By Heather Martin

Well, here is the conclusion. I hope you all enjoy it. I really loved writing this. Now that it is done, though, I can put all my attention to working on Only A Memory Away, my new Sailor Moon fanfic.


The group teleported back: Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury around the prince, holding his lifeless princess. They arrived back at the Hikawa temple, solemn expressions on their faces. They laid their Serenity on the ground, mourning her death.

A cat came charging at them. She made her way into the crowd. Her eyes became huge as she noticed the girl with flowing odango blond hair, immobile on the ground. She shook her head. "No, not again!" she cried. This can't be happening again. Not like Queen Serenity.

Luna turned to see the man kneeling beside the princess. She gasped from complete shock. It was the prince, but she also knew him as Chiba Mamoru. I should have known, she thought. How stupid I was.

Mamoru gazed at the body of Usako, Serenity, and Sailor Moon. He didn't say a sound, and his eyes were all dried up. He couldn't look away from her, and he wondered if he ever would be able to bring himself to.

He took a hand and felt her lips. He had expected them to be cold, but instead they were warm. He bent down and kissed them. They were sweet and smooth. He wished that they would respond to his touch.

He heard a gasp. He sat up to see what had caused it. Everyone was staring at the ginzuishou that was next to him. The crystal was glowing. It started to float, and moved over Usagi's body. They watched as it lowered into her chest, right where her heart was located.

There was a sound of inhaling. All of a sudden Usagi came to life. Tuxedo Kamen watched in disbelief. Her blue eyes fluttered open. Her head tilted his way. A smile curved its way on her mouth. "Mamo-chan?"

The tears that had dried up before returned, but these were different, these were droplets of joy. In a flash, he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into an embrace. He began to kiss her all over in a frenzy.

Usagi hugged him back, giggling. "I love you," she said.

"Oh, Usako, I love you too. I've always loved you. I've loved you for a thousand years, and I'll go on loving you for a thousand more," he told her.

The senshi and Luna were crying. They knew that this was some sort of miracle. They made a vow then and there that the couple would get their thousand years. They would defend them, and guard them forever. Love would not die, it would live on forever.


There you go. I am proud to declare that that is the ending. Please be kind enough to comment.