~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 9 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~ Attic ~

(Leo orbs in)

Piper: Leo did you find her?

Leo: Yea and Chris... (Turns around expecting Chris)...Chris?

Phoebe: She brought him back?

Leo: She really loved him.

Piper: She gave everything up for him

(Piper looks at Leo. They would have done the same for each other.)

Paige: So I'm guessing that Christine is...

Chris: Gone.

(They turn to see Chris in the doorway. His face is red from crying so much.)

Piper: Aw, sweetie. (The hugs him tight.) I'm so sorry.

Chris: Thanks (After a minute he back away)

Piper: What's the matter?

Chris: The last time we hugged was when you... Never mind I'm fine, it's just it brings back some memories.

Piper: Oh, I'm sorry.

Phoebe: (Sensing the pain) Piper what's he talking about?

Piper: Nothing.

(Phoebe and Paige look at Leo. They can tell that something's up.)

(FWyatt appears with FChristine. FWyatt puts a shield around the sisters and Leo, while FChristine is faceing Chris. She starts to fade)

FChristine: (Weakly) Wyatt!

(FWyatt quickly goes to Chris and throws him across the room)

FWyatt: What did you do to her?

Chris: Nothing.

FWyatt: Then why is she fading.

Chris: Because she killed her self.

FWyatt: (Turns to see FChristine disappear forever) No!

(He too begins to fade.)

FWyatt: I'll get you for this.

Phoebe: Chris!

(Chris looks down at himself, he too is fading.)

Chris: Looks like I won after all.

(The force FWyatt's force field goes down and the family rushes over to Chris as FWyatt disappears forever.)

Piper: Hurry we have to find a way to stop this.

Leo: There's nothing we can do.

Paige: He doesn't exist anymore.

Piper: No I'm not giving up.

(Chris moves over to Piper and puts his hand on the book. He gives her a hug.)

Chris: (Whispers in her ear) You and your sisters die on my fourteenth birthday.

(She back away form the hug)

Piper: What?

Chris: In case that don't change, it was by a demon named Shamus. You're going to need this when he comes. (Hands her a piece of paper. He looks at everyone) I'll miss you. (He fades away completely.)

Paige: Piper, what was he talking about.

Piper: It's nothing.

(Leo moves in and gives her a hug.)

Leo: You'll see him soon.

(She looks to the other side of the room to see Wyatt and Chris playing together. Just like a family should.)

Piper: Yea, I know.

*The End*

Authors Note: And so I finish another story. I hope you liked it. I have started two other stories.

~ Charmed ~

Chris is came back to change the future. When he changes something big the roles get reversed. Now Chris is evil and Wyatt has came back to save him.

~ Smallville ~

One of Clark's old friends comes back to town, form when they were little. But something weird is happening to her; she is getting powers just like Clark. How could that be possible, who is this girl.