Note: This is a a battle-song of Rohan, essentially a call to arms for the Riders of the Mark. The raven and the wolf are traditional battle-images. No actual wolves or ravens were harmed in the writing of this song, though one mead-hall was slightly trashed. Sorry.

Disclaimer -- J.R.R. Tolkien owns the Riddermark (Rohan).

Battle-Song of the Riddermark
--by Elwen Aiwelinde

The raven rides on wrathful wings--
Black wings, and beacons of baleful doom
Flash and flicker, flame on the mountains.
Hateful the howl of the hoary wolf
Feasting on friend and foe alike.

Many the men in the mead-hall gather,
Called by king, called by duty.
Word-bound brethren, bold and fearless
Answer sworn oaths, all remember
To liege and lord and land their pledge.

Shoulder shields now and sharpen bright blades.
Against ancient evil, iron and steel--
Helm and hauberk, hale to keep them.
Bit and bridle, borne of free will
By friends so faithful, Felarof's kin.

Rise now, rise up, ride to battle,
Fear no foul beast, fear no evil,
Brandish fierce blades; our banner flies now.
Hear the horncall, heed its music:
Forth now, dear friends, to the field of war!