Dark crimson eyes stared into dancing flames, watching a girl as she made potions for her class in Hogwarts. Long bushy brown hair and brown eyes narrowed in concentration, a crease on her white forehead and small mouth compressed into a tight line as she struggled to measure the exact amount of ingredients needed.

The eyes turned to the woman quietly setting the table for their dinner. She was the very image of the girl found in the flames. Except that where the girl's hair was brown and bushy, the woman's was sleek and midnight black. Where the girl had brown eyes a bit red from wearing the contacts that concealed her real eye color, the woman had electric blue orbs, captivating in their depth and vibrancy.

"Rowena," he said, catching her attention.

"Yes, dear?"

The eyes turned back to the dancing licks of flame, and the figure so delicately found there.

"We will fetch her at the Platform when the year is done. No matter WHAT happens, we will be there."

Rowena gasped and, in her shock, dropped the plate she was holding effectively shattering it into a million tiny pieces. He didn't return her gaze, choosing instead to focus on the figure framed by the flames. She... who'd defied the laws of Fate and been born to HIM, the beast that was said to have no heart. But he did... and after the year was done... he would prove it to the world...

Finally, Rowena walked over to her husband, placing a pale hand on his shoulder and gazing into the fire, longing evident in her electric gaze.

"Yes, my love..." the man hissed. "It is time to bring our daughter back!"


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