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Her hard breathing pattern finally normalized. She no longer was gasping for air as she sat motionlessly on the bed. Her quick in and out takes of air were completely soundless. The bowl of fruit and pitcher of water by her bedside lay untouched. Her eyes scanned the room that lay before her – she seemed to want to get a full baring of her surroundings. Occasionally, the young girl's head would turn, allowing her view of the bedchamber to wander. How odd this mystery girl is, Luminale thought.

After being brought back to sanctuary, without any exchange of words, she was lead into room where the present guardians either filed out and back into their own chambers or set about getting things set up for her. She stood in place watching Luminale, Julious, and Luva prepare her accommodations, her hawk-like eyes never leaving the three men before her. Sometime between the scuttling, she managed over to the bed and continued her study of the guardians. Luva laid thee refreshments on the nightstand, while Luminale readied the first aid kit for use. After finishing his tasks, the Earth guardian bowed politely before taking his leave, leaving the Guardian of Light to watch over the Guardian of Water's handy work on the mystery guest. Luminale scooted a chair close to the girl and gave her a tender smile before her started to ready the gauze and antiseptic. He dabbed the gauze just a little bit wet and lowered it to one of many cuts before she finally responded for the first time that day.

"Don't touch it," she commanded. Her voice was stern, and unwavering. Her eyes were fixed in a dead stare on Julious who was by the doorway. Or was her gaze meant for the doorway and Julious was simply in the vicinity of the stare? It was a possibility given her early actions. The sound of her voice stopped the water guardian from starting his task.

"But it needs to be treated. You could get an infection if you leave yourself uncared for." He once again attempted to start the task that was presented before him.

"I said don't touch it." Her voice was louder and more commanding. Her stare had now settled on the blue haired man before her. Sensing tension, Luminale decided the best thing would be to do as was requested or rather, told, of him and decided to move on. His expression softened from surprised to relaxed.

"Very well then, shall I look at your ankle? Or perhaps heal some of the bruises that have formed on yo--"


An eerie silence fell in the room. The thickening tension in the air allowed Julious's irate features become more prominent.

"It'll heal by itself." Luminale gave an unsure glance back to his superior, then to the girl before him. More silence.

"Perhaps it's best if we leave her alone for some time to get some rest," the guardian of light reasoned.

Luminale gave an agreeing 'hmm' and a nod as he rose and met with Julious by the exit. Before the Guardian of Water could offer a 'good bye', he was drug outside of the bedroom by Julious and into the chamber next to it – which happen to be Clavis's. Clavis continued to mind his tarot cards without giving any regards to the two new occupants in his room.

"I want to keep a watch on this girl," Julious barked. "Until we can be sure of her intention, I want to make sure she has someone always watching her to keep her from causing anymore trouble in the sanctuary."

Julious walked to the wall separating the Guardian of Dark, placed his hand on it, and began chanting in a low whisper. A faint glow emanated from the bottom of his palm, and a small space in the wall became transparent.

"Having this girl's chambers beside that of a guardian will allow at least one of us to act in time should any problems arise. I want at least one other guardian in here also keeping watch on her with you Clavis." He removed his hand and turned to the others. "Of course, I'll send another guardian periodically to relieve the others. If there are any sudden…" Julious stopped to search for the right words, "developments in her actions, immediately contact me."

And so, here sat Luminale his best friend's room, doing what he deemed somewhat inappropriate and somewhat perverted. Of course they were keeping an eye on her, but wasn't it also like peeping? Thankfully, she hadn't undressed yet, otherwise he'd be in a compromising situation. The water guardian stayed in his seat watching the visitor from another world patiently behind the illusion setup by Julious.

"Is she still in the same place?" Clavis asked from across the room.


"You're worried I take it?"

"Yes I am," the light haired man replied. "She is behaving oddly. Of course, I don't know what her normal behavior is like, however it fairs much differently from when Queen Angelique and Rosalia first arrived. Perhaps that is because they were prepared for the Queen examination, however, I am certain that any girl would have at least asked questions about her whereabouts or have treated herself whenever Julious and I left." Luminale turned to Clavis.

"Do you think she is aware of the illusion?"

Clavis shrugged. "It's a possibility, though I highly doubt it."

"Knock knock!" came a third voice from outside of the room. Oscar's firey red head popped in. "Luminale your shift is up."

The Guardian of Water elegantly rose from his seat, his head still turned towards the visitor.

"I hope she at least manages to eat something or she might pass out from exhaustion." He turned to Clavis and nodded before exiting silently.

The fire guardian plopped down on the designated seat where the previous guardian kept his vigil - one arm sprawled across the back of the chair while his muscular build slouched at a rather obtuse angle. His cape was draped on the floor and his ankles were cross on top of another. He cast his eyes in the direction of the magical window that connect the two rooms. Oscar notice that the visitor's muscles were still tightened with anticipation. She was ready, but for what? Everything in her room still remained completely untouched.

"Sooo… I guest she's been this way for a while?" he asked.

"It would seem so," Clavis replied in a flat, yet somewhat sarcastic tone. He continued to preoccupy himself with the tarot cards.

Oscar glanced back at the girl then at Clavis. He shrugged and a smirk formed on his face.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you two were twins."

It had been quite a while for Alyson to sit there and do nothing, even if she was used to doing it. Her throat was parched, and her stomach churned with hunger. Alyson's mouth began to salivate savagely as the smell of fresh fruit invaded her nostrils. Even so, she sat motionless, taking in everything, anything, all that had happened, and all the might happen. He placid demeanor betrayed nothing as her mind planned - no, calculated mutely.

