Intro/summary: This story, so far, has no plotline. Well, sort of. I have a few ideas of things I want to put in the story, but my overall plot is still undecided, so you can expect a lot of unexpected things (if that makes any sense). It might end up being romance, it might end up being lemon, and it might end up being one of those save the world deals, but I'm not too sure. I'll probably change the title byt the time I think up of something. As you can tell, I'm and Angelique fan, and I have played through the super famicom / snes version of it. This is an AU story (another universe), set sometime after the Angelique / Dia exam, but before the Callot / Rachel one. The main character's name is spelled properly, mind you. I didn't make the same 'mistake' fifty times in one chapter. ;) Anywho, I've been meaning to do an Angelique story for sometime now, and from my musings, this was born. Hopefully now I'll be more active with my other stories. ;; There a few 'vulgar' words I the story, but at most, it's PG-13.

Disclaimer: Original Angelique characters, Angelique, and other copyrighted items do not belong to me, but to some other people. Etc.


Intro. To New Worlds 101

A lazy yawn was given as its owner struggled out of her desk, wiping the sleeping sand from her eyes. Chemistry had been such a drag. It's not that it was difficult, or boring, but some punk kids kept getting the teacher off subject for a half an hour or so, and whatever they were talking about was boring. Alyson just couldn't help but sleep. The bell had just rang, and everyone sprinted out of the class, while she was still trying to wake up.

This was bad.

Her grades were suffering severely, and she really needed to pull together and work hard.

Maybe later though….

She slowly paced out of the classroom and made her way to her locker. The halls were almost completely empty, save for a few miscellaneous students here and there. She glanced at her watched and then whistled.

"Five after three, that's got to be a new record."

It was the weekend, but it normally took about ten minutes or so for the school to empty out. There must have been a party somewhere right after school. Alyson shrugged and went about her way to her locker. She put the combination in her lock, and upon opening the door of her locker, stared into the messy catacombs. Books, papers, and whole bunch of other various crap were sloppily lying about everywhere in her little hole. Alyson silently had an argument with herself over what to do as she stared into the paper abyss.

Side one: I really don't want to…

Side two: Well I have to. I must study otherwise I'll flunk

Side one: Well I never do.

Side two: It'll be different this time. I will force myself to study, but the first step is taking the books home.

Side one: They'll just end up being ignored like all the other times

Side two: No




Alyson sighed deeply. Yes, it was that same problem again. She really needed to study, but she really didn't want to. Often times she would bring books home with good intentions, only to have set them aside and neglect them. The chances of her actually studying something at home were slim to none. She could save herself the trouble of caring the books home and making sure to bring them back if she just left them in her locker, but then she'd get this nagging feeling inside of her if she actually did leave those accursed objects in their tomb. She glared into her locker before deciding to just take the damn things home. At least it was an attempt, and though it would more than likely fail like all other previous attempts, it was an attempt none the less. Alyson starting piling the books on the floor, one top of another: Pre-calculus, Chemistry, random book for unneeded class #1, American History, "Advanced" French a.k.a. French 3, random book for unneeded class #2, American Lit, and Biology.

"That has to be the ugliest 20 pounds of paper and cardboard I've ever seen."

She slammed her locker shut and hoisted her books up to her midriff. High School was such a drag, and not the cigarette kind, mind you. Alyson carefully made her way out to the student parking lot, trying her best to keep the leaning tower o' school books from toppling. Aside from that, the girl had another obstacle to over come: doors. Both of her hands were being taken up by the insane amount text the school board decided was 'necessary for the highest level of learning and challenges for students in the current school curriculum'. Alyson saw a guy exit from the same door, just little bit in front of her; with any luck, she'd be able to catch the door before it closed. She sped her pace up a little bit, but as her books started to wobble she had to stop completely to catch them from falling. slam


The door had just shut. She mentally cursed herself and those blasted books. If she had left them in her locker, she would have been long gone by now. Well, it's nice to see how chivalrous people were now a days. Once Alyson had the books settled, she slowly started to back into the door. She could lightly push it open with her back and then turn forward and walk to her car. Where she expected to meet with the door she found nothing but air, and leaned into nothing. She came falling backwards, books tagging along, and crashed onto the cement outside. A toothy grin was being showed and she glanced upwards. It belonged to one of her fellow juniors - just another unimportant person she didn't bother to get to know.

