Sorry about the very long wait but to be honest I didn't know what I was gonna do with these two. Don't lose hope this is definitely not the end but the end is gonna be soon for this story. Mwah love y'all.

'You will never know what it's like to suffer, Malachi cause this is gonna be over all too soon,' said this young thing that held cold steel not a foot from Malachi.

'Just shoot bitch!' The blood spurted from his lips as she got his words out. He knew what he had done to this boy and knew that the bullet had to pierce him.

Funny mamma knew it would end like this, she'd said it to me before, in the kitchen I think. Sara thinks I'm running an errand but she can't be that slow, she's gotta know I was going out to do wrong. Wonder what Lips doing, this is how I get out, my soul will leave this place but the body never made it.

Tears stung the eyes of this young gun.

His finger got heavy on the trigger. The Bullet left the barrel.

Then the gun dropped to Malachi's side as did the young boy. Ronny stood where the boy had once.

'Don't tell Ronny to do nutin!' Ronny said shaking severely relieving his victim of his valuables.

Ronny turned to do the same to Malachi but the gun was in Malachi's hand as the bullet was in his belly.

Ronny slowly stood up and backed away down the back alley.

It's alot, its alot until you get shot
or your getting burderd in the dock
cuz they caught you with rocks in your sock
and when you come out you can't get a job
These lil nobs don't understand fully
they just care about babes and hoodies
their on a hype, till they end up like trife
at the end of kidulthood

Gotta go from kidulthood to adulthood (i know)
Now i must act like an adult would
react like an adult should (i know)
I gotta brake the cycle, cuz if i go pen
or end up dead, then it's my fault.

Kidulthood to Adulthood by Bashy

The phone ringing shocked Sara out of her thoughts. There were dark ones where she would think of all the terrible places Malachi could have gone. She was thankful to be away from them. Taking off her glasses she rubbed the spot where they rested on her nose as she lifted the receiver.

Her father looked on curious as her face turned from the expression of slight tiredness to shock and absolute fear. She slammed down the receiver.

'Dad get the car, you gotta take me to the hospital!' Sara shouted even though the distance between herself and her father wasn't that great. She rushed putting on her jacket and of course her father obliged.

The car ride is taking too long, my god he could be dying. What the fuck was he doing? Who was shooting at him? Who was he with? I hate this, not knowing, I should have asked him to stay. If I had asked him to stay maybe he would have and maybe he wouldn't be in a hospital right now, in god damn surgery. Why did they call me?

'Are there any spaces?' Sara was desperate but Chicago Memorial looked jammed.

'Why don't I drop you off and see if I can park down the block?'

I couldn't be any luckier when it comes to my Dad, he's always there, does what he can, always wanting to do more.

'Thanks dad,' Sara said before kissing his cheek and bolting out the car.

Hospitals. Who the fuck invented this shit hole? I don't like it here, look at the people; they're gross and the staff uncaring.

Sara approached the front desk in a hurry.

'Hi, um I was called umm Malachi...I don't know his last name,' Sara was suddenly ashamed of herself, 'he's been shot?'

The woman was tired and not on her best behaviour. 'I'm sorry we've had three gunshot victims tonight and none have names'.

Now Sara was just plain pissed off, 'Look bitch which one is young black probably has a gun on him?'

'That would be all three, now if you don't calm down, security will escort your white ass out'.

Sara went quiet. 'This hospital called me'.

'Give me a second'. She went to a small pile of papers on her desk, she picked them up, shuffled them around then came across one post it and held onto it as she told Sara that her number was the last called on the cell of the patient in 204.

It took Sara two and a half minutes to run through the corridors and up the stairs. There it was 204 on the door. The door creaked open and there he was breathing through a tube.

'Jesus Christ what did you do?' Sara burst into floods of tears as she grasped his body.

He wasn't awake but the person who was, was the police officer sitting in the corner of the makeshift cubicle unbeknownst to the newest visitor.

'Miss,' the young officer said softly.

Sara still jumped. 'Who shot him? Is he gonna be okay?'

'The docs stitched him up he should be fine but I'd ask them if wanna know the specifics, I was hoping miss that you'd know his name and why he'd be in an alley at two in the morning.' All was said with a smile and without an air of snobbery. Sara thought he did that to put her and probably the many others he questioned at ease and without their defense system up and working.

