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A/N: Yay! My one chapter shot at Teen Titans...I just think they're the coolest, and don't you agree with me? And this is supposed to be my first songfic. There are three chapters. One is Robin's POV, the next one little Star's POV, and then the last one third POV. The song was Wonderful Tonight, by Damage. It stuck on my head after our JS thee song, because I was reunited with a friend at that song. ( Please don't flame me, I'm really very inexperienced in this kind of things. ( But please, R+R. Everyone know that a writer's inspiration is her/his reviewers. Onegai?

BTW: I'm not that familiar with teen titans, but they're really so KAWAII!!! Especially Starfire and Raven and Beastboy and Cyborg and let's not forget Robin and of course the huge T they're living in! ^_~ don't you think they're just so ADORABLE????

Robin: I'm not adorable, I'm TOUGH!!!

Raven: *mutters under her breath* Adorable your face.

Starfire: Awww... You think I'm adorable, I think so too! You're pretty cute yourself!!!!

Shazzy: Hey, thanks! At least someone appreciates me around here!

Cyborg: And be THANKFUL for it.

Shazzy: Okay, everyone shut up now. On with the songfic!!!!


Wondeful Tonight By: shaznay17


I nervously combed back my dark hair, and tried to smile at my reflection in the huge mirror in my room. A scrawny teenager smiled tensely back at me, with his face hidden behind a white mask. I grimaced, thinking "Who would want to go out with him anyway?" But then again, somebody DID accept a date from him. A certain someone with gorgeous jade eyes and long, flowing brown hair. The nervousness seeped out of me, and my face finally relaxed into an easy grin. I made final adjustments on my tie, and picked up the bouquet of long stemmed blood red roses. I got out, took a deep breath, then knocked on Starfire's door.

"It's late in the evening
She's wondering what clothes to wear
She puts on her makeup
And brushes her long brown hair
And then she asks me, 'Do I look alright?'
I say yes, 'you look wonderful tonight.'"

I heard her sweet voice calling out, saying that it's okay for me to come in. I wiped my sweaty palms against my dark pants and sighed. This is it. The moment I've been waiting for. Our first dance together. I opened the door and found Raven standing beside a big swiveling chair facing a mirror. She looked tired and sweaty but extremely pleased with herself. She waved a brush at me then got out, mouthing "Have a good time tonight." I cleared my throat, then the chair swiveled to face me. You know at times when you feel like you can't breathe, and where the hard pounding of your heart doesn't help the matters? Well, that's how I felt right now. The auburn haired goddess stood up and smiled sweetly at me. I distinctly heard her asking if I was all right, but I was too busy taking in her up done hair, her pink tinted smile, and the way her strappy lavender gown hug her slim body. I only managed to got out one sentence. "Starfire, you look wonderful tonight."

We got to a party
And everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady
Who's walking around with me
And then she asks me, do I feel alright?
I say 'yes, I feel wonderful tonight'"

Finally, we arrived, at one of the most exquisite hotels. We entered the ballroom, where a lot of high school kids our age where eating their dinners. I led her to our table and pulled out the chair for her. She smiled again at me, and I felt that I'm slowly melting. As I sat down, I noticed a lot of admiring gazes from the guys and the jealous glare of the girls. Starfire started to wolf down her pasta, while mixing it with her green salad. That may have been weird, but hey, if she's happy, I'm twice as happy. Finally she noticed that I wasn't eating anything, and asked if I was allright. I say "Yeas, I feel wonderful tonight."

I feel wonderful
Because I see the love in your eyes
And now wonder on it all
That you just don't realize
How much I love you

Finally, it was time to dance. I pushed away my untouched plate and asked her for a dance. She giggled, and took my hand. We swayed along with the music and about 50 other couples in the dance floor. I was a bit shaky when I placed my arms around her tiny waist. I guess she took cues from the other couples when she placed her arms around my neck. She was resting her beautiful head on my shoulder, and I immediately caught a whiff of her hair's scent. Lovely, like honeysuckles. She smiled at me, and I had a sudden surge of affection to whoever sent the invitation to me. I returned her sweet and innocent smile, then saw something in her jade eyes, some feeling. I don't know. Must be the trick of the light. Or maybe it just mirrored the love in my own blue ones regardless of my mask.

It's time to go home now
And I got an aching head
So I give her the car keys
And helps me into bed
And then I tell her, as I turn down the lights
I said "darling you were wonderful tonight."

The evening ended quickly. I reculantly let go of her waist and got our coats. We settled in the sports car Cyborg was kind enough to let us um, 'borrow', when she insisted that she drive. I gave in quickly, since a head ache was starting to come over me. Must be from the champagne. I dizzily watched as she tried to steer the car towards the makeshift bridge Raven made for us. I heard her order me to close my eyes. I smiled, and did so, resting my head comfortably against the headrest. We got on the island safely, and I could feel her checking if my eyes were closed. Then, she held my hand, and instantly I knew we were flying. She set me down on top of our home, then told me that I can open my eyes. As I did, I was surprised. A telescope. What was that doing here? I tried to listen to her rambling as I peeped through the telescope. It was settled on a great, shining star. Suddenly, I got it. I smiled, and placed a finger on her lips, to stop her from rambling. "Star, you were wonderful tonight. Thank you for showing me."

You look wonderful; you're everything I needed more
You look wonderful, so beautiful....tonight.

We both sat down, still in our evening clothes. She was wearing my jacket over her thin gown. We have been watching the stars for a long time, then I suddenly turn around and saw her watching me. Our faces was only millimeters apart, I was afraid she could hear how hard my heart was pounding against my ribs. It was so natural for her to lean closer to me, and me to place a friendly kiss on her forehead, then on her nose, then finally, my lips found their match. We broke away, both of us blushing. I guess we don't need words right now to describe how both of us felt at that moment.

I looked down at the brown head that was leaning on my shoulder and ruffled it with my hand. I slowly murmured "You look wonderful star, you're everything I would could need. I love you so much." Submit Review Report Possible Abuse Add Story to Favorites Add Author to Favorites Add Author to Author Alert