'Mental note, get that kid back later'.

After a few minutes of teasing, laughing, and picking one's self up to continue whatever you were doing previously, Alyson finally made her way to her car. She set her books in the back seat, where they could do the least bit of harm. Out of site, out of mind. One last glance at the student parking lot told her that besides that random 11th grader she ran into, or rather, fell in front of because she didn't run into the door, she was the only other student (with a car) at campus. She always did like to take her time, but this was ridiculous. That must be some get together somebody was throwing.

She was about to enter her car and get out of that blasted parking lot when a faint ringing could be heard in her ears. She moaned and stuck her pinky finger in one ear, as if that could stop the sound.

"I REALLY have to see a doctor about this…"

Alyson had been having these random ringing sounds occur every now and then since as far back as she could remember. They were as regular as a fingernail clipping, or a cold. She didn't think that much of them, but they were annoying as hell to deal with at times. What would come next is slightly distorted vision with a moderate 'dizzy' feeling. These 'spells', though common, were still something Alyson had yet to get accustomed to. Whenever they happened she had to take a break from whatever she was doing, and just wait for it to pass. It was normally over in a minute or so, so she didn't think much of them. Alyson rested her head on the top of her car for a bit, waiting to regain her vision and normalcy when a slight breeze kicked up. Her long dark brown hair began to flutter. She saw something with her perihelia vision. Alyson looked up to the sky to see what it was.

"Maybe a different kind of doctor than I was thinking…" she whispered with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. "I must be losing my marbles."

She rubbed her eyes, trying to clear her vision some, but the image she still saw was the same. There was a….girl? she thought, maybe, a girl in some crazy angel-slash-queen outfit staring at her from way up in the clouds. Except Alyson shouldn't have seen her, because not only was this girl in sky a small speck among puffy clouds, she was also well over a mile away. One mile away being the as the human eye could see. Alyson shook her head slowly and entered her car. She would definitely need a nap when she got home. Those spells were definitely getting to her. Maybe she needed a shrink.

She was about the start the motor to her car when something happen. She wasn't sure what had happened exactly though. Maybe there was a flash of light. Maybe there wasn't. It was one of those things that happen so fast you don't catch them, but you know they happen. There was a mild clunk, as if she had ran over something with the middle of her car. Alyson peeked over the hood over her car tentatively to find a strange plant in front of it.

"What the hell?"

She opened her car door to find that her car, as well as herself, was now in the middle of some kind of exotic garden. Not exotic as in tropical, but exotic as in not-of-this-world type of exotic. Alyson paused for a moment, shifting her eyes to and fro', trying to get a grasp of the situation. Lots, and lots, and lots, and LOTS of plants surrounded her. She could hear about million birds chirping above. Um…what just happened? Curiosity got the better of her, and Alyson took a few steps around the garden, or what seemed to be a garden, and explored a little. She finally came to a pathway and stopped completely in her tracks. Her breath was taken back, and she was utterly frozen in place, like dear in headlights.

"Toto, you can screw Kansas…….I don't even think we are on Earth anymore…"


End First Chapter.

I hope to update extremely soon, like in the next day or so, but for now I'll have to leave it at that. This was written on a day where I went to sleep for like 6-7 hours and woke up late at night. I couldn't find anything to do, so I wrote this. It's about 1:30 now though, and I supposed I should be doing something else. Meh, whatever. I hope you enjoy. Questions? Comments? Say them and maybe I'll fix whatever I screwed up.