Title: Hidden Truths

Rating: MA

Warning: I hope you enjoy the story! There will be sexual content in future chapters. This story was written some time ago and is still not complete but I have done a few chapters. Sorry folks this story doesn't have a happy ever after ending…

Pairings: Mirai Trunks/ SonGohan

Beta: Vegeta-sire

Authors Notes: It might be confusing at first but it will all be clear soon enough. Gohan is called Rhyse through the story off and on though the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ

Chapter One

The cool breeze of the night raced through the still dark streets of the city, picking up a discarded newspaper tossing it through the air while the homeless looked for a warm spot to sleep away from the cold of the night. Surrounding them are the crumbling buildings that made up the landscape which supported the poor and struggling decay of society.

The one thing that looked out of place in the slums, a stretch limo, had just pulled up outside one of the two story buildings that should have been demolished years ago. A well dressed young man with spiky black hair hopped out of the back of his black limo. He shut the door at the same time as there was a screeching sound of wheels speeding off. The young man then walked over to the steps of the old brick building. He stopped and leaned over the rusting rails that pointed down to an old homeless man who had taken shelter from the harsh cold winds underneath the building's steps.

"Hey Boots, how's it going?" The young man politely asked looking down at the ragged form curled up under the steps, rubbing his hands together trying to warm them.

"Oh you know me, never a complaint. I've found me some new shoes today." He said happily while pulling them out of the bag and holding them up so that he could see. "See hardly any holes", he said proudly looking over the new pair of shoes that looked far too big for his old worn feet.

"That's great, Boots." The young man said enthusiastically, continuing to rub the cold out of his hands, while smiling down at the old man. "Here, I got something for ya." He said reaching into his long coat pocket and pulling out a small bottle of sprits. He reached down and handed it to the old man without hesitation for being so close to something so filthy.

"Ahh… you spoil me, that you do." The old man said happily. His face lit up at the sight of the gift showing his almost toothless grin with the thoughts of having something warm tonight. He snatched it out of the younger man's outstretched hand and hid it in his tatted coat, checking to see if any one that might want to pinch it from him later saw him.

"Just don't go spreading the word or I'll be swamped, okay?" The young man chuckled, stepping back ready to leave.

"You know me, ear's open and mouth shut. That's how you live longer. Remember that boy. Boots knows. He's seen it all." He stated with a toothless grin.

"I'll remember. Well I've got to go now. I got to get up early. See you later Boots." He smiled waving, leaving the old man alone to take a swig of his new found present.

Rhyse, as most knew him around these parts, rushed indoors and up the stairs while hunting through his pockets for his key to the small shared apartment. When he finally found it, he opened the scratched and battered door leading into the small living room. A small square kitchen table with its three miss-matched chairs off to the side near the entrance. A small L shaped bench that encased the kitchen was opposite it with the street lights emanating through the pokey little window.

In the living room, if you could call it that, were a single lounge chair and a large couch along the wall opposite the kitchen. Blankets were thrown over the torn martial. Facing the couch was a small TV that sat on an old coffee table. It was pokey cramped existence but it was his home now. Leading from the living room was a small hallway that led to the two bedrooms and a tiny cupboard size bathroom.

The young man put his keys, pager and cell on the table then removed his coat and placed it over one of the torn chairs before going to get a glass of water from the fridge.

"Now, that's feels good." He sighed drinking greedily down the glass of water, placing the empty glass down on the sink.

He went directly to his room and quickly stripped the rest of his clothing carelessly tossing his shirt onto the double bed pushed up hard against the wall under a large permanently stuck open window that had no blind and did nothing to keep the sound from the constant passing of trains. Snatching a pair of sweatpants and worn t-shit out of his bottom dresser drawer he headed off for a shower.

Praying that the hot water would last him until he was done he listened to the pipes complain as they the water spurted out before reaching a descent temperature for his tired muscles to relax in. He didn't have to wait to long tonight and climb into the bath, pulling the shower curtain across and melting into the relaxing steaming water. He lathered up his tired self with a soft scented soap suds allowing it to descend over his firm torso. He welcomed the heat as it washed away his guilt and self loath, trying to feel clean again before he went to bed.

He needed to wake up bright and early to cover the distance that it would take for him to get to his classes at the university where he was studying business management in the hope that one day he would be able to lead a better life.

He hadn't seen his family for over a year now, about the same time he moved to the big city and starting his schooling. He constantly received phone calls from his parents asking for him to come and visit them, but he always came up with excuses not to go. When they suggested that they could visit the big city, he would find some reason for them not to come.

He knew full well that they would have a fit if they were to see the way he lived. The condition of his living quarters was enough to start asking questions. Then there was how much weight he had lost since he left home. So he painted another picture for his parents, one they would accept and not ask any unwanted questions. They didn't have to know the truth. Both his mother and father didn't have much money, so he had to find other means of supporting himself at the University. His scholarship didn't cover all his costs. This was something he quickly became aware of.

He quickly looked for ways to support himself while he stayed in the big city. He didn't want to disappoint them. They were so pleased he got into one of the biggest universities in the country, so what was the point of making them worry?

He was missing his family and friends back home though, but he still had a few years to complete his studies, and he couldn't think of his home too much or he would just get depressed.