Earlier, her thoughts were jumbled because of the fast pace of event. However, once she was in that damned house again, she could regain her control and sort things into their rightful place. She recalled where she had been, and which area lead to where. While her brain was on autopilot for formulating a plan B (plan A being try to escape by running away at every available opportunity – officially deemed as a 'failed' attempt), her eyes scoured the room. Aside from hunger and thirst, her body began to feel restless and long to be stretched out and moved, though she dared not. The hair on her arms were still standing and she couldn't get her muscles to relax, despite several attempts.

'I know they are watching me,' she thought.

Against better her better digression, Alyson began to fidget. She was one of those people who just could sit still for extremely long periods of time. She began to bounce on her bed slightly, making note of just how soft it was. Afterwards she stood up, but then stopped. She could feel someone's watch intensify. A few minutes passed by and she decided to press forward. She took a deep breath and began to hobble around the room as best she could with an injured ankle, careful to take soft, soundless footsteps as she traversed across the plush carpet. Once she deemed the area secure, she gently place her hands on the nightstand near the bed. Dare she consume something? Even if she decided against the food she absolutely needed something to drink – a person could go for weeks without food, but would perish within days without water. Alyson eyed the water suspiciously. It was far easier to poison someone's drink than food. She would not chance it. Not yet.

Alyson pushed her hunger and thirst away, and became bolder as her hand carefully slipped into the nightstand's handle. Pulling it open, she found that inside lay . . . nothing. Her lips formed a slight frown at her discovery. She closed the drawer, and, curiosity getting the better of her, began to search other various places – under the mattress, under the bed, in the closet, etc. The only note worth item she found was a pink nightgown – most probably laid out for her use - to which she wrinkled her nose. Pink was not her color. During her search, her muscles had loosened up and she began to relax.

With her investigation of the bedchamber seemingly complete, Alyson leaned against the wall and stare and some of the photos and painting hanging. Across from her hung an interesting painting of a blond woman. She strolled over to the wall and inspected it carefully. At one point, she raised her hand to touch it, feeling the dry paint caress the bottom of the fingertips. She traced her fingers onto the oak framing and then to wall. She absent-mindly began to move to the next painting, leaving her hand behind to trace the wall. She was about to round the corner of her room for the umpteenth time that night when she felt her fingers fall. Her eyes widened and she stopped. She managed to catch her arm and make it seem as if her hand hadn't fallen into that blank, but that's not what worried her. She had now just confirmed what her instincts told her. They were watching her all this time, and through this part of the wall. After walking the rest of the wall length, trying to keep what she discovered hidden, she made a beeline for her bed and sat again, recalculating and formulating what to do.

'Let's assess the situation,' she thought internally. 'This could be a potentially danger place for me, so do I run, or stand my ground? So far, I haven't come across any extremely hostile behavior, however I have to take into account that it very may turn out to be that way later on. Still though, for a place that might be hostile, the setup is just far too – pretty. The way the people are dressed, the up keep of the gardens, the halls, the chambers – the way things are decorated and even the way those people have acted towards me so – so far lead me to believe that I'm not in any serious danger here. Or perhaps I'm being mislead into thinking that. The fact I'm being observed so closely points to that. If they would try to trick me though, what would they gain? And why would they go through the trouble of attempting to clean my cuts and even fetch me clothing to wear for the night? Still, these thing may be tricks in order to gained my trust.' Alyson cleared her thoughts for the first time that day, and took a deep breath before admitting to herself one clear and major point.

'So it boils down to me either having the balls to do something, or just sitting around and waiting for fate to come a pick a destiny for me.'

With a steely resolve, she glance at the spot where they were watching her, and then to the door. Alyson struggled to the door and then began to half limp, half walk out of her room.

Oscar head was titled back, his eyes shut in a light sleep. While on watch, he managed to doze off. Clavis shook his head lightly and rose from his seat behind his desk. He was planning on visiting the spring nearby to get some peace when his ears picked up the faint stirring of the young girl in the adjacent room. His eyes peered into the next room to see her figure bounce lightly on the bed. Clavis quietly watched mysterious visitor cautiously, and it seemed, a bit painstakingly, explore her room.

"What a curious little girl," he commented.

Upon hearing the Guardian of Dark's deep voice, Oscar's head rose from his nap. He used his right thumb and forefinger to clear his vision before glancing back at charge.

"So, she's alive eh?" He leaned forward and propped both his elbows on top of his kneecaps. He clasp his hands together and rest his chin on them, all the while looking forward intently on her next actions. Both men watched and wondered at what her next move would be, their eyes tracing her movements. From the nightstand and the bed, to the closet and dresser, her body and their eyes played a game of cat and mouse.

"I see she didn't bother to wrap that ankle of hers," Oscar commented. At times she would alternate between dragging her foot and limping while she trekked to and from one side of the room to another.

Currently she was standing near the wall, by one of the painting of the former Queen Angelique. After she was satisfied with whatever she was looking for, the black haired girl walked dangerously close to where the guardians stood. Their eyes grew wide and both held their breath as she absent-mindly passed by. Her fingers slipped from the edge of the wall and just barely into magical window before they stopped midair. She had stopped walking, but a few moments later, she continued her walk, with her fingers grazing just the top of the illusion before finding their place back onto the wall. Once finished, she sat back on her bed again. The guardians of fire and dark turned to each, both with a concerned expression on their faces.

"Do you think she noticed?"