Hi!  Samurai Girl Sakura again.  Like I said, another poem.  This one is about Koenma.  I brought my prodigy 12 yrs. old bro', Keitaro.

Kei: I proofed it and edited it with Shuichi.  It is good.

Sakura: On with the disclaimer!

Kei: *sigh* Saku does not own Yu Yu Hakusho or Koenma.

Saku: me no own, you no sue! 

Kei:  Are you o.k.?

Saku: On with the poetry!  Power to the poetry, man!



Powerful, noble,

Wise, control, strange,

Noisy, bossy, mean, loud

Sad, weird, annoying,

Lonely, poor,


Well, what did you think?  Bet you didn't see the end coming!  I gotta go.  Koenma is coming, and that is bad news!  Review, read bio!