Turning off the shower before it ran cold he wrapped the clean towel around his waist before heading off to his room to get ready for bed. It would be another late night by the time he gets back tomorrow, and then he just knew Marilyn would ring him with another job.

Just thinking about it turned his stomach. Being a male escort for her was nothing to trifle with, as he quickly found out when he was first pushed into this world of lies. As popular as he was with the women folk, his male clients made him a great source of income for Marilyn's business which forced him to live under her ruling thumb.

He tried to quit a few times, but Marilyn and her thugs threatened him and his family, forcing him to rethink those ideas of his. This was a grizzly reminder for him of a few of the things that his mummy and daddy wouldn't like to hear about their precious son.


Her income doubled over night when she put him down in her books. Not that he saw much of it. He was barely able to live in the city and study at the same time with what she gave him. Marilyn knew once his two years were up Rhyse, as his call name was, would want to return back home or get the hell away from there. She wasn't too happy about it and was working on ways to keep him in the city as long as possible. She believed he was hers to do with as she pleased, and she was forcing that fact on the young man.

He wedged a spare pillow in the gap of the open window that refused to shut, trying to stop the cold breeze that made it impossible to get comfortable. "It's so cold!" He complained with his teeth chattering slightly. Shaking the thoughts of what tomorrow might bring he climbed under his blanket.

The young man curled up under his blanket still shivering. It took sometime before he finally fell asleep. The stillness of the night was broken whenever a train rumbled past every so often shaking the foundations. Unfortunately his sleep was cut short at some point with his roommate storming in.

"RHYSE!! Can you tell ROSS that he can't shove his nose into my affairs, before I'll shove his nose some place where the sun doesn't SHINE!" His roomy growled angrily not really caring that he'd just woken him up.

"Brad, get the fuck OUT! I have to get up really EARLY!" He growled. It was still freezing. He threw his only pillow at his roomie's head only to have it miss and land in the hallway.

"Rhyse, but he has been right pain in the ASS! You wouldn't believe what HE did!" Brad was standing in the door way looking frustrated trying to get him to listen to him.

"Come on honey, get out here!" A gruff voice came from the living room.

Brad turned around and yelled back at him. "Ross honey go jump off a cliff WILLYA!!!" He shouted, getting on Rhyse nerves.

"BRAD PLEEEASE… Just shut the door and work it out with him. You don't need ME!" Sitting up he pointed at the open doorway for him to leave his bedroom.

"FINE! Thanks for the help! NOT! What a great friend you ARE!" Brad threw his hands up, storming off and purposely slamming the door behind him as he did. He was still complaining as he went back into the living room.

"LIKE I CARE!" Rhyse yelled right back after him, relieved to have him finally gone. Dropping his tired and heavy body back onto the mattress growling he realised he had no pillow as he covered his head with his blanket a weary sigh, hoping to get back to sleep. He growled and rolled over with his fingers stuffed in his ears trying to block out the racket Ross and Bran were making. Moments passed messing up his bed as he wrestled trying to fine place that would block them out. When he was just about to spring up out of bed and yell at them, the front door slammed indicating Ross had finally left. "Finally! Now I might get some SLEEP!" He growled loud enough for Brad to hear, letting his body fall back once again on the squeaky ageing mattress in the hope of some sleep.

The next day was another full day of important things to do, and as expected he slept in. This didn't help when he had to walk a full mile just to get the station to catch his train that passed his apartment, twenty four hours a day seven day's week. After departing the train it was another hour of walking just to get to the University. It was always late afternoon by the time he reached home each day. Completely exhausted he just collapsed on the couch when he's cell phone rang and he heard Marilyn's gruff voice on the other end.

"Fine…seven clock. I'll be ready...I know Marilyn... Yes, I understand. Bye." Flipping his cell shut he tossed it onto the couch next to him. "Bitch!" He muttered angrily as if she could hear him. There was only one hour before the limo would pick him up out the front to take him to one of the fancy restaurants where he was to play escort to one of Marilyn's well paying customers who was twice his age. He'd become this lady's personal favourite. Marilyn had told him that she would expect the full treatment and that's what she will get. This turned his stomach. He tried to blank that thought from his mind for the moment. He looked at his homework on the table and sighed as he pushed himself off the couch to get ready to leave.

"Well, at least I'll be getting something descent to eat tonight."

The seating in the restraint was only semi crowded when they arrived. When they were finally shown to their seats, Rhyse did everything that was expected of him as they sat at the table and finished their meal. He was currently waiting patiently in his seat for the lady to return from the powder room.

Feeling uncomfortable, he played with the collar of his tux. He was thinking of how he would really like to go to the bar and get something strong to drink right about now. His nerves were starting to play on him. He turned to see the lady coming back and stood up and helped her back in her chair.

After some more chit-chat, he decided couldn't stand the lack of alcohol any longer, and asked if she would like a drink. She happily agreed and they both headed for the restaurant's lounge where there was a bar.

He ordered for the both of them and sat down at one of the many stools with their drinks in hand, chatting about this and that. Unknown to him he was spotted by an old family friend who was currently standing near a potted plant in shock at seeing his old friend with a woman, an older woman at that.

"What the hell...Gohan?"