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Chapter 1: Nightmares

The inu hanyou sat up, panting heavily in the darkness.

Looking around, he saw the forms of his sleeping companions scattered across the floor. Sango's body was turned towards Kagome's, the small kitsune Shippou curled into the raven-haired school girl's arms. The houshi's robe-clad body had moved -consciously or not - closer to Sango's, the ghost of a smirk playing across his face.

So it had been a dream. They were all still alive and well. Inuyasha sighed heavily in relief, the images of the nightmare he'd woken from still dancing in his mind, tugging at his reluctant memory. He was no child! He stood in the face of demons, his brother, and the angry Kagome without any apparent fear, how could something such as a dream shake him so?

Fresh air is what I need..' He thought to himself, silently getting up and making his way to the door of the hut. As he swung it aside, his amber gaze reached to the sky. It was an ever-stretching void, littered with small lights known as stars that had always been described as beautiful. But this sky's favorite decoration was obviously it's moon, which hung ripe and full among the twinkling lights.

With another burdened sigh and a deep intake of breath, he looked at his hands, curling his claws into a fist. No.. That didn't happen.' Their blood was not on his claws. Why would he be haunted with scenes such as those? He would never have the heart -the will- to slay his friends that way.

Apparently, in his nightmare, neither did Kagome. She was so foolish! Why would she keep coming towards him after he'd murdered the houshi, Sango, and Shippou? What was that look on her face as the tears ran down her cheeks when he used his claws against her?

He shuddered in the crisp coolness. It didn't really happen. It never would. He'd never hurt her.

As he was lost in this faded terror, this undeserved guilt for something he'd only done in the subconscious, the white ears atop his head swerved to one side. No, that wasn't his imagination. Those translucent demons were really there.. Not too far away, gliding almost silently to a forest that bore his name and was all too familiar to his past.

No..' He thought to himself. The miko couldn't possibly be here.. Could she? There was really only one way to find out. A torn gaze flew to the hut where everyone lay asleep, and then to the trail of the soul gatherers. I won't be gone long.. I'll just see what she's doing here..' He told himself firmly, nodding decidedly.

And with that, and only a slight glance backwards to the hut, Inuyasha bound off to where he knew he would find Kikyou.


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