up at him and gave him a childish smile.

"I've never been more so" she replied entwining her hand with his.

"So you're giving up the sphere hunting business?" He asked as they walked around the village.

"As much as I love it I'm ready to relax and just have fun for a change." Smiling widely, yuna looked to the sky.

"I want to be lazy for once!" she screamed into the air.

"Sounds like a plan…" Tidus ended kissing Yuna passionately.

The two entered the hospital shortly after their brief discussion. As they approached Rikku's room Gippal walked casually out. Yuna could tell something big had happened and from the looks of it…whatever had happened was a good thing.

"Rikku's in there, she wants to talk to Yuna." Nodding understandingly Yuna entered the room. Rikku looked up to greet Yuna's eyes.

"What's up Rikku?" she asked sitting in a nearby chair.

"I have something to tell you but I want to wait for Paine."

The two waited 20 minutes for Paine to walk in, her face held emotion that Yuna and Rikku have never seen on her face.

"Where exactly have you been?" Yuna finally asked. Paine looked at her horrified.

"Uh…I" Paine slowly covered.

"Paine there's no need to be nervous just tell us, were not going to say anything." Yuna stated.

"Well…Baralai took me to lunch and then we took a walk on the beach and…" Paine's face flushed crimson, and Rikku giggled childishly.

"Wow Paine, that's a good color for you!" she said laughing hysterically.

"Shut up! That'll cost you 4 respect points." Paine growled angerly.

"uh…" Rikku swallowed covering her head with her pillow. Yuna laughed at Rikku's antic and opened her mouth to speak.

"Rikku what was it you wanted to tell us?" Yuna asked nervously. Rikku emerged from her pillow and sat up straight.

"I'm leaving with Gippal to the D-Jose temple" all mouths opened and Yuna's hands shook.

"W-when are you leaving?" Yuna asked stuttering. Rikku's eyes began to water, and Paine sat speechless.

"Tomorrow morning." She stated plainly crystal tears flowing over her reddened cheeks.

"I guess this is it then…the Gullwings are finished" Paine said holding back unspilt tears.

"Yeah…I'm happy for the two of you Rikku, just promise you'll visit Tidus and I often kay." Rikku nodded.

"Will do!" she replied hugging her cousin tightly.

"Even though you're a pain, this Paine is gonna miss ya." Paine said joining the hug.




"Forever the Gullwings!"


Yuna, Paine, Tidus, Baralai, Wakka, Lulu, and Vidina stood quietly at the Highwind take off lift. The time was 7:00 am and Rikku was about to leave for D-Jose with Gippal.

"Bye-bye Rikku, take care of yourself." Yuna cried as she hugged her cousin sadly. Yuna had tried to keep herself from crying but the ex-summoner couldn't help but let the rivers of salty water cascade over her heated skin. Rikku hugged back forcefully wispering kind words into her distraught cousins ear. She two was crying.

"Bye Rikku come visit soon." Paine said hugging her briefly. She held a crooked smile as if she was trying extra hard to keep herself from breaking down.

"See you later Rik's" Tidus said also hugging the blonde al bhed tightly.

"Bye Rikku" Baralai said shaking Rikku's hand affectionately. Lulu and Wakka also said their goodbye's and after a long group hug. Rikku turned to all of her friends.

"Yunie, Tidus, I know that you two have big plans together, I know your stories are gonna be great, and that you'll live your lives to the fullest. I'm happy that you all have found something that you wont let go of. I just want you to know…all you guys really need is each others love." The two smiled and nodded at Rikku.

"Paine, Baralai, You two are the best friends that a girl could have, and Paine…you'll always be Dr. P" Paine smiled.

"Rikku I think you've just gained all of your respect points back." Rikku laughed and turned to Wakka and Lulu.

"Take care you two, Wakka you're a great dad, and Lulu you're a great mom, don't ever forget that, And Wakka…" Rikku asked.


"Lighten up on the donuts will ya!" everyone giggled delightfully and Rikku waved as she ascended to the airship.

"Goodbye my friends…Goodbye my family." She whispered quietly into the air.

As Rikku's form disappeared into the ship the six friend walked silently back to the village.

Yuna looked at Tidus.

"Things are going to be so quiet now…we can finally end our stories." Tidus looked admirably at her.

"Are you kidding…this is only the beginning!"

'Through the laughter, through the pain, it all comes down to how you plan your life, and now…finally, everything is quiet, and peace can fill the void that has been placed into our souls. Even though things have changed I plan to continue my journey, and I plan to finish the story that I so long ago started. With friends near and far, my dreams wont fade and my faith in love will never disappear. The sun will forever lighten the darkness and I can now enjoy my turn in the Eternal Calm.'

The End

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