Malaki slumped back in his usual seat for English at the back next to the window so he could zone out and watch the ghetto pass him by, he could think of a lot more fun things to do right now then sit here and listen to this shit! He could think of a few honeys he could be doin right now. Getting tired with the lecture Mr Johnson was givin, he stood up and left, and when Mr Johnson called after him he just told the guy he was takin a leak. Yeah well, y'all can try to save me but ain't nutin to save.

He shoved his hands in his red and black baggy pants as he moved down the hallway. He watched through the classroom doors as his fellow peers got on with whatever they were doin like they were in some get-kids-out-of-the- ghetto-gangster movie. He was sick of it, nothing ever changed, he was destined to die in some whacked out drug deal gone bad, while Derek gets anything he ever wanted a job a nice family, a down ass honey who'd do all kinds of shit for him.

Malaki realised what he just thought, yeah so what if his trailer trash was a honey she was milk and Malaki was the nastiest oil she'd ever hook up with. What was he thinking, she'd never hook up with him, he'd treated her like a ho from the start.

Malaki had looked through tonnes of windows until he got to Mrs Turner's and there she was her green combats were hanging off her as she slumped down in her chair, her purple jersey hiked up a little from the chair showin just a little of her stomach, that white flesh. Malaki stared in as she twiddled her hair which today she had just left down unlike her usual accessorizing, he wanted her so bad, she was driving him crazy. Her lips, her hair, how he'd love to hold her down by those wrists, he could just imagine her screaming his name as he...

**imagine if I told you I want you

imagine if it all came true

tell me what you would do with me

would you tell me that you feel the same

imagine if I told you that I need you

would you say baby I need you too

no matter what you do

I know you should be in love with me**

Shit! He had to get a handle on himself, he slammed his fist into the door, knocking out the glass and shocking the hell out of the class inside, everyone looked up except Mrs Turner who had run to the door.

When she opened it up Malaki didn't run, he just stood there, his left hand dripping with blood and his eyes fixed on Mrs Turner cause if he looked anywhere else Sara would know. He could feel those brown eyes on him, as Mrs Turner led him away from the door and up to the principal's office. Once they got there she gave him a band aid, I guess the nurse wasn't in that day.

'What the hell were you thinking?' the principal shouted at him because it was the only way to get him to stop looking at the door, thinking of ways to escape or to stop acting like a baller.

'I weren't, Ma'am,' he said looking around as his parole dude came in.

Sara sat there getting really bored, Mrs Turner never shut up! She slouched back in her chair and played with her hair, too tired this morning to do anything special with it. Suddenly she thought how good she'd got it, even though the past few months had been rough, she and Derek were together, Shineal and her had made friends and Julliard had accepted her, now all she had to do was get through the next few months and leave this school and its inhabitants behind, namely Malaki.

What did she ever do to him, he was always on her back, he was a drug dealer, a low life, he had no respect for Sara and she knew he hated her but why? Just because she was white, what a load of crap, Ziggy's white; Malaki never had a problem with her and that other friend of Malaki's.

Maybe it was because it was his best friend and a white girl, that night at the club when he'd said she was milk and Derek was oil, he was so close to her, she could feel his breath on her neck as he walked up to her, Sara was happy she had a good guy, Derek was wonderful, she didn't go for that Macho crap, she didn't buy into that bad boy thing but she couldn't deny that Malaki was good looking.

By the time she heard the crash of a fist to glass Sara had completely zoned out. Looking up shocked she saw him there, his right hand dripping with blood, his eyes cold and that look of pain, she just wanted to it to go away that he'd accept her, want her.

**you make me wanna leave the one I'm with

start a new relationship with you

this is what you do

think about him and the things that come along with

you make me

you make me wanna leave the one I'm with

start a new relationship with you

this is what you do

think about him and the things that come along with

you make me

you make me**