Title: Daybreak Sway
Copyright: One Piece and its characters © Eiichiro Oda. Lyrics © Dean Martin. The only copyright I stake is intellectual. Thank you, drive through.
Notes: Neither Zoro nor Luffy tend to be early risers, do they? (cough)ContinuityWarp(cough) Incidentally, pirates are more apt to have 'blankets', rather than 'sheets', aren't they? Well, this time, they have sheets. 300 thread count. XD

Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more.
--Dean Martin, Sway

"Wake up. It's daylight."


"Get up, Luffy. We have to get up."

"I r'fuse."

"I don't. Get up," Zoro was tempted to shake Luffy's shoulder, but did not.

"I'm not going to win, am I?" Zoro asked, defeated bite in his voice.

"No," Luffy replied, sleepy victory coloring his own.

The swordsman rose, propping himself on backstretched arms, and silently contemplated the little room. A latern, hung near the window, swayed with the ship's gentle amble through the waters.

Feeling Zoro begin to slide from the bed, Luffy woke again. "Stay," he requested.

"Please? You're warm," he added, already half-reclaimed by his dreams.

"That's what blankets are for," said Zoro, tugging his left boot over his heel.

"Like you better."

"...You stay, you sleep. I'm getting up. Someone has to see if half the ship has fallen off, captain," Zoro replied, now boot-clad, standing and searching for his shirt.

Luffy offered no response, apparently dozing. Lightly shadowed and slackened with sleep, Luffy looked the perfect picture of innocence.

Zoro hesitated. He hadn't meant to be so snappish, even if it had fallen on deaf ears. A tinge of guilt wound its way through his gut. He moved toward the bed, and grasped the flimsy white sheet that had moved its way down to Luffy's waist, pulling it to the sleeping boy's shoulder.

Utilizing speed - and forethought - rarely displayed, Luffy snatched one of Zoro's arms and tugged, sending the hunter sprawling forward. The sea had also seemed to agree with Luffy, as the entire ship tilted to aid Zoro's short flight.

"What the hell are you doing?" Zoro barked, stunned and mostly face-down over Luffy's middle.

"Winning," Luffy answered, a cheshire cat grin hanging from his lips. Gently, slowly, Luffy rose enough to meet Zoro's nose with a kiss. "Please stay. Pretty please? Sugar and meat on top?"

Zoro's thin lips quirked into a half-grin. "I'm not going to win, am I?"

Luffy's response was a wide smile.