I hope that you will like my story. At first this fic may seem to be the same old stuff you've read before. But, it won't be. It starts out that way, but later it will get different. Just keep on reading.

I'm trying to make this writing better than my last story, Love Will Return. It began good, then started to fade as it went along. I ran out of ideas and inspiration. I also received comments on how the attacks were messed up (not the right season) and I didn't develop the characters enough. I hope this one will be better. Please give me feedback on how this is. I really need it.

Note- This takes place in the first season. All the scouts
are found, but they haven't discovered the Moon Princess.
Usagi also has not met Mamoru yet.

Oh, this is my 1st fic using Japanese, so sorry if
I misspell them, or anything. If I do, tell me so I can change it.

The Half I Never Knew

Chapter 1


I have a pretty good life. Except for flunking tests, getting
into fights with Rei, and of course battling evil. Other than
that, I'm happy.

Although, sometimes I get the feeling I am missing something.
Like there is something just out of reach. It leaves me hallow
with longing. I just don't understand.


Usagi glared at the big F scribbled at the top of her paper.
She couldn't believe the score she had received on the test.
30 points. She was filled with rage. Her mother was going to
kill her. With frustration, she crumpled the paper up and threw
it behind her head.

She heard a groan. "Watch it, Odango Atama! I am not a trash can."

She spun around to see a tall guy with dark hair and dazzling
blue eyes. He was very attractive. (AN: in other words, pure
HOTNESS) He was looking at her sharply.

Usagi grabbed the ball of paper, that he was holding. "My name
is Usagi, not Odango!" she snapped.

Then she made the mistake of looking at him. Right at him. His
eyes seemed to draw her in. They were so familiar somehow.


I can't look away from this Odango girl named Usagi. She is so
beautiful. I have the strange feeling that I know her, or at
least I should.

She was staring at me with confusion. Suddenly she blinks. "Gomen. . .
(sorry) I . . . I better go," she stammers. Then she turns to

As she walks away, I am filled with emptiness. Like I just
found something, and then had it taken away.



I have the inclination to run back to him. I want to put my
arms around him and be held in his embrace.

Why am I thinking this? I have never met this man before in
my life. Not this one, anyway.


Mamoru went back to his dark apartment. He sighed, then sat
down on the couch. It was a lonely life for him. It had always
been like that, ever since he woke from the car accident that
had left him an orphan. He often wanted to get close to someone.
A person to share things with. But he was scared. Afraid of what
would happen if he did. What if they were taken away like his

That Usagi was a danger. For some odd reason he wanted to get
to know her. But, he couldn't let it happen. He would have to keep
her at a distance.

He yawned. Then stood up and went to his bedroom. He laid down
and shut his eyes. In a few moments, sleep overtook him.


Light fills my vision. I blink. A form starts to come into
focus. It is a woman with golden hair fixed into two buns on the
top of her head. Her eyes sparkle at me. She smiles. "Find the
ginzuishou (silver crystal)," she whispers.

I nod. "Yeah, yeah. I'm working on it." I've heard her request
many times. I have lost count of how many.

"You must hurry. There isn't much time," the princess tells
me. Then she vanishes, and I wake up with a start.


(AN- I know this is not exactly how it happened. I decided to
change it a bit)

The dream comes again tonight. I am clutching my prince tightly.
The nasty queen comes with a smirk on her face. "Come join the
side of the Negaverse. Feel the power of winning, Endymion,"
she states.

He steps in front of me. "I don't think so, Beryl. Why would
I want to join with someone so twisted and bitter?" He raises
his arm. A rose shoots out of him and hits the queen in the

She yelps in pain. Her expression turns to pure rage. "Fine,
Endymion, since you will not come with me, you will die! Along
with your little princess."

Endymion desperately tries to push me away, but I will not
budge. I could never leave my love.

He draws out his sword. The action is not quick enough, though.
Beryl stabs him in the chest in a flash. He moans and falls to
the ground. I kneel beside him, clinging to his tuxedo. Tears
stream down my cheeks. "Oh, my prince, please don't leave me!" I cry.

He struggles to bring his hand to my face. "Gomen (I'm sorry), Princess," he

My insides seem to explode. My Endymion was dying. He will be
gone in a moment. I would be alone. In desperation, I notice
his shiny sword lying on the ground. With a shaky hand, I pick
it up.

Endymion widens his eyes. "Iie (No)," he whispers.

I manage a smile. Before anyone can stop me, I plunge the
metal into my breast. I feel myself loose my balance, and
land next to Endymion. The last thing I see before everything
goes black, is him.


Usagi screamed out into the darkness. She sat up with a gasp.
The cat on her bed was startled.

"Usagi, did you have a bad dream?" Luna asked.

All she could do was nod.

End of ch. 1