Duel in Dominia

BY Dragonfang33

Synapes: A crossover between Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh (I apologize for any offense) basically, Pegasus, descovers the existence of Magic: The Gathering's world of Dominaria and threatens to take control of it, and use Dominaria's magic to further his own ends. (Set during the Pegasus Saga)


Cast of Characters


Jack Wolf- narrator of the story, half-Kiowa, an expert "Plainswalker" Jack plays Magic for one thing to help his people, above all his grandfather

Justin Colt- Jack's best friend, and fellow Magic: The Gathering player.


Yugi Moto/Yami Yugi- the "King of Games, keeper of the mystical Millenium Puzzle, one of the finest Duel Monsters Players ever.

Joey Wheeler- Yugi's best friend, and fellow Duelest

Tristin Tayler- another one of Yugi's friends

Tea Gardener- another firend of Yugi

Maximillian Pegasus- keeper of the Millenium Eye, creator of Duel Monsters, hopes to sieze the powers of Dominaria for his own purposes.

Rules of the Great Tournament


1. Each partisapent must have two deck: 1 Magic: the Gathering Deck, and 1 Duel Monsters Deck

2. In order to proceede to the final round a participant must have 10 Duel Monsters Starchips, and 10 MTG Land Badges

3. To revieve starchips a duelest must face another duelest and win

4. To revieve a Land Badge a Plainswalker must take control of a territory

5. In order to sieze a Territory, you must collect 6 rings from other Plainswalkers (3 from a Card Plainswalker, and 3 froma "real" Plainswalker)

6. If you don't have an MTG or Duel Monsters deck one will be provided


1. The finals will be divided into two levels, Magic and Duel Monsters

2. In order to advance from the MTG Finals to the Duel Monsters Finals one must earn 3 Gold Rings

3. In order to earn the Gold Rings you have to defeate 3 "Expert" Plainswalkers

4. In order to advance from the Duel Monsters Finals to the Last Battle you must beat 3 "Duelests"

5. The Last Battle, the Game can be one of hte following.


Duel Monsters vs. Duel Monsters

MTG vs. Duel Monsters

Rules for a Magic: The Gathering vs. Duel Monsters Match

1. All MTG POWER and TOUGHNESS will be multiplied by 1000, ex Crossbow Infentry has a 1/1 therefore it would have 1000/1000

2. Life Points will be 20 per player

3. Damage will deduct 1 point from each persons score when delt, unless it is blocked

4. Cards from Duel Monsters that give the player an instant win are banned i.e. NO EXODIAS ALLOWED.

5. MTG Enchanments, Sorceries, and Artifacts all count as Magic

6. Intants count as traps, and can still be played anytime

7. Artifact Creatures still count as monsters

8. Land Cards can change the field, aand the more Lands played the harder it will be to returnt he Land to normal.

One last thing: The Great Tournament will ACTUALLY be held in Dominia, and will also include Mirrodon

Heres a set of notes for my newest fanfic, (No offense intended toward either Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh both games of which I am a huge fan of), I will post Part I as soon as I get it written.