Sara composed herself, wiped away a few of the tears.

'I don't know his last name...or where he lives but he goes to school at Lincoln-' Sara was interrupted.

'-Park high school, yeah I know that place, went there for a month or two, got kicked out sent to Roosevelt'.

His smile disarmed her and even with the interruption she didn't feel he was being rude.

'That's pretty much all I know, I mean I...don't know, I think he was going home, last time I saw him he was leaving my apartment. I just don't know,' Sara said flustered and unable to look the twenty something officer in the eye. She wasn't about to put the man she loved in juvi again.

He carried the conversation on as if he was he had known her for years, Sara still wasn't gonna let him have anything. 'I hate to put this on the table but we did find a two guns and I was wondering does...Malachai is it? Does he carry a gun?'

'I don't think so'.

'Well I'm just gonna head down the hall, gonna try the payphone just to find out who our boy is, I'll be back in a few,' he said as he made his way out of the room.

'Chi please wake up, what have you done? You could have just stayed with me you asshole,' Sara whispered in his ear as she cupped his face with her hands.

His eyes fluttered open to see an angel before him.

'How the, shit I'm luck'.

'You're not lucky, you got yourself shot and whatever it is you were doing, I don't want a part of it, I wanna be with you I meant it but not the you you think you gotta be, not dealin, not carrying a gun, so I'm more than cool that you're okay but you and me ain't gonna work if you keep down this track'.

The tears stung her eyes again, she had ruined everything with Derek, the love they had had because she wanted Malachai. The selfishness of her actions dawned all too well on her.

I'm not good enough for Derek anymore and Malachai he may never be good enough for me.

'Don't pull this shit again, you trippin cause I'm hurt, you keep flippin on me, just make up your damn mind!' Malachai felt the pain shoot up his body as he moved.

Sara moved back off the bed.

'My mind's made, I was obsessed with you and I made a mistake that's all, I'm not the person I wanna be but I can try, so this is it, I hope you get better soon, but I won't be by and Chi the police officer he's been in your room, he knows what school you go to, that's my fault but he doesn't know your last name, I don't either...'

I'm not lovin' you
Way I wanted to
What I had to do
Had to run from you
I'm in love with you
But the vibe is wrong
And that haunted me all the way home

So you never know
Never, never know
Never know enough
Til it's over love
Til we lose control
System overload
Screamin' no, no, no, no, no

So keep your love locked down
Your love locked down
Keepin' your love locked down
Your love locked down
Now keep your love locked down
Your love locked down
Now keep your love locked down
You lose You lose

Love Lockdown by Kanye West

'Fuck this shit! Why the fuck did you tell him anything, Sara shit,' Malachai couldn't think, he was too scared.

'They found two guns in the alley, they don't know who they belong to and I'm sorry for everything,' she said barely above a whisper as she edged to the door.

Before she left Malachai collected himself, 'Sara'. She turned, 'Yeah'.

'Scruggs, that's my last name'.


She was gone.

Shit, what the fuck am I meant to do now, I've lost my girl within the day I fuckin had her, this is wrong. She can't leave me, I know she doesn't want to. He's gonna come back to arrest me or threaten to. She ran at the first sign of trouble. What the fuck does that say about us? That she's human. What am I meant to do? Be a better person, waste a time. Just thought I could have somebody, my beau that gave a shit about me. That's for someone else.

The young police officer re entered.

Malachi straightened his posture.

'Hey there I was hoping you'd wake up soon, just got a few questions for ya'.

His smile sickened Malachi.

I ain't ya boy, pig. This is it, this is where I gotta choose all over again, tell the truth and get sent back to that place or lie as see if I still don't go back there.

'Well son where'd ya girl go?'

'She ain't my girl, don't hardly know her'.

Outside the door and down the hall a young boy who had been treated for a blow to the head was sipping on the 7up he'd got out the vending machine. He didn't have his gun but he'd get another one, all he had was time.

Sara caught Roy in the waiting room. She kept walking.

Roy caught up with her.

'What's goin on?'

'Nothing let's just get outta here, I gotta figure somethings out'.

'Like what?'

'Like how I'm gonna make things better'.

To Be Continued