Chapter 5 - Naming the baby

As soon as Sam and the baby walked in the office they were spotted by Danny, who walked straight to them, or rather straight to the baby.

"Hey there cute girl, sweetheart, honey, how are you?" Danny said in baby voice "Still no name?" Sam laughed.

"No, but the twins are very suspicious about that these days, I fear they might have some weird name in mind, like Xena, so I better find a name soon!" Sam told him.

"But what are two pretty girls, like yourselves, doing here?" he asked with a charming smile.

"We've came to see daddy working." Sam said, Danny made a face.

"You've came all the way here just to see Martin? I mean, if it was me, I'd understand, but Martin?" Danny said in a cocky voice.

"Actually we just came from the doctor. She's a healthy baby." Sam told him.

"I'm glad. Now come and I'll escort you to the meeting room. Maybe you could help us, we have no clue." Danny told us.

"I knew this place couldn't run without me. Tell me about the case, but quietly. She's falling asleep." Sam and Danny walked slowly to the meeting room, Sam carrying her daughter.

"Missing boy, 6 years old, loving family, nice house, no one saw a stranger face on the neighbourhood. Nothing!" Danny said frustated.

"When I was 6 I had a sweet spot and everytime I wanted to play by myself I would go there. Maybe he's just on his. Ask the parents about it." (A/N - Ok... I know, it's silly. But I can't help it...)

"Thanks Sam." Danny left running, she walked into the meeting room. Martinm came to her the minute he saw her.

"Hey baby, hey babe!!" Martin said and kissed both.

"Does this princess have a name yet?" Vivian asked, Sam shook her head frustrated.

"She's beautiful, Sam." Jack told her.

"Thanks, I forgot you haven't seen her yet." Sam said remembering he hadn't come to visirt her and her baby on the hospital. She loved Martin more than she had loved Jack, but after all they went trough, she now felt betrayed that he hadn't care about her. Yet she smiled because she has a family that she wasn't going to let go and she was happy.

"You're picking up the boys at school?" Martin asked Sam.

"Yeah, I better go. Found tem watching MTV last night. I have a feeling next suggestions will be Shakira or Madonna." Sam told him.

"I like Madonna!" Martin said.

"And how would you feel about your daughter singing 'Like a virgin'?"

"I hate Madonna!"

"Bye guys!" Sam said goodbye and left the FBI building.

Later that day Sam was trying to het her baby to take a nap but wasn't having any luck.

"Mommy? Can we try something?" Brad asked as Bryan put a CD on and hit the play button, a soft music started to play. The baby calmed down and soon fell asleep.

"What song is that, boys?" Sam asked.

"Cry from Mandy Moore." Bryan told her.

"Mandy... I like Amanda, I think we got a winner." Sam said and dialed Martin's office number, it fell on the machine "How does Amanda, Mandy, sounds for you? Believe it or not it was the boys' suggestion."

"I like Britney better." Brad announced.

"An' I love wha' u do, put ur love on you ur toxic!" the boys said and did a little dance.

"No more MTV for you guys. Now how about I leave Mandy on her crib and we start a playstation competition?" Sam suggested and they played as quiet as possible(for two hyper 4 years old) for the rest of the afternoon.

When Martin got home the twins were watching cartoons and Sam was making dinner, Mandy was in her baby car.

"I loved Mandy!" Martin said kissing Sam on her neck, he kissed Mandy's forehead and sat on the couch to watch cartoons with the twins.

"Oh man! I lost the begining!" he complained.

"We taped it for u!" Bryan told him.

"Thanks boys. But that won't save you from the tickle time!!" he started ticking the boys and Sam smiled.

Time went by quickly and Sam sighed as she realized that today was the last day of her maternity leave. She walked trough the park with Mandy in one arm and pushing the baby car with her free hand. The twins were laughing and running.

"Hey Mandy, tomorrow you'll be your first day in daycare, you see mommy has to work, but mommy loves you and youlove mommy, right?" Mandy giggled, or at least Sam thought she did, were babies supposed to giggle at such young age? Probably not. Pushing that thought behind she started talking to Mandy again." Yes you do! You love mommy! I won't tell your father that you like me better, ok? It'll be our little secret. But now, I'll tell you a story, daddy will probably tell a different one. Here's the true one. Once upon a time there was this gorgeous prince, called Martin. Martin was a prisioner of this big bad monster called, er... he doesn't have a name, we'll think about one later, ok? Back to the story, Martin was saved by a beautiful and strong warrior princess called Sammy, 'cause you know girls rulez!"

"Mommy, I like your story better but Batman and Superman are stronger than Batgirl" Brad told her.

"That's discussible... Go play with your brother, but stay close!" Brad left running.

"You seem like a great mother." said an old lady sitting next to Sam.

"I'm bot so sure about that. But thanks."

"You'll love when you get to be a grandmother. We get just the good parts. No waking up at 3am, no crying, no homework to look at. It's heaven. And you can spoil them all you want."

"Sounds great to me!" Sam said smiling "Breaks my heart to let her in daycare tomorrow. I miss work, but I'm afraid I'll miss her more."

"And soon she'll be the one having babies..." The old lady said completing her thought. "It's always hard to let go. But you'll manage."

"Let's hope... I should get going. Thanks for the talk. Goodbye."


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