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Child of theDragon

Altered Timeline

Book one: The Saga Begins

Prologue: The Day It Started

She was not a purebred. Half of one and half of the other, she belonged to neither group, nor neither group she called her own. Smarter and graceful among one, stupid and arrogant among the other, she fit nowhere. And she didn't try to fit.

The Saiyans didn't see her as a threat. As far as their scouters could tell, she was of such weak blood she wasn't even worthy of being classified as a 3rd class fighter, the weakest of all Saiyan blood, and nowhere near passing the powerlevel of an elite. Why worry about such a small child who could do them no harm? Ah, but looks can be so deceiving...

The girl wiped sweat from her drenched face and shivered as a cool breeze washed over her body and rustled her jet-black hair. Even through it was summer, the nights that passed planet Vegeta were still cool and the mornings were chilly. She heaved a heavy sigh and leaned against a rock for support as she rested her tired muscles. A moment or so passed before she opened her eyes again and crawled back into her cave to retrieve an object out of what little belongings she had. She dug around in some piles of fur before finding her desired object, a carved wooden bowl. Again she crawled out of her small cave opening and in the early morning sunlight, made her way to the watering hole.

He stared at his reflection in the water for quite some time. Experimenting with how to shape his face differently by forming ripples in the water, he was too busy to notice much else. In fact, he didn't noticed much else. He didn't notice he wasn't alone or that he was being watched. His senses just couldn't detect that yet; and he hadn't brought his scouter with him. So the Saiyan boy, although strongest in his class, was left pretty vulnerable to attack.

She didn't disturb him. Instead she choose to wait. She sat quietly in the bushes and waited for him to move on. The girl had been sitting for over an hour now, and she began to grow inpatient with waiting. But still, because she didn't want to get involved, she waited. Not moving an inch, except to breath, she stared straight ahead thinking only of what she had to do when he had gone. Yet he was enjoying one of the very few moments in which he had anytime to himself; time to spend away from the ever praying graze of the society around him.

Without really noticing it, the girl began to study the boy before her. The sun basked him in a hoop of light giving his skin a golden tone to it, which made his hair seem darker. It was black, and stuck out in odd angles like most Saiyan hair, but there was a certain texture to it; it was soft and velvety almost. She leaned forward and realized she was so close to him she could reach out and touch his face if she wanted. Shifting her weight slightly, she lifted her hand.

Before he even had time to shriek, the Water Beast had already grabbed him around the waist and was pulling him underwater to what would be a watery grave. Unharmed, but shaken quite a bit, the girl stood up from the bushes and stared at where she had last seen the boy before he disappeared underwater. Fearing the beast would come back for her, she stepped quickly away and held herself trying to recover from what had happened. More then anything she wanted to run away, wanted to forget what she had seen, wanted to believe that she was helpless to save him. But she stayed; she couldn't shake the image and she knew what she could do.

The beast was the same one that she had to deal with everyday. It had been after her since she had begun living. Every other day it would steal her prey that she stalked by the water bank. It even had the nerve to scare off her prey when it wasn't hungry. Rare was the day when she didn't have to fight it in order to get a drink of water or take a bath. It was a nuisance to her and she had had just about enough of it. Saiyans could hold their breath for extended periods of time if given the proper gulp of air beforehand. But the boy hadn't had time to react before being pulled under.

She tore off her leather wrap and tossed it to the ground behind her. Taking a deep breath she ran and dived right into the water, swimming toward the center. The further down she swam, the murkier the water grew, but through the vibrations of the water, she could tell where the struggle for life was happening. The several ki blasts that were fired emulated the water, before dieing in an explosion, helped further light the way.

From what she could see through the murk, the boy was actually defending himself fairly well. he put up a remarkable struggle, and in the end, broke free by blasting an attack at the Beast's head. The boy was released and he quickly tried to surface for his air supply was running low.

She watched as his strokes became less and less powerful; he was going to drowned if he didn't get air soon. She pushed through the water and followed him. There wasn't time to wait for him to fall unconscious, it would be too dangerous for his life. Forsaking everything she was ever told about Saiyans, she grabbed his limp hand and began swimming to the top. But the battle wasn't over.

The beast hadn't been killed and now it swam after them with much more speed then they could ever hope to achieve in the water. One of it's tentacles wrapped around her ankle and pulled her down, another wrapped around her chest and threatened to squeeze the air from her lungs. Pulling the boy closer to her breast with one hand, she used her free hand to form a ball of energy and light. Once it was large enough, she pointed it at the beast's eye and brought forth all her hate and rage to fire the blast with enough extra force to plow through it's head and detonate inside the brain cavity. It's body let go, and the force of the explosion pushed the children up and into the crisp morning air above.

She landed on the ground with him landing, not long after, right on top of her. Coughing and gasping for breath, she pushed the boy off of her and rolled him onto his back. She pulled the limp body away from the lakes edge and leaned over him to se if he was breathing. Grumbling when he wasn't, she pulled him over her knee and hit his back several times until he coughed and spat up the water he had swallowed. Moaning, he tried to bring himself back to alertness but gave up and fell back into darkness, this time breathing.

She laid him down and set her head on his chest to allow herself time to think clearly. So many questions swam in her head, and to none of them did she know the answers. Why hadn't she let him drowned? Why did she even choose to wait for him, what had captivate her? Was she laying her out of her own true free will or was something else at work? Was this really about saving the boy, or was it about killing the Water Beast that had plagued her lifestyle for so long?

She sat up and began pulling the boy's soaked clothes off; if he stayed in the dampness of the garments in the cold air he would get sick and the last thing she wanted was to have to nurse him back to health and have him stick around longer then he had to. She found her fur warp and pulled it around him, making sure he was bundled up tightly. She then sat back and allowed herself to begin to dry in the sunlight, listening to the sounds of birds chirping somewhere in the distance.

The lake was pooling over with blood now and she rubbed her neck wondering what to do for cooking water. Sighing, she picked up her bowl and swung the Boy over her shoulder. She made her way back into the brush of the forest and began heading home.

End Prologue